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The peculiarities of the labor market

The first group of features related to the interaction of labor market and goods market. Demand for labor force depends on the demand for final products. Higher D for product- higher D for LF and vice versa.

The second group of the functioning of L-market is related to the peculiarities of the product itself- the working force:

-the inseparability of ownership of the labor force from its owner;

-presence of large number of institutional structures(trade unions, employer’s associations etc.);

-high degree of individualization of agreements due to contract system of employment, different vocational functions etc.;

-Important role of non-monetary aspects of agreement (conditions of work, it content career progress, etc.

The third group is related to the exchange of good work force, which differs from the exchange of goods. The exchange process involves three steps of the working time and takes place in three areas. It begins in the sphere of circulation of goods-labor force (L-market), extends the sphere of production and end market of goods.


18. The factors of the company’s labor potential.

Regarding the company, Labor potential is the limit of possible involvement of workers in manufacturing with regard to their characteristics on psycho physiological, personality and qualification factors.

The labor potential of the company highlighted the following factors:

l - HR (qualifying potential and learning potential);

l - Professional (changes in the content of labor under the influence of different factors);

l - Qualifying (qualitative changes in the labor potential: the growth of skills, habits, knowledge);

l - Institutional (high organization and labor culture, which finds expression in workers' satisfaction with the results of work).

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