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Types of population movement.

The unit of set in the demography is a man who has many attributes - gender, age, marital status, education, occupation, nationality, many of which change throughout life. So people always have such characteristics as size and age and sex structure, marital status. Changes in the life of each person lead to changes in the population. These changes together make up the movement of the population. Typically, three types of population movement: the social, immigration and natural.

Social movement or social mobility - a transition people from one social group to another. This type defines the reproduction of social structures of the population. It is the interplay of population reproduction and changes in social structure is studied demographics, while the social movement as a whole - is the subject of sociology.Population migration - a set of regional population movements, which ultimately determine the nature of the settlement, density, seasonal and pendular mobility of the population. The study deals with these issues as demography and population geography. But if you study the geography of population territorial peculiarities of formation and development of residential areas, the demographics - the impact of territorial displacements on demographic development in these areas.Natural movement include births, marriages, divorces, deaths, the study of which is the exclusive competence of demography.In modern demographic literature shows a new approach based on combining three types of population movement. The need for such an approach justified by the need for increased attention to quality aspects of the demography of the reproduction of future generations. By the quality of the population to understand, on the one side, the dynamics of different social structures (professional, educational, class, etc.), on the other - the degree of development of the personality, her needs. Reproduction of the population, thus, includes not only the replacement of generations as a result of births and deaths, but the resumption of a new level of social qualities and characteristics of individuals living and working conditions, social relations.

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