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Company and community

The Business Intermediate Management Department

Corporate culture

  1. What is corporate culture? What is meant by academic and non-academic approach?
  2. How does company culture affect employees?
  3. What problems can interns experience with work placements? How can companies help interns to adapt to their work culture and achieve work-life balance?
  4. What is the organigram of the company? What types of company hierarchy are known?
  5. What departments are essential for the existence of the company? What makes a good manager?
  6. What kind of personal problems can interns or employees experience when working abroad?
  7. What is counseling? What counseling techniques do you know?


Customer support

  1. What do customer service and customer support refer to?
  2. What are ‘performance standards’ in customer service? Speak about ‘golden rules of customer service’?
  3. What is a call centre? What skills does call centre work require? Would you like to work in a call centre?
  4. What is outsourcing? Speak about advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing?
  5. Does complaining help companies to improve its performance? If so, how? How to deal with complaints?
  6. How can companies ensure job satisfaction for their staff? Speak about quality of working life, perks and promotion prospects?


Product and packaging

  1. What are the terms when marketing can be approached? Speak about marketing mix.
  2. What factors influence the developing of a new product?
  3. What are the main stages in product development and designing?
  4. What is a cross-functional task force? What makes it different from a traditional design team?
  5. Do you agree that “packaging is the last chance to seduce the customer”? Is packaging really so important nowadays? What functions does it perform?
  6. What is “wrap rage”? Have you ever experienced it? Does “wrap rage” really make manufactures change the packaging?
  7. What should staff know when the product is on the market?
  8. What is a USP? Is it possible to develop one for all types of products or services?



  1. What is a typical job search plan or job sculpting?
  2. What are the (ten) tips to create a career that will light your fire?
  3. How can you note down the difference between vocation, career and job?
  4. Do you make a conscious career choice or does it happen by accident?
  5. What are career decisions based on? How easy is it to combine your interests with your choice of career?
  6. What ways of getting a job do you know? Which ones do you think you will use?
  7. What is the main aim of job interview for the employer and the potential employee?
  8. How can an applicant impress the interviewer? How to be well-prepared for job interview?
  9. How many different ways of spending a gap year can you think of? Are gap years and career breaks common in Russia?


Making deals

32. What misconceptions about negotiations often turn up?

33. What issues might be subject to negotiation?

34. What might preparation before negotiating consist of?

35. What types of negotiations do you know?

36. What key techniques during the negotiation are used? What should you keep in mind about trading concessions?

37. Is e-tailing becoming popular today? Why? What can e-tailers do to make visitors actually buy products?


38. What can serve as an incentive to improve sales? What are advantages / disadvantages of sales incentive programs?


Company and community

39. What features does CSR tend to describe?

40. What issues does CSR cover?

41. Why has CSR become an important area in the business world?

42. What areas are on the borderline between social and business policy?

43. Do small businesses have the same responsibilities referring to CSR as multinationals?

44. What does” to be a good corporate citizen” mean?

45. What kind of corporate image does a company try to project?

46. What do you know about ‘golden rules of meetings’?


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