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Requirements for the student during the internship

The student must during the internship:

-Know and comply with internal rules, observe labor discipline tourist enterprise;

-have the perfect appearance that meets the requirements of the enterprise;

comply strictly with safety sanitation, labor protection rules;

-conscientiously implement and carry polozhennub work for its implementation and the result of the responsibility;

-adequately represent the tourist enterprise their educational institution;

-to carry out the complete list of tasks on undergraduate practice;

-participate in the meetings, seminars which are held in the enterprise;

- reinforce the acquired knowledge of books, periodic information, counseling predpodavateley Department of socio-cultural service, tourism and museum management;

The fixing of the regular activities of a student during a pre-diploma practice, as the report document to provide blog practices;

-organize and analyze in depth study all the material which can be obtained as a result of the passage of pre-diploma practice;

-The findings should be applied and theoretically backed up in the thesis work of students;

-perform individual tasks, which are provided by the subject of the thesis;

-in due time deliver a report on the results of the passage of externship with the withdrawal of the head of the tourist enterprise, stamped.

Acting Head of practice

The Head of practice from tkristskih enterprises include:

implementation of systematic monitoring of the ongoing work of students;

the creation of normal conditions for its passage in all workplaces;

Provide students practical help in the selection, study and processing of materials;

ensuring effective ispolzovaniyarabochego vrmeni trainees.

The total control over the preparation and conduct of the practice is carried out letting the head of the department; direct management practices on individual bases rests with the teachers, appointed by the department.

The structure and content of the report

At the end of practice students submit a progress report on the department supervises (eg, Department of Tourism).

When writing the report should be used documents containing materials on economics, organization and management of tourism enterprises, technology service, static reporting, regulatory and technical documentation on the relevant sections.

The report reflects the work done by the student with the obligatory indication of the current methods of work, the direction of the works, the volume of the applied load on each of the areas.

To the report the copies of various documents of the enterprise that will help reveal the contents of pre-diploma practice as a rule, such documents are issued in the "annex" in the numbered order in the report should refer to them. The report should contain practical material analyzed each of these areas. Therefore, after analyzing each service tourism enterprises should be made conclusions about the main directions of development of tourism businesses and tourism service. The report drawn up within three days after the end of practice in accordance with the schedule of its passage.

After the end of registration practices report is signed by the head of the practice (in the tourist company) in this report include: diary, report characteristic (see. Annex 4.5). All documents certified by signature and seal. Designed and certified by a report shall be the chair.

To report shall:

-The permit for the practice naprvlenii stamped on arrival and departure;

-Characteristics, signed and certified by the head of the tourist enterprise;

- diary signed by the trainee and signed by the head of the practice at the enterprise, and printing.

All documents should be issued in accordance with the requirements of the issuing department, filed into a folder, numbered structured. Privacy practices carried out within the prescribed period after the department of practice. The results summarized in the practice of scientific-practical conference on the practice.

The structure and content of the report

Introduction - the main issues and challenges that are accepted in the present report, and possible ways to resolve them. The introduction provides a rationale for the relevance of the selected probemy study, a brief description of the expected methods and areas of research to determine the degree of novelty of the proposed approach. The recommended amount of administration is 1 - 2 pages.

Section 1 - statistical and analytical description of the current situation on tourism enterprises, the overall Environmental Specifications turiststkih enterprises in which the student takes practice. Recommended bemsya first chapter is 4 pages.

Section 2 - functional focus of the structural unit, which directly workplace is student trainee (department, service, etc.) This chapter provides the management structure of tourism and hospitality enterprise (organization chart); determined informatstonno - technology relationship in which the division takes practice; considers the provisions on departments and services, staffing, job descriptions (place of practice), describes the activities of the unit technology, information processing methods, methods of calculation of economic indicators. The recommended amount of the second chapter is 3-4 pages.

Section 3 - The third chapter is carried out to identify factors influencing the state of the object under study defined the basic principles and laws of functioning. Particular attention should be paid to the formation of socially oriented market relations in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the related tourism enterprises difficult adaptation to the new economic conditions. Thus, one of the most important tasks of a student passing externship is opredeoһlenie ways of revival of tourism and hotel business to a new level, innovative forms of enterprise management, modern forms of revitalization businesses. The recommended amount of the third chapter is 3-4 pages.

Section 4 - the proposal to improve the functioning of tourist enterprises, recommendations for the introduction of domestic and foreign experience in order to increase efficiency and improve the quality of guest service RK. This chapter discusses specific ways to improve the activity of the enterprises in accordance with the chosen theme of the report on pre-diploma practice. Suggestions for improvement can relate to the activities of organizations in general and the work of its individual elements (of the functions defined indicators of organizational separation of services, etc.). The recommended size of the fourth chapter is 3-4 pages.

Conclusion - general conclusions arising from the report submitted, the conclusions reflect the degree of solving the problems of the general characteristic of the research performed, the recommendations on the possible of use of the results. The recommended amount is 1-2 to enter into the page.

Bibliography. The list of references are included in addition to the scientific and educational literature and documents of regulatory nature, regulating the activity of tourist and hotel enterprises' or a specific unit of the enterprise. The approximate volume of the bibliography is 2-3 pages.

Application . The annex contains the data of financial and statistical reporting (usually in the form of tables or diagrams) extracts from normative and technical documentation, samples technical documentation used in the production process organization and management of tourist and hotel enterprises (instruction and management of tourism and hospitality enterprise (instructions, regulations rules, standard forms of accounting and reporting)

Report on the pre-diploma practice drawn up by the main program, taking into account the individual tasks. The volume of the report should be up to 25 pages of printed text (without attachments). Defending report on the practice of the student must demonstrate the knowledge and experience acquired in the tourism sector to do a comparison of theory and practice of the faculty on the basis of reporting and explanatory exhibits fifferentsirovannuyu student assessment that is entered in the record book and statement.

The structure and content of the report on the pre-diploma practice is agreed with the supervisor and can be modified and supplemented in accordance with the specific thesis and activity of tourist businesses.

To report the characteristics of the work of a student during practice, which should contain the following information:

Name trainee

Name of the company

Date of practice

Name Head of practice

The ratio of students to work (interest, diligence, discipline, responsibility, initiative, politeness, courtesy, etc.).

The volume of work done in practice

The amount of work performed by students, the degree of manifestation of independence. The level of mastery of the theoretical practical skills

Help assist the student in the performance of certain tasks in the enterprise (organization).

Characteristics should be signed by the director or head of practice. The signature stamp of the organization.

Guidelines for the implementation of individual tasks

Students perform one task from the proposed list. Room assignments are distributed before the start of the internship with the head. Individual assignments allow students more thoroughly and deeply consider the organization of work of individual tourism enterprises. The choice of individual tasks is coordinated with the subject of dissertations. When performing individual tasks students need to consult the list of basic and additional literature ukazannnoy in the manuals. Individual assignments are made after the main chapters of the report, which presents a brief theoretical position of the main chapters of the report, which presents a brief theoretical position of the main problems of the issue.

For example, individual task number 3 "Organization of the Human Resources Department" should be carried out as follows. Please summarize what is the organizational structure and then to identify the criteria for personnel management and methods of construction management services personnel (EMS). Describe the basic functions of the unit. Present how the organized structure of service management in the tourist enterprise (at the place of distribution).

Privacy practices carried out within the prescribed period after the department of practice. With brief prizentatsii (in Power Point), students summarize their practice and give a personal assessment of the results of labor.

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