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Double object verbs

Subject Verb Indirect object Direct object
I give him a book
We show them a house

We can also say:

Subject Verb Direct object to Indirect object
I give a book him
We show a house them




A. Rewrite these sentences.



Give me that vase.

Give that vase to me.


1. Send George that letter.

2. Take her those flowers.

3. Show me that picture.

4. Give Mrs. Jones these books.

5. Give the children these ice creams.


B. Rewrite these sentences.



Put on your coat!

Iím going to put it on.

Put on your shoes!

Iím going to put them on


1. Put on your hat! 3. Turn on the tapes!   5. Put on your suit!   7. Turn off the television!  
2. Take off your shoes! 4. Turn off the light! 6. Take off your shirt!   8. Turn on the lights!

Lesson 41 Hurry up!

Penny: Can you make the tea, Sam?


Sam: Yes, of course I can, Penny.

Is there any water in this kettle?


Penny: Yes, there is.

Sam: Whereís the tea?


Penny: Itís over there, behind the teapot.

Can you see it?


Sam: I can see the teapot, but I canít see the tea.


Penny: There it is!

Itís in front of you.


Sam: Ah yes, I can see it now.

Where are the cups?


Penny: There are some in the cupboard.

Can you find them?


Sam: Yes. Here they are.


Penny: Hurry up, Sam!

The kettleís boiling!

New words

of course /əvíkɔːs/ now/naʊ/ adv.
kettle/ˈkɛt(ə)l/ n. find/fʌɪnd/ v.
behind/bɪˈhʌɪnd/ prep. boil/bɔɪl/ v.
teapot/ˈtiːpɒt/ n. some/ sʌm / det.
bird/ bəːd / n. any/ ˈɛni / det.

Notes on the text

1. some: I drink some tea.

I have some books.


2. any: I donít drink any tea.

Do you have any books?


3. Can: Auxiliary verb


  Subject Auxiliary verb Verb infinitive
  Positive sentence   I   can   go to school
Question sentence Can I go to school?
Negative sentence I cannot go to school?







thirty // forty// fifty // sixty// seventy //
eighty // ninety// one hundred //  

Lesson 42 Is there a Ö. in/on that Ö?

Is there any Ö in/on that Ö.?


cheese/ tʃiːz / n. sugar/ ˈʃʊɡə / n.
bread/ brɛd / n. coffee/ ˈkɒfi / n.
soap/ səʊp / n. tea/ tiː / n.
chocolate/ ˈtʃɒk(ə)lət / n. tobacco/ təˈbakəʊ / n.



A. Complete these sentences using a, any or some.



Thereís a photograph on the desk. There isnít any milk in the bottle.
Is there any milk in the bottle? Thereís some milk in that cup


1. Is there Ö. bread in the kitchen?

2. Thereíre Ö. books on the table.

3. Thereís Ö. coffee on the table, too.

4. There isnít Ö. chocolate in my bag.

5. Thereís Ö. spoon on that dish.

6. Is there Ö. soap on the dressing table?


B. Write questions and answers using these words.



passport/on the table

Is there a passport here?

Yes, there is. Thereís one on the table.

Bread/on the table

Is there any bread here?

Yes, there is. Thereís some on the table.


1. spoon/on the plate

2. tie/on the chair

3. milk/in the bottle

4. hammer/on the bookcase

5. tea/in the teapot

6. vase/on the radio

7. suit/in the wardrobe

8. tobacco/in the tin

9. chocolate/on the desk

10. cheese/on the dish

Lesson 43 The bossís letter

THE BOSS: Can you come here a minute please, Bob?


Bob: Yes, sir?


THE BOSS: Where's Miss Jones?


Bob: She's next door. She's in her office, sir.


THE BOSS: Can she type this letter for me? Ask her please.

Bob: Yes, sir.

Can you type this letter for the boss please, Miss Jones?


MISS JONES: Yes, of course I can.


Bob: Here you are.

MISS JONES: Thank you, Bob.


Bob: Yes? What's the matter?

MISS JONES: I can't type this letter.

I can't read it! The boss's handwriting is terrible


New words


boss /bɒs/ n. terrible /ˈtɛrɪb(ə)l/ adj.
minute /ˈmɪnɪt/ n. handwriting /ˈhandrʌɪtɪŋ/ n.
ask /ɑːsk/ v. next /nɛkst/ adj.



Lesson 44 Can youÖ.?


lift /lɪft/ v. biscuit /ˈbɪskɪt/ n.

cake /keɪk/ n.




A. Rewrite these sentences.



He is taking his book. He can take his book.

She is putting on her coat. She can put on her coat?


1. They are typing these letters.

2. She is making the bed.

3. You are swimming across the river.

4. We are coming now.

5. We are running across the park.

6. He is sitting on the grass.

7. I am giving him some chocolate.


B. Write questions and answers using I, she, he, it, we or they.



Can you put on your coat?

Yes, I can.

What can you do?

I can put on my coat.


Can you and Sam listen to the radio?

Yes, we can.

What can you and Sam do?

We can listen to the radio.


1. Can you type this letter? 5. Can the cat drink its milk?
2. Can Penny wait for the bus? 6. Can you and Sam paint this bookcase?
3. Can Penny and Jane wash the dishes? 7. Can you see that aeroplane?
4. Can George take these flowers to her? 8. Can Jane read this book?


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