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Lesson 33 A fine day


It’s a fine day today. There are some clouds in the sky, but the sun is shining. Mrs. Jones’s with his family. They are walking over the bridge. There are some boats on the river. Mrs. Jones and his wife are looking at them. Sally is looking at a big ship. The ship is going under the bridge. Tim is looking at an aeroplane. The aeroplane is flying over the river.


New words


day/deɪ/ n. over/ ˈəʊvə / prep.
cloud/klaʊd/ n. bridge/ brɪdʒ / n.
sky/skaɪ/ n. boat/ bəʊt / n.
sun/sʌn/ n. river/ ˈrɪvə / n.
shine/ʃaɪn/ v. ship/ ʃɪp / n.
with/wɪð/ prep. aeroplane/ ˈ eərəpleɪn / n.
family/ˈfæmɪli/ n. fly/flaɪ/ v.
walk/ wɔːk / v.  



Notes on the text


1. It ----- weather & time

Ex: It is a fine day.

It is Monday.






one // two // three // four // five //
six // seven // eight // nine // ten //
  eleven //   twelve //      



Lesson 34 What are they doing?

sleep/sliːp/ v. wash/wɒʃ/ v.
shave/ʃeɪv/ v. wait/weɪt/ v.
cry/krʌɪ/ v. jump/dʒʌmp/ v.



A. complete these sentences



Take/ book/he….. He is taking his book


1. Type/a letter/she …

2. Make/the bed/they …

3. Come/we

4. Shine/the sun

5. Give/some magazines/me/his father


B. Write questions and answers



the children/looking at the boats on the river

What are the children doing?

They are looking at the boats on the river


1. the men/cooking a meal

2. they/sleeping

3. the men/shaving

4. the children/crying

5. the dogs/eating bones

6. the women/typing letters

7. the children/doing their homework

8. the women/washing dishes

9. the birds/flying over the river

10. they waling over the bridge

11. the man and the woman/waiting for a bus

12. the children/jumping off the wall

Lesson 35 Our village


This is a photograph of our village. Our village is in a valley. It is between two hills. The village is on a river. Here is another photograph of the village. My wife and I are walking along the banks of the river. We are on the left. There is a boy in the water. He is swimming across the river. Here is another photograph. This is the school building. It is beside a park. The park is on the right. Some children are coming out of the building. Some of them are going into the park.


New words


photograph/ˈfəʊtəɡrɑːf/ n. bank/baŋk/ n.
village/ˈvɪlɪdʒ/ n. water/ˈwɔːtə/ n.
valley/ˈvali/ n. swim/swɪm/ n.
between/bɪˈtwiːn/ n. building/ˈbɪldɪŋ/ n.
hill/hɪl/ n. park/pɑːk/ n.
another/əˈnʌðə/ n. into/ˈɪntʊ/ prep.
wife/wʌɪf/ n.  
along/əˈlɒŋ/ n.  


Notes on the text

1. a ----- the ; He is a student. The student is from Russia

2. on ---- near

3. Someone and I (compound subject): My friend and I are coming (not I and my friend)

4. Out of --- out of the room


Lesson 36 Where …?


beside/bɪˈsʌɪd/ prep. inside /ɪnˈsʌɪd/ prep. outside /aʊtˈsʌɪd/ prep.

off/ɒf/ prep.




A. Complete these sentences



put/his coat/he

He is putting on his coat


1. swim/across the river/my friends

2. sit/on the grass/ dogs

3. run/along the wall/the cat


B. Write sentences using given words


boy, swimming, , the river, across

Wher is the boy swimming? He’s swimming across the river.

children, into, park, going

Where are the children going? They’re going into the park


1. man, into, shop, going

2. woman, out of, the shop, going

3. his mother, beside, he, sitting

4. across, the street, they, walking

5. the cats, along, running, the wall

6. the children, off, the branch, jumping

7. man, standing, two policemen, between

8. she, the tree, near, sitting

9. it, flying, under, bridge

10. over, the bridge, flying, aeroplane

11. on, the grass, they, sitting

12. in, the man and the woman, the living room, reading


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