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PB page 38, Vocabulary

T. says Open your book at page 38.

T. presents the new vocabulary using the Pupilís Book pictures and mime.

T. uses extra repetition to practice the pronunciation of ie /i:/ in thief and ai /ei/ in wait.


Wait here. Donít move.

Pre-reading: T. asks the children to look at the story. T. asks (in L1 where necessary) Who can you see in the story? Where is Sally going? Who is wearing a mask?

T. follows the steps for presenting stories.

T. asks some questions in L1 to check understanding and engage the children. T. asks (avoiding L1 if possible) Is Chatter brave? Why? Why are Chatter and Trumpet happy at the end of the story?

PB: page 38, 1. Choose and write.

T. does the example with the class; T. asks the children to look at picture 1 in the story. T. asks Where is Sally going? T. asks the children to read out the example sentence.

T. asks the children to choose the words and complete the sentences. T. reminds them to look at the story to check their answers. T. monitors and helps where necessary.



PB: page 39, Learn with Tag

T. asks three volunteers to stand up and act out the dialogue.

T. says Letís clap our hands. T. claps his/her hands to demonstrate. T. propmts the children to copy him/her. T. repeats with letís stand up. T. says Donít sit down and stay standing up him/herself. T. says sit down and prompts the children to do the same.


PB page 39, 2.listan and tick (a).

T. plays the CD. T. pauses after the first sentence and asks the children to repeat the sentence. (Letís go to the library.). T. holds up his/her book and points to picture 1a.

T. plays the CD. T. says Listen and tick. T. pauses after each sentence for the children to tick the correct pictures.

PB page 39, 3. Circle.

T. does the example with the class: T. reads out sentence 1. T. elicits the correct option from the children.

T. asks the children to read and circle. T. monitors and helps where necessary.

T. checks the answers.


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