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Thank you for your participation!

Do you enjoy spending time at your university (college)?

Do you like attending your professorsí lectures/classes?

Do you feel that you will be well prepared for your future career?


Please, take part in this survey on studentsí attitudes to their universities (colleges) and, as a result, their success and progress in studies. The questionnaire is completely confidential, but each opinion is very important for me.

It will take you about 10 min to cover all the questions. As soon as you are done, please, send your completed questionnaire to Gulkova-Anna@yandex.ru.

Thank you for helping me,





2.What is your classification in university (college)?

a. First year student ___

b. Bachelorís Degree student ___

c. Masterís Degree student ___

d. Other (please, specify)_______________


3.Choose which is true for you

a. Iím an exchange student ___

b. Iím studying as a distant student ___

c. Iím studying full-time ___

d. Iím studying part-time ___

e. Other (please, specify) __________________


4.Does either of your parents (relatives, adults closed to you, etc.) have an experience of working in the sphere you are going to work in after graduation?

Yes ___ No ___


5.If yes, did they influence your choice of future working field?

Yes ___ No ___



Your University or College Environment

6.How do you currently feel about the university (college) you are studying in?

a. I like it a lot ___

b. I think it is okay ___

c. I donít like it very much ___

d. I donít like it at all ___


7.Do you find the use of following facilities of your university (college) convenient? Choose the response from the answer key that you think best describes your university (college).


ANSWER KEY 0 = I have never used it 1 = very poor 2 = poor 3 = satisfactory 4 = good 5 = very good  
Canteen _____

b. Coat check _____

c. Library _____

d. Recreation rooms _____

e. Sports facilities ____

f. Dorms _____

g. Multimedia classrooms ___

h. Laboratories ___


8.How many times did you miss class(es) or university (college) this term?

a. 0 ___

b. Less than 5 ___

c. 5-10 ___

d. 10-20 ___

e. More then 20 ___


9.If you missed some classes, please, give 3 main reasons for doing that

a. ___________________

b. ___________________

c. ___________________

Social Environment

10.For each statement, choose the point from the answer key that you think best describes your university (college).

ANSWER KEY 1 = strongly disagree 2 = disagree 3 = not sure 4 = agree 5 = strongly agree  


a. In our university (college) the students take an active part in discussing administration rules ___

b. The students are treated too severely/strictly in this university (college) ___

c. The students have tutors (elder students or professors), who help to deal with current issues ___

d. Our university (college) is a place where personal opinions are valued and taken to the account ___


11.For each statement, choose one point from the answer key that you think best describes your professors


ANSWER KEY 1 = never 2 = seldom 3 = sometimes 4 = often 5 = always    


a. I am encouraged to express my own point of view during lectures and seminars ___

b. Our professors treat us fairly and respect our points of view ___

c. When I need extra help I can get it from my professors ___

d. My professors are motivated in providing their students with knowledge and practical skills ___

e. My professors expect too much of me at university (college) ___


12.What caused you feel worried or stressed at university (college) during the last six months? Choose any 5 answers which appeal to you most of all.


a. Nothing has worried or stressed me ___

b. Too much pressure from professors ___

c. Studies are often too difficult ___

d. Not enough help or support from professors (classmates) ___

e. Deadlines ___

f. Iím afraid to be excluded from university (college) ___

g. I feel anxious about grades ___

h. Iím often bored on classes, as they are not interesting ___

i. Iím often hungry ___

j. Iím often sleepy ___

k. The teaching methods used by my professors ___

l. Low level of services provided by university (college) ___

m. Other (please, specify): ______________________________________


Field of Study

13.What is your major field of study?



14.What were the main reasons you chose this particular university (college) field of study? Choose no more than 4 answers


a. Family traditions ___

b. Long-term interest in this subject ___

c. The university (college) proximity in my place of residence ___

d. I was not accepted for another university which was my priority ___

e. Chance to get an interesting work career and a well-paid job in the future ___

f. Influence of recommendations of some person in your surroundings (parents, professors, friends, etc.) ___

g. Other (please, specify): ____________________________________


15.Do you have an opportunity to go abroad for an exchange?

Yes___ No___

16.Which countries (cities) can you choose for an exchange programme? If you can choose many, name few which seem the most interesting for you to go to.




ANSWER KEY 1 = strongly disagree 2 = disagree 3 = not sure 4 = agree 5 = strongly agree    
What do you think about the influence your exchange program might have on your progress in studies?


a. I think it will help me to improve my language skills ___

b. I think it will make my practical skills and theoretical knowledge better ___

c. I think it will help me to become a better professional ___

d. I think itís a good opportunity to see new places ___

e. Iím afraid of changing my current place of studying ___

f. I donít like the place where I should go, but I have no opportunity not to go there ___


Thank you for your participation!

Now please send the complete questionnaire to Gulkova-Anna@yandex.ru


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