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Image and Reputation

1. Are there any differences between image and reputation?

2. What does the term “image” implies?

3. What does the image of the company depend on?

4. What are the typical reputation tools?

5. What are the typical image tools?

6. What does the image of the company depends on?

7. Does image of a company depend on the image of its leader?



1. What is globalization?

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of globalization?


Communication technologies

1. What communication channels are widely used nowadays by PR practitioners?

2. How do PR specialists use blogs and forums?



1. What is the definition for the term “terrorism”?

2. What types of conflicts are referred to as terrorism actions?

3. Do the "terrorists" and "terrorist organization" identify themselves as such?

4. What organizations are proscribed as "terrorist organizations"?

5. What is known as Islamic Jihad?

6. What are the most widely utilized tactics of Islamist terrorists?

7. What groups are proscribed as “Christian terrorist organizations”?

8. What does the terms “State terrorism” mean?



1. What are the biggest religions of the world?

2. What are the main principles/ festivals of Judaism? What is the holy book of Jew?

3. What are the main principles and festivals of Christianity? What is the holy book of Christians?

4. Who is the founder of the Islamic faith? What is the holy book of Muslims?

5. Who are Sunnities and Shi`ites? What is the main difference between them?

6. What are the peculiarities of Hinduism?

7. Where do Jews, Christians, and Muslims worship?

8. What do you know about Buddism?

9. What are the “four noble truth” of Buddhism?


Political Television Advertisements

1. Do politicians use media for their campaigns?

2. What are the televised political ads used for?

3. What opportunities do the advertising agencies provide politicians with?

4. Are journalists against the situation when candidates attack one another?

5. What is the outcome of negative advertising?

6. How can negative campaigning keep people away from the polls?

7. What is the aim of attacking each other during the election campaign?

8. Is it possible to run positive campaigns and not get mixed up in negative campaigning?

9. When are voters most receptive to attack advertisements?


1. Define the term management (….the process of coordinating the resources of an organisation to achieve the primary organisation’s goals)

2. What are the levels of management? (....top, middle, first-line, operation employees...)

3. What are top-managers? What are they responsible for? (...president, vice-pres, members of the Board,..... Are resp. For the organis. Planning, determine the strategy and the main policy..)

4. What are middle managers? What are they responsible for? (... department head, division manager, operations manager...Are resp. for developing tactical plans to implement the strategy handed from the top managers, coordinate and supervise the activities of first-line managers...)

5. What are first-line managers? What are they responsible for? (... office manager, supervisor, foreman, project manager..... Coordinate and supervise the operating employees...)

6. Are operating employees - managers?

7. What are the areas of management ( or its horizontal structure)? (... finance, operating, marketing, human resources, administration and others...)

8. Define the term marketing. What are the ingredients of marketing mix? (... four P-s: production, price, promotion, place of distribution....)

9. Can a firm vary its marketing mix? Can it change its ingredients ? And Why?

10. What is a target market? (... it’s a group of people on which your product is aimed to...)

11. In what ways can a firm change the marketing mix to reach the target market?

12. What do the terms: expenditure, income, profit, discount, stock, share mean?

13. What is a marketing strategy? ( ...is a plan for the best use of an organisation’s resources to reach its objects)

14. Why do we use market segmentation? ( ...to define a target market)

15. What is the external marketing environment? (...external economic , legal, social, competitive, political, technological forces in the country)

16. Does a firm have any control over the external marketing environment? ( in theory...not, but in practice.... yes through the lobbying)


Marketing research

17. What is the purpose of marketing research?

18. What type of research is consumer research?

19. What are the main sources of consumer research?

20. What does primary or field research involve?

21. What are the ways to conduct primary research?

22. What does secondary or desk research involve?

23. What does qualitative research involve?

24. What does quantitative research involve?

25. What does motivation research investigate?

26. What is the heart and soul of motivational research?


27. What does the term” negotiation” mean?

28. Where do the negotiations occur?

29. What are the basic elements of the negotiations?

30. What is the most powerful persuasive tool to start the negations with?

31. Why is image important in the negotiation process?

32. What skills are important for negotiator?

33. What atmosphere is necessary to reach a decision acceptable to all the parties involved?

34. Why is it necessary to pay attention on body language during the negotiations?

35. Why is it recommended to start out by putting the other person first?

36. What does the phrase “Aim highly, but don`t underestimate the opposition” mean?


37. Define the term contract.

38. What does the term “contract” mean?

39. What is necessary for a contract to arise?

40. Why do the parties negotiate before signing a contract?

41. How are contracts classified according to enforceability?

42. What does unenforceability implies?

43. When is a contract void?

44. When is a contract voidable?

45. When does a valid contract become unenforceable?

46. How could you define executory contract?

47. How could you define an executed contract?



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