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Presentations and evaluation practices

As a result of training and work experience, students are the relevant department of the report, which is checked by the head of the practice of the company and the mark is in the ballroom-rating system (40 points) and protected before the commission established by the order of the head of the department (60 points). The results of the report to protect valued in accordance with the procedures and policies of the institution established by the score - rating alphabetic system of assessment - 100 points.

Letter grade and its digital equivalent in points is determined by the percentage of, respectively, the following table:



Based on letter system Digital equivalent (points) % Based on the traditional system
4,0 95-100 excellent
- 3,67 90-94 excellent
+ 3,33 85-89 good
3,0 80-84 good
B- 2,67 75-79 good
+ 2,33 70-74 Satisfactory
2,0 65-69 Satisfactory
C- 1,67 60-64 Satisfactory
D+ 1,33 55-59 Satisfactory
D 1,0 50-54 Satisfactory
F 0-49 Satisfactory


Practice leader of the enterprise in a grade point - rating system (40 points). The criteria for the evaluation of the results (10 points) practices include:

-vypolnyat works under individual tasks;

-soblyudat internal rules of the company comply with the rules of labor protection, safety, fire safety and industrial hygiene;

-vesti Diary of practice (in chronological order to reflect the details of the work performed, the materials prepared by the study of documents and the like, and also get a mark on the date of arrival at the practice and its completion, appropriate certified signatures and seals of the enterprise);

-podgotovit report on the practice and submit it for evaluation by the head of the practice of the enterprise, to obtain a review of the work done at the head of the practice of Enterprise (short feature on the last page of the Journal, the seal of the enterprise).

The Commission assesses the protection of the report on the following criteria (60 points):

Prerequisite is the mean score on the theoretical course;

-signing diary and report in accordance with the requirements;

-content and depth of the report on the practice;

-use methods of scientific approach in analyzing the activities of tourist enterprises;

Review and Recommendations of the activities of the student during the internship;

-assessment protection and presentation of the results of practice.

The criteria can vary depending on the type of practice.

Privacy Practices

Before the start of practice, each student receives an individual task:

-Explore organization of the travel companies (hotels, office, restaurant), the establishment of their structure (for example, specified in the MDM takes practice);

-oznakomitsya to document travel companies (hotels and restaurants), institutions;

-Explore the procedure for calculating the cost of the tourist product;

-udelit special attention to design package tours, vouchers, invoices, accounts, etc.

-Explore organization of and participation in tourism exhibitions, imidzhevyyh tourist activities; analyze the financial statements of travel agencies, tourist activities turiststkih exhibitions;

-poznakomitsya a cost estimate of any participation in tourism exhibitions;

-Make conclusions and make proposals on the organization and operation of tourist exhibitions and participate in hotels and tourist companies.


Upon completion of the student must submit a written report on the work done. A written report on the implementation of the job consists of a theoretical part, which reflects the goals and we need the practice as part of the learning process. The practical part represents the assignment. Defending Leader appreciates it. The rating is entered in the record book.


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