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Things you might hear

Follow me, please.

Are you ready to order? And for main course?

Would you like anything to


Would you like dessert? This is our house special.

No, you paid last time . Let me get it.

I'll get you another one right


I'll find out what's happened to it. I forgot to mention it.

F5i Do the individual project. Prepare a traditional menu with English

7-rf translations for a restaurant in your town or area.



1 a) Complete the tour guide information with the words from the box.

. fried , garnished , grilled, served , steamed , sliced , poached WHAT TO EAT IN PARIS

The French national passion for good cuisine makes eating out one of the greatest pleasures of a visit to Paris. Everywhere in the city you see people eating - in restaurants ,

bistros, tea salons , cafes and wine bars.









Most restaurants serve French food but there is a range of Chinese , Vietnamese and North African eateries in many areas as well

as Italian, Greek , Lebanese and Indian places.


These flaky pastry crescents are eaten freshly- ( 1)baked for breakfast .

Moules Marinieres Mussels are (2) ... in a garlic-flavoured wine stock .

Coquille Saint-Jacques Scallops are classically cooked with butter with

(3) ... mushrooms in white wine, lemon juice and butter.


a Ia Lyonnaise

These sausages made from pork intestines are

(4) ... or fried and served with onions.


Noisettes d'agneau Small tender lamb cutlets are (5)... in butter and (6) ... with a variety of garnishes.

Oeufs en cocotte

a I'Estragon

A tarragon-flavoured sauce is poured over

(7) ... eggs.


a Ia Bourguignone

Cooked snails are replaced in their shells and (8) ... with lemon.











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B) Listen again and describe your own experience. | B) Work in pairs. Find out which of the above dishes your partner
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