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V. Choose the right option.

II. A. Write questions to which the words in bold are the answers.

1. _____________________________________________________

It takes ten minutes to drive to the supermarket.

2. _____________________________________________________

George is selfish.

3. _____________________________________________________

Mary is tall, with dark hair and green eyes.

4. _____________________________________________________

I go swimming twice a week.

5. _____________________________________________________

They are Miss Drake’s books.

6. _____________________________________________________

The shoes cost twenty pounds.

7. _____________________________________________________

She is happy because she has won the competition.

8. _____________________________________________________

My brother saw Jane at the party yesterday.

9. _____________________________________________________

She likes the blue jumper best.

10. _____________________________________________________

She keeps her jewelry in that box.

III. Fill in the correct question tags.

1. It may rain, … ?  
2. He’d like that, … ?  
3. We needn’t come, … ?  
4. Elderly people seldom enjoy going out, … ?  
5. Helen had hardly ever seen him so angry, … ?  
6. We have to work harder, … ?  
7. She never receives visitors, … ?  
8. That kind of crime never happens these days, … ?  
9. As far as I know, he arrives on time, … ?  
10. I suppose there is little we can do about it, … ?  

IV. Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits the space.


The new medicine was going to change maintenance programs ______________________________. It would be their major   DRAMATICAL
___________________ to the human race. The company had already CONTRIBUTE
prepared their __________________ to ask for it to be put on the “Fast APPLY
Track”. This was used to quicken ___________________ steps toward DIFFERENCE
the __________________ of drugs. Then a group of people would sign APPROVE
the ______________________ acknowledging the potential dangers of AGREE
the _________________________________ . They were all so TREAT
_______________________ ill, they would be grateful for any help SERIOUS
___________________ for them. The company wanted to move ahead AVAIL
to ___________________________________ trails on CLINIC
___________________________________ . PATIENCE


1. In England you can leave school at the age of 16 and you can marry with your parents’ ________________________ . PERMIT
2. If policemen talk to witnesses in a gentle way it will ______________________ them to say more. COURAGE
3. Why were you so rude to her? You know how _______________________ she is. SENSE
4. You must not enter this area unless you are wearing ____________________ clothing. PROTECT
5. She is always forgetting things. She is very ____________________________ . FORGET
6. Somebody has to look after him, because he is _______________________ as a baby. HELP
7. I have to ___________________________ a lot of material for the examination. REVISION
8. Most women really want __________________________ in their family relationships. EQUAL
9. The ___________________________ of this house is more than 200 meters. WIDE
10. Absence of some luxury goods such as a car or a big house is a source of _____________________________________ for some people. SATISFY

V. Choose the right option.

A. It was once believed that being overweight was healthy, but nowadays few people … (1) to this viewpoint. While many people … (2) the battle to reduce weight, studies … (3) concerning the appetite and how it … (4) by both emotional and biochemical factors. Some of the conclusions of these studies may give insights into how to deal with weight problems. For example, when several hundred people … (5) about their eating habits in times of stress. 44 percent said they … (6) to stressful situations by eating. Further investigations, which … (7) with both humans and animals indicated that it was not food which relieved tension but rather the act of chewing.

Exercise … (8) as an important part of a weight-loss program. However, it … (9) that mild exercise, such as using the stairs instead of the elevator, is better in the long run than taking on strenuous program, such as jogging, which many people find difficult to continue over long periods of time and which also … (10) appetite.


1. A. subscribe B. are subscribed C. subscribes D. will be subscribed 6. A. react B. reacted C. had been reacted D. have reacted
2. A. are being fought B. are fighting C. have fought D. fought 7. A. was made B. made C. were made D. had made
3. A. conducted B. have conducted C. are being conducted D. conduct 8. A. recommends B. recommended C. has recommended D. has been recommended
4. A. is controlled B. controlled C. controls D. have been controlled 9. A. has been found B. has found C. found D. is being founded
5. A. asked B. had asked C. will ask D. were asked 10. A. increase B. was increased C. has been increased D. increases

B.Starting your own business could be the way to achieving financial independence or it could just well land you in debt for the rest of your life. That is the view of the English couple who last week … (1) their fish farm business put in the hands of the receiver. “We … (2) the business in 1985 when everyone … (3) by the banks to borrow money,” said John, “and the banks … (4) us more or less everything we … (5) for. Their people … our proposals and … (6) it … (7) a highly profitable business.”

Within five years the Smiths … (8) trout and salmon products to hotels all over Europe, and employed over fifty staff. But soon they began to lose ground as orders dried up. “If they had left us to work our way out of our difficulties I am sure that we could have gone back into profit. As it is, we … (9) without a livelihood.” The Smiths both felt that their banks … (10)them fairly.


1. A. has seen B. was seeing C. was seen D. saw 6. A. analyse … agree B. has analysed … has agreed C. analysed … agreed D. analysed … had been agreed
2. A. had been started B. have started C. started D. would start 7. A. will be B. were C. is D. would be
3. A. encouraged B. was being encouraged C. have been encouraged D. had encouraged 8. A. export B. were exporting C. have exported D. was being exported
4. A. lent B. lend C. have been lending D. had been lent 9. A. was left B. have left C. have been left D. had left
5. A. ask B. had asked C. have been asked D. would ask 10. A. had not treated B. have not treated C. do not treat D. was not treating

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