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Now you are quite knowledgeable in the nature of your future profession. Make the group project to show your skills and experience.

1. Make a presentation “My Specialty ‘Public Relations’. (See Appendix 1 to organize your presentation logically).

2. Make up a report on one of the following topics:

- PR industry today

- Image making and speech writing

- Types of PR

- Nature of the work.


Warming up

‘It is all one to me if a man comes from Sing Sing (a famous US prison) or Harvard. We hire a man, not a history.’ Henry Ford, American car manufacturer.

In your opinion, which factors below are important for getting a job? Choose the seven most important. Is there anything missing from the list?

- age; - family background;

- sex; - handwriting;

- appearance; - hobbies;

- astrological sign; - intelligence;

- contracts and connections; - personality;

- experience; - marital status;

- qualification; - references;

- sickness record; - blood group;


The selectors should take into consideration these three important qualities:

a) intelligence and ability

b) emotional stability

c) conscientiousness.

Do you agree? Explain your opinion.


Before you read

Read the passage and explain the meaning of the words in bold then use them to complete the gaps in the sentences below.

Over the years of the development of different theories of management and different approaches to organization has affected the way we viewmotivation. One important 20th century theory was put forward by Maslow , where he identified five important needs which he placed in atriangle: at the bottom of the triangle he put what he called ‘basic needs’: good pay and pleasant working conditions. Then, above the basic needs, he put ‘security needs’-safe working conditions and job security. His third need he called ‘social’ –the need to have friends at work and get on with the boss.


1. I’d like to ask his opinion but I find him difficult to ______ .

2. Your opinion will not ______ my decision.

3. Cut the sandwiches into ______ .

4. He is intelligent enough, but lacks _______ .

5. First of all we must ______ the problem areas.



1. A management magazine carried out a survey among British executives to find out what they would like to change about their working lives. Which do you think they would most like to change?

- earn more; - change jobs or relocate;

- retire; - work flexible hours;

- work from home; - reduce or avoid commuting;

- change the company structure; - be able to work fewer hours;

- reduce stress - have more staff;


Read the texts about two women and their attitude to work. Complete the chart for the texts.

  Trish Crofts Martina Khan
1. What does she do?    
2. How does she feel about working hard?    
3. Is work getting easier or more difficult?    
4. What kind of sacrifices has she made?    

Text A

Twenty-six year old Trish Crofts, a media buyer with the advertising agency Ogilvy and Mather, is typical of the young professionals who feel that their work is depriving them from a real life. She starts work at 9 a. m. but often doesn’t leave her office until 8 p.m.

‘In my company when people leave they are not replaced and everybody is expected to work extra hard’, she said. Ms Crofits enjoys her work but feels stressed all the time. She said: ’My hair is already going grey.’ As her partner, Graham Dodridge, frequently doesn’t arrive home until late either, the couple often do not have their meal until after 10 p. m.

Ms Crofits would be prepared to accept a cut in pay if it would guarantee a genuine reduction in her workload, but she believes her promotion prospects would suffer.’You don’t have to sacrifice your personal life if you want career advancements.’ she said


Text B

Martina Khan, aged 23, set up an IT consultancy in Manchester two years ago, directly after she graduated. Her parents and brother are self-employed so she drew on their advice and experience .It was an immediate success as many large organisations choose to buy in freelance contractors rather than employ their own staff full-time. She has even taken on seven other IT specialists, some of whom are much older.

She has to work very long hours and weekends. However, now that the business is more established she has a bit more time than before. Her relationship with her boyfriend ended, but she admits she wanted the business to succeed more than the relationship .She is still young and says she has plenty of time to find a partner and have children .She has no regrets and even refuses to complain about not having a holiday for two years.

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