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Ņall and describe the basic methods of standardization

Standardization methods

Standardization as an activity based on a set general scientific and specific techniques necessary to establish optimal solutions repetitive tasks. The most commonly used in standardization work methods are:

· ordering of objects

· standardization

· parametric

· standardization

· Unitized Unification

· Integrated

· standardization

· anticipatory

· standardization

Parametric standardization

Consists in selecting and rationale nomenclature and numerical values​​. Parameter (from the Greek. Parametron - measure) - a value characterizing a property of the process, machine, apparatus. The most important parameters are the product characteristics that define its purpose and conditions of use:

· dimensional parameters

· weighting parameters

· parameters characterizing

· performance machines and devices

· energy parameters


Selection of the optimal number of varieties of products , processes or services , values ​​of parameters and their sizes .Goal - eliminating unnecessary diversity of products, processes and reduce them to the lowest number needed to meet the basic consumers.


Basic principles
Establishment and operation of products, machinery, appliances and equipment of individual standard of standardized parts and assemblies

base unit - Increase in the nomenclature manufactured products, machines, appliances ,equipment due modifying them main type and creating different performances partitioning
modular - production technology for based on large aggregates
- Standardized parts and the nodes may reused create different products based geometrical and functional interchangeability


Integrated standardization

Carries the establishment and application of interlocking requirements as to the object of standardization as a whole and to its basic elements in order to optimize specific solutions problems .Applied to products that the establishment and application interconnected to the level quality requirements finished products , raw materials and components of nodes , necessary for their manufacture as well as the conditions of conservation, ( packaging, labeling , transportation .storage)and consumption ( use) Integrated standardization also applies to documentation systems , common technical standards technological support for the creation of products safety , environmental protection.

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