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II. Read what these British teenagers have to say about how to be cool in Britain.

trendyanother word for cool a queuea line of people who are waiting for something

in (in this context) in fashion to push into avoid waiting by joining a queue at the front

out(in this context) out of fashion

“If you want to look cool, wear T-shirts with American cartoon characters like The Simpsons. They are really 'in' at the moment.” “If you really want to be trendy, have your ears, eyebrows or chin pierced, like me!” “If you're into music, remember girl bands, like All Saints are 'in' and boy bands like Boyzone are 'out!”
“Don't try to push in at the front of a queue, if you want to be cool. British people hate it! “Remember to say "Wicked!", if you want to be trendy. People who are 'uncool' are 'sad'! ” "If you like the latest thing, have your hands hennaed like me!”


III. Find the answers to these questions in the texts.

1. How many words can you find that mean 'fashionable'?

2. Are boy bands 'in' or 'out'?

3. What don't you do when you join a queue of people?

4. What are the coolest things to wear right now?

5. What can you do to your eyebrows, if you want to be cool?


IV. What do you do to be cool? What do you think is uncool? Make lists. Use the topics below to help you.

hair places to go things to do clothes jewellery music

V. Write a 'cool guide' for teenage visitors to your country. Tell them what to do and what not to do.




I. What do today's fashion models look like? Do you like that look? Why/why not? Are you influenced by fashion?

Are Today's Teenagers Victims of Fashion?

A survey among the 1,300 pupils at Caldicot Comprehensive School, near Newport, Wales shows that teenage girls and boys are deeply affected by the images presented by the fashion industry in magazines.

When we asked whether super-slim fashion models influence anorexia - the eating disorder in which people go without food - 100 per cent of our sample replied "Yes".

It's not just our schoolmates who hold these views. We interviewed psychologist Dr Glenn Waller of London's Royal Holloway College, an expert on the influence of fashion on adolescents. He told us that fashion photographs in magazines make a huge impact on young people's self-image, particularly females aged 13-19.

"Young people are guided by media standards while they are looking around for an identity,'" he said. "Magazines provide ideas and these can affect vulnerable people."

"If women look at supermodels who are beanpoles, they may imagine that they themselves are fatter than they really are. If the media used a wider range of female shapes it would be better."

Fortunately, many Caldicot students are not victims of the image-makers. Here's what some of them said:

'If you're constantly dieting, you can't enjoy life."

"Fashion is something kids can control. It is a path many teenagers take to break free and have fun."

"I find nothing attractive about six-foot models who are two stone underweight: they just look ill."

"Friends shouldn't write you off for wearing unfashionable clothes; if they do, they aren't very good friends."

The Daily Telegraph /Catldicot Censored

affectedinfluenced go without fooddon't eat samplethe people who were interviewed ourschoolmates other pupils at our school make a huge impacthave a big effect self-imagethe opinion people have of their own looks are guided byfollow media standardswhat they see in magazines/ newspapers and on TV looking around for an identitytrying to decide what sort of style to have vulnerablesensitive beanpolesvery thin rangevariety pathroad six-foot1 metre 83 two stoneabout 13 kilos write you offdecide you area failure


II. Tick (√) the six opinions which are expressed in the article. Find the sentences in the story where they are expressed.

1. True friends don't expect you to be fashionable. 2. You can't blame the fashion business for anorexia. 3. Clothes look better on thinner people. 4. Dieting takes the fun out of life. 5. Fashion allows teenagers to feel free and have fun. 6. Fashion models today are getting larger. 7. Images of very thin models may make ordinary women feel fat. 8. Underweight models are unattractive. 9. Pop groups influence teenagers' ideas about fashion. 10. The media should show different sizes and shapes. □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □


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