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Materials for Intermediate control-1 and Intermediate control-2

Intermediate control-1
The ratio of the basic concepts - "recreation", "recreation", "tourism".
Socio-economic essence of recreation.
Primary function of recreation.
Classification of the functions of public recreation.
Recreational needs
Factors affecting the development of the recreational needs.
Recreational activity
Classification of recreational activities
Common features of the recreational sector
Factors and conditions for development of recreation industry
Ordering of active factors of the territorial organization of the recreational sector
Recreational geography - as a science
Local recreational System (LRS).
Place "Recreational geography" in the system of geographical sciences
Regional Recreational Geography
The relationship subsystem - "a group of tourists" -
Subsystem "natural system".
The relationship subsystem - "a group of tourists" - with other subsystems
The relationship subsystem - "natural system" with other subsystems
The relationship subsystem - "Engineering Structures"
- With other subsystems
Recreational geography and geography of tourism - the ratio of concepts
The history of the development of tourism.
History of geographical study of tourism
The term "tourism"
The term "tourist"
Classification of traveling persons recommended by the WTO (1984).
Recreational potential - the most important condition for the development of recreation and tourism
Recreational development of the territory
The subject "Geography of Tourism"
Basic eligibility criteria for the geographical space
development of tourist traffic
Socio-economic research in the geography of tourism
Geography of Tourism - the branch of economic and social geography
Contact the geography of tourism with economic, social and geographical disciplines
Contact the geography of tourism with the physical and geographical disciplines
Intermediate control-2
Contact the geography of tourism with other sciences
Forms of modern tourism
Classification of tourism, depending on the focus
and the nature of tourist flows
Classification of modern tourism, depending on the purpose of travel
The classification of the nature of tourism organizations
Classification of modern tourism on the basis of mobility
Social tourism
Major trends in international tourism
Types recreational nature
Dependence of recreational activities on the natural environment and resources
Socio-economic preconditions for the development of tourism
Tourist and recreation resources
The most important characteristics of tourism and recreation resources
Assessment of natural conditions - both the material basis of tourism development
Medical and biological evaluation of the type of recreational area
Psychological and aesthetic type of recreation site assessment
Technology assessment of the type of recreational area.
The final stage of evaluation of the recreational area
Zoning for recreation and tourism
Characteristic features of the tourist areas
Zoning and evaluation areas for recreational purposes
Taxonomy and hierarchy - the main criteria for zoning
Recreation capacity areas
Tourism as a socio-economic system
Tourist demand
Segmentation of the tourist market
The theory of the tourism product
The specific characteristics of the tourism product
Distinctive features of the tourism product
Consumer properties of the tourism product
The specific properties of the tourism industry.
Specific features of the tourism industry
Transportation Sector
Accommodation and food sector
Sector related service
Features of management of tourism
Basic control functions
The characteristic features of management of tourism enterprises
The purpose and objectives of marketing research
Features tourist marketing
Stages of marketing research
Consistent implementation of marketing programs
Principles of tourism marketing
World tourism market: state and development prospects
Specific features of international tourism
Factors and conditions for the development of international tourism
The main trends of international tourism
Tourism and Internet
Globalization of the world tourism industry
Modern trends in international tourism demand
International tourism statistics
International tourism organizations
International NGOs
International and regional organizations

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Calendary and Topic Title Plan of study of the discipline | Topic 1. Fundamentals of the theory of tourism. This essential concept in tourism
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