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I. Match each of the following colloquial names for certain types of people with the correct description below.

a pain in the neck a crank a lone wolf a dare-devil a busybody a sponger a battle-axe a slow coach a rolling stone a tomboy a day-dreamer a golden boy


1. He's always got his head in the clouds, always fantasizing.

2. She's very inquisitive about my private life.

3. He loves taking dangerous risks.

4. He can't settle down. He goes from job to job, place to place.

5. He's always borrowing money and living off other people.

6. She's very aggressive and bossy. She likes to dominate.

7. Everyone thinks he'll get rapid promotion. He's destined to succeed.

8. He's always slow and behind the others in his work or studies.

9. She's got extremely odd, eccentric, unconventional ideas and theories.

10. He's a real nuisance. I can't stand him.

11. He likes to do things on his own.

12. She's a girl who likes to play rough, boys' games.


II. Match each of the following colloquial names for certain types of people with the correct description below.

a tear-away a clock-watcher a layabout a miser a wind-bag a litter-lout a slave-driver a slob a name-dropper a road-hog a jay-walker a fare-dodger


1. She talks on and on about her opinions and ideas.

2. He keeps count of every penny he has and only spends money if he must.

3. She likes to mention all the famous and important people she's met.


4. He makes his employees work extremely hard.

5. She crosses the road without bothering to look at the traffic.

6. He's lazy and prefers not to work.

7. She drops rubbish anywhere and never puts it in the bin.

8. He drives very inconsiderately of other drivers.

9. She's only interested in leaving work and going home.

10. She avoids paying when she travels on public transport.

11. He dresses and behaves in a very careless, often disgusting, way.

12. He's a bit wild, always getting into fights and other trouble.


III. The following is a list of colloquial names for various social types, i.e. different kinds of people one meets at parties and elsewhere. Use the most suitable one to complete each description below.

wet blanket Don Juan gate-crasher social climber femme fatale wallflower chatterbox good mixer gossip life and soul of the party


1. He's very lively and the centre of any group he's in. People always have a good time when he's there. He's the .

2. She's so negative and boring. She has a depressing effect on any group of people she's with. She's a .

3. She's confident and interested in other people. She likes to meet different kinds of people. She's a .

4. He goes to parties and other occasions without an invitation. He just walks in. He's a .

5. Unfortunately she is not usually asked to dance by anyone. She just stands there hoping. She's a .

6. He just can't stop talking. He goes on and on excitedly, about totally unimportant things. He's a .

7. He loves to discuss and pass on news or rumours about people's private lives. He's a .

8. She's dangerously attractive to men. Half the men she meets fall in love with her. She's a .

9. He knows he's attractive to women. They always fall for him. He's got lots of girl-friends. He's a .

10. She's very conscious of her social position and is always trying to improve it by meeting 'upper-class' people. She's a .


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