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Discuss these questions with a partner.

1. How differently would Martina feel if she worked for someone else?’

2. How common are people like Trish and Martina in your country?

3. How easy is it for young professionals to have lives which are a healthy balance between work and personal life?



1. What makes a good job? Read the following statements and discuss your ideas with your partner. (To express your ideas clearly see Appendix 2)

-flexible working hours

-being part of a team

-an excellent salary

-good holidays

-promotional prospects

-staff facilities


-an inspirational boss



Before you read

1. You are going to become a public relation specialist. What are the peculiarities of a PR manger from your point of view?

2. Make a list of functions a PR manager should carry out and qualities he/ she should possess


Put each sentence, (a-g) into the correct place to complete the text about PR managers.


a) They were giving water to people who were injured.

b) However, it took some years for the company to change this image.

c) He or she must defend a business when something goes wrong which may affect the company.

d) This is particularly true when tourism is destroyed in a country by a natural disaster.

e) So, if journalists and the media find out any interesting news about their private lives, it can also affect a company.

f) The way a company manufactures its products might attract criticism.

g) Problems with the people who work for you also often cause PR problems.


The role of the public relations manager.

The job of the public relations manager is a difficult one.

1 _______________________. So, if the press finds out the company is doing something unethical, for example, the PR manager will have to talk to journalists and convince customers that they have done nothing wrong. Here are the main things that the PR manager must look out for.

Acts of God.

These are the things which no human can stop. For example, when the weather causes a crisis because of hurricane or tornado, it may cause a PR disaster.

2 _______________.Many people remember the famous tsunami of 2005 which hit countries such as Thailand .PR managers were working day and night to save tourism.

Business operations

3 _________________. For example, if you had a factory which was putting chemicals or toxis into water and then the water was affecting the local area, you will need a highly –skilled PR manager. This person needs to make sure the general public doesn’t stop buying the company’s products.

Gossip and Rumours

Gossip and media rumours can really damage a company and affect the brand .Take the case of the international company which was accused of being evil. Some people said it was working with the ‘Devil’. The gossip started with a competitor and was untrue.4 _____________.


5 _______________. When New York’s Twin Towers fell down on 9/11, a member of staff at a Starbucks Coffee House was charging emergency rescue workers for bottled water.6 __________. This story was passed around on the Internet and was highly damaging.


Many celebrities often endorse a company’s products.7 __________. Similarly, news about financial problems in the company will mean the PR department needs to get busy.


2. The PR manager is responsible for the five areas of work below. Match them with the typical tasks from each area a-e. Where would you personally like to work?

1).Customer service



4).Personnel management

5). Marketing

a) lead and motivate a team and recruit new staff

b) introduce a customer care programme and deal
with complaints

c) develop advertising campaigns and research new

d) set objectives for growth and put together a
five-year plan

e).prepare budgets and look at ways of reducing costs



3. Look at the following extracts from job advertisements. Match the titles to the job descriptions. What job is the most attractive for you? Career in what profession is the most prestigious and gives more opportunities in career growth?

Brand manager • director of marketing • head of PR • marketing assistant

1. The successful candidate must be an excellent manager and have a proven track record in leading a large department .The mission is to develop and execute a comprehensive marketing plan that reinforces our leadership position. Direct responsibilities include media relations, PR, marketing communications, planning, and more.


2. You will be responsible for developing and executing brand strategies and marketing initiatives for an assigned product line to meet revenue, profitability, and budget targets. Requires strong knowledge of marketing principles and practices, and the ability to lead cross-functional teams to accomplish a successful go-to-market strategy. This position reports directly to the Director of Marketing.

3. His or her primary responsibility is to provide direct support to the media buyers. S/he will also track media mentions, support customer service, manage our relationship management tools, and provide other assistance within the marketing department when needed.

4. The job involves managing all aspects of public relations, publicity, etc. The right person will have solid writing skills and strong relationships with the appropriate media outlets. The position reports directly to the CEO. The salary is based on experience.

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Now you are quite knowledgeable in the nature of your future profession. Make the group project to show your skills and experience. | Here is a list of typical work activities of PR man. Discuss it in pairs.
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