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Review Comply with Report Instruct Improve

1. Master is responsible for ___________ pollution prevention activities.

2. It is very important that each crewmember ______________ the Company’s safety and environmental policy.

3. SMS clearly defines procedures for __________ about accidents.

4. SMS ____________ a company to document its management procedures.

5. Each crewmember must continuously _____________ his safety management skills.


9Choîse the correct variant


1. DP(A):

a. Department of Personnel Administration

b. Designated Person (Ashore)

c. Dynamic position

2. IMO:

a. International Meteor Organization

b. International Mariner Organization

c. International Maritime Organization

3. ISM:

a. International Safety Management

b. Institute for Supply Management

c. International Solidarity Movement

4. ISO:

a. International Safety Organization

b. International Security Organization

c. International Standard Organization

5. MD:

a. Main Department

b. Managing Director

c. Medical Department

6. NCR:

a. National Credit Regulator

b. National Center of Recreation

c. Non Conformity Report

7. PPE:

a. Pollution Preventive Equipment

b. Personal Protective Equipment

c. Pacific Performance Engineering

8. SMC:

a. Safety Management Certificate (Shipboard ISM Certificate)

b. Safety Marine Certification

c. South Midlands Communications

9. SMM:

a. Social media marketing

b. Shipboard Main Manual

c. Safety Marine Manual

10. SMS:

a. Short Message Service

b. Security Management System

c. Safety Management System

11. NC:

a. Navigational Chart

b. Non-Conformity

c. Navigational Channel

12. SMT:

a. Safety Management Team

b. Security Management Team

c. Searching Marine Team

Topic 2

Responsibilities of Personnel


Look at the pictures and express your own ideas on “responsibility” in our everyday life.

Do such situations happen on board?

Why is the division of responsibilities so important?




Who is responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of the SMS?

What are the responsibilities of Shipboard Personnel under the SMS?

What are the responsibilities of Shore-Based Personnel under the SMS?

What documents contain information on Shipboard and Shore-Based Personnel responsibilities?



2Work in groups

a). Group A: Read Text 1 about responsibilities of Managing Director and DPA. Choose the right variant of the verb.

b). Group B: Read Text 2 about responsibilities of Master and Chief Engineer. Choose the right variant of the verb.

c). Group C: Read Text 3 about responsibilities of Chief Officer and Superintendent. Choose the right variant of the verb.


Text 1

Managing Director


The MD has the overall responsibility for the Company and the vessels taken under Management. He has the ultimate responsibility to implement and follow-up the Quality, Safety and Pollution Prevention Policy for the Company.


The MD is responsible for implementing/keeping the Quality, Safety and Pollution Prevention Policy of the Company


The MD has the overall authority concerning quality safety and prevention of pollution. He has the right to request information from every employee and manager in the Company in order to update his knowledge about the status and operation of the SMS.


Reports to the shareholder(s) to be submitted at least once a year.

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