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B) Listen again and describe your own experience.

You should say: where you ate

who you went with

what you ate

explain how you felt about the experience



Qa) Listen and choose

the right word for

0 each item of the The Big Bistro





review. Atmosphere


Food quality Value for money



Atmosphere Service

Food quality

Value for money

Good I Average I Poor

Good I Average I Poor Good I Average I Poor

Sala Thai

Good I Average I Poor Good Average I Poor Good Average Poor




b) Copy the form below. Listen again and complete the food critic's notes.


The Big Bistro Atmosphere: quite sophisticated Staff: ...

Service: very ...

Food: ... (tuna salad ..., steak rather ..., potatoes ...) Total cost: ...

Sala Thai Atmosphere: ... and ...

Staff: very ...

Service: ...

Feod: absolutely ... (soup very ..., fish very ...) Total cost: ...



4 a) Read the questions and think when a waiter might ask each question (a-h): before or during the meal?

aCan I take your coat?

bIs everything OK with your meal?

cAre you ready to order?

dWould you like anything to drink first?

eHere's your main course ...

the steak?

fHave you made a reservation?

gWould you like some more wine?

hCan I get you any dessert?


b) Write each question in a proper column.


  Before the meal  


c) Match each question above with a reply below.

1 []] Have vou made a reservation?

Yes, I've booked a table for eight o'clock.

20 ...

No, thank you. I'll keep it with me.

30 ...

Oh, yes, please. It's very nice.

40 ...

Yes, it's wonderful, thank you.



Not yet. Can we have a little more time?


Not for me, thank you. I'm full.

70 ...

Oh, it looks lovely. Thank you.


Yes, please. I'll have an orange juice.





















1 In pairs, speak on the following items.

1 Do you always have dinner at home or do you sometimes eat out?

2 What do you usually order for the main course (dessert)? What do you usually drink?

3 Are national dishes served in restaurants?

4 What is the difference between a regular and a self-service restaurant?

Which is generally less expensive?

5 Why are many self-service cafes opened throughout the country nowadays?


2 Read and dramatise the conversation in a group of three.

Waiter: We have a few specials on the menu this evening . First there's a lovely pepper steak: served with beans and potatoes. And we have a delicious shrimp dish in garlic sauce

served over rice.

Eva: Which one would you recommend?

Waiter: I think the steak is the best thing on the menu.

Eva: OK , I'll have that then.

Waiter: How would you like your steak?

Eva: Medium rare.

Waiter: Anything to drink?

Eva: What kind of beer do you have on tap?

Waiter: Miller , Bud and Coors.

Eva: A Bud, please.

Waiter: Sure.

a customer['kAstama ]

nutritions[nju'tninz] a passion['pcein] canned[kcend]



Eva: Actually, I'd rather have carrots and beans with my steak.

Waiter: I'll check with the chef, but I'm sure that won't be a problem.

Eva: Great.

(A little later.)

Waiter: Would you like some coffee or dessert?

Martin: I could go for some coffee. And you?

Eva: Nothing for me,thanks.

Waiter:American coffee, sir?

Martin: I'd rather have cappuccino. And the check , please.

Waiter: Right away.




3 In pairs, study the menu below and answer the questions.

1 Do they serve canned soups , or do they make them here?

2 Can you describe a shrimp scampi1 in your own words? A chefs salad?

4 When do you eat hors d'oeuvres?

5 What comes with the dinners?

6 Which dinner comes with something instead of potatoes?

7 How many desserts do they serve here?

8 How can you find out about the desserts?

9 How can you find out about the wines they serve here?












Shrimp Cocktail French Onion Soup Pate

Melon (in season)

Smoked Salmon Tomato Juice Avocado with Shrimp


Veal (in cream sauce with brandy) Chicken (fried in breadcrumbs)

Steak (in red wine sauce with mushrooms)

Shrimp Scampi

(with tomato and garlic sauce)

Roast Beef (with gravy)



Spinach and Bacon








$ 5.25


$ 11.85







$ 3.50




Cauliflower Brussels Sprouts Green Beans

Peas Carrots Spi nach

Potatoes - boiled. baked

or French fried

  Raspberries with cream $4.85
Chocolate Mousse $3.85
Ice Cream Parfait $2.85
Hazelnut Cake $ 3.85







    Bardolino (Italy) $10.00
$ 10.85 Beaujolais (France) $12.00
  Rioja (Spain) $8.00


Cabernet Sauvignon (California)




Pinot Chardonnay (California) Soave (Italy)

Graves (France)

Mosel (Germany)




















'shrimp scampi [.jnmp 'skrempi]- KpeeeTKVl 3 '-laCHV1KOBV1M coycoM













4 Role-play the situation in a group offour. Use the phrases from the box.


Students Aand B,you are customers. Ask about the dishes on the menu and decide what to have. Unfortunately , the meal and the service are not very good, so you will need to complain .

Student C,you are a waiter . Welcome your customers . Explain

the dishes on the menu, take their order and serve the food.

Student D,you are a manager. Deal with any problems and try to keep the customers happy!



Things you can say

I've booked a table for eight o'clock. Can we have a little more time?

.For starter I'd like ...

Oh, it looks lovely! Thank you .

I'll have an orange juice. Can I have the bill, please? No, I'll pay. Really, I insist.

Sorry, but I've been waiting for my

main course for twenty minutes. Excuse me. I'm afraid I don't like this wine. I think it might be corked.

I think this bill is wrong. I've been

charged too much.



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