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IV. What type or types of person from exercise III ...

... would be good to have at a party?

... would you especially avoid?

... might have a lot of romantic relationships?

... makes friends easily?

... would get on well together? (make pairs, e.g. Don Juan and femme fatal)

... are you?


V. Use the most suitable one to complete each description below.

parasite good company bore early bird loner socialite trouble-maker killjoy jet-setter snob


1. He's a pleasant, interesting person to have with you at any time. He's .

2. She thinks she's socially superior. She looks down on others. She's a .

3. He's very strict and correct. I think he doesn't like other people to enjoy themselves. He's a .

4. She's always the first to arrive at a party. If the party's due to start at seven, she's there on the dot, or earlier. She's an .

5. He likes to spend a lot of time alone. He's not keen on parties and usually does things on his own. He's a .

6. She goes on and on telling people about her children, her house, her job, her opinions ... ( could go to sleep. She's a .

7. She's very rich and spends her time between grand social occasions and luxury holidays in different parts of the world. She's a .

8. He's always borrowing money and asking for help from other people. He's a .

9. He's an upper-class person and he's often seen at high-society parties and other social events. He's a .

10. She's always causing difficulties for other people by interfering in their lives. She's a . .


VI. What type or types of person from exercise V ...

... is extroverted?

... is introverted?

... might be class-conscious?

... do you find interesting?

... would get on well together? (make pairs, e.g. socialite and snob)

... are you?

Have a Nose Job

I. Make a list of famous people who have had cosmetic surgery. For example: Cher, Michael Jackson What parts of their bodies have they changed?   II. Now read the article about Sammy. What part of her body does she want to change?   Sammy is 11 years old. She is young, healthy and attractive. But for some reason, she is not happy with her looks. 'When I grow up, I'm going to be a singer or a dancer. It's hard to get into show business. Looks are important and I'm going to do everything I can to become famous. I'm saving all my pocket money so I can have a nose job for my sixteenth birthday.'   Sammy's mum, who is an actress, agrees. 'Sammy's nose is OK now, but by the time she's a teenager, it'll be enormous - like mine was at her age. If Sammy has a big nose, she won't make it in show business. If she wants cosmetic surgery, then she can have it.'   Dr Steve Harding, a child psychologist, says: 'Sammy is a good-looking kid, but she thinks she is going to need a nose job to succeed. I say, look at those stars who have made it in spite of their noses - Barbra Streisand, Gerard Depardieu. The problem with cosmetic surgery is that patients are never satisfied. First it's their nose, then it's their eyes or something else. People can easily attach their life problems to their so-called physical defects. But surgery can't change the person you are inside.'

cosmetic surgeryan operation to change your face or body to make it look more attractive

looksphysical appearance

show businessthe entertainment industry: cinema, theatre

pocket moneymoney that parents give to their children

a nose job(slang) cosmetic surgery to make your nose more attractive

enormousvery big

physicaldefects imperfections and faults of the body


III. Read the text again and answer these questions.

1. What is Sammy going to do when she is 16?

2. Why is she going to have cosmetic surgery?

3. Does her mother agree or disagree with Sammy's decision?

4. Does the child psychologist agree with Sammy's decision?

5. Does he think a nose job is necessary to succeed in show business?

6. What can't cosmetic surgery change?

IV. Discuss these questions with a partner.

1. Do you think teenagers should be allowed to have cosmetic surgery?

2. Do you think people should have to pay for cosmetic surgery?

3. If you could change one part of your face, what would it be? Why?

V. Imagine you are Sammy's older brother or sister. Write about Sammy's ambitions and what she is going to do. Then say whether you agree or disagree with her decision.


I. Before you listen. Are you happy with the way you look? Do you worry about your appearance? Make a list of words associated with people's facial characteristics. Begin like this:

hair eyes nose
blonde broton small

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