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PB page 35, 3. Play the game.

T. asks the children to look at the picture and tell him/her what they can see.

T. draws on the board the house plan from the picture. T. writes on the board the gapped names of the rooms (for example, k Ö.chÖ.etc.). t. invites children to complete the words.

T. asks two children to come to the front to read the example.

T. puts the children in pairs to play the game. T. makes sure they understand that they say an action they do in a specific room in the house.

T. can extend the game by inviting some children to say their sentences for the class to guess where they are.


PB page 35, 4. Write with Karla.

T. asks the children to look at the picture and read what Karla has written out loud.

T. asks the children to write about themselves and their friends like Karla. T. monitors and helps where necessary.

Early finishers can draw and colour a picture to go with their sentences.

T. asks some children to read their sentences to the class.



T. asks the children to complete pp.32-33 in their Activity Book.



Title of the lesson: are you going to town?


Skills to be emphasized:

- listening

- Speaking

Objectives:to ask and answer about what people are doing

Vocabulary: go shopping, library, cinema, supermarket, buy, rope

Grammar: am I eating? Yes, you are./No, you arenít., is he/she/it eating? Yes, he/she/it is./No, he/she/it isnít., Are we/you/they eating? Yes, we/you/they are./No, we/you/they arenít.

Materials: Class CD, Lesson 11 flashcards

Procedure of the lesson

Warm-up page 36


T. puts the children in pairs. They take turns acting out activities using verbs and words they have learnt. T. writes some verbs on the board as prompts if necessary (write, read, wash, make, sing, walk, etc.). Their friend guesses what they are doing.


T. checks the homework from the previous lesson.


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