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PB page 36, Vocabulary

T. says Open your book at page 36.

T. presents the new vocabulary with the lesson’s flashcards.

T. reinforces the vocabulary by asking children to spell the words at random.


Are you going to town?

Pre-reading: T. asks the children to look at the story. T. asks (in L1 where necessary) Is Sally on a train? Is Tag with her? Is there a toy shop in the town? Are they in the toy shop?

T. follows the steps for presenting stories.

T. asks some questions in L1 to check understanding and engage the children. T. asks (avoiding L1 if possible) What does Sally buy? Do Trumpet and Chatter have fun? Do they like shopping? What shops do you like?

PB: page 36, 1. Choose and write.

T. writes on the board: He …….washing the floor. They …. Making a cake. T. points to the first gap and asks Is or are? T. elicits is and writes it in the gap. T. repeats the process with the second gap.

T. does the example with the class; T. asks to look at the answer options and read the example answer.

T. asks the children to choose the words and complete the sentences. T. reminds them to look at the story to check their answers. T. monitors and helps where necessary.

T. checks the answers.



PB: page 37, Learn with Tag

T. chooses a confident child to act out being Tag. T. asks Is he eating? T. asks the children to read out the answer.

T. asks the children to read the grammar box out loud.

T. goes round the class asking Are you (drinking)?/ Is he/she (drinking)? Questions and eliciting the correct answers.


Optional Activity

T. puts the children in small groups. They take turns miming simple actions like eating an ice-cream, carrying shopping, etc. (if necessary, T. writes phrases on the board for the children to mime). Their friends ask questions like the ones in the grammar box to guess what they are doing. T. monitors and helps where necessary.



PB page 37, 2.Write.

T. does the example with the class: T. writes the gapped example sentence on the board. T. points to the gaps one at a time and asks the children to call out the word(s). each time, T. writes them in the gaps.

T. asks the children to look at the picture and write. T. reminds them to refer to the Learn with Tag box for help. T. monitors and helps where necessary.

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