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I 3. What would you like to ask your British friend about measures that are taken to protect the environment in Britain?

What do you do to protect nature? Can you offer any other ways to protect nature?

What actions does your government do to stop global warming? Are they similar to those in our country?

What measures are taken by your government to protect rare animals and birds?

What does your government do to protect marine species?

Are there any civil societies in Britain that aim at nature protection?

Do your mass media share knowledge on nature protection?

How to stop deforestation without any harm to national economy?

Are there any environmental organizations in Britain?

Does your school take part in any programmes to protect the environment?

What measures are taken by your local authority to protect the environment?

I 4. A friend of yours wants to develop a programme to protect the city where he lives. Give him a piece of advice.

Variant I

I suppose that the best way to change ecological situation in a small place is to make local authorities obey laws. An open letter to one of the main newspapers may help to solve any local problem. At least the responsible will try to do something. If everyone never broke laws everything would be ok. The problem is that most people donít do what they are expected.

Variant II

At first he should learn the ecological situation in his city. I would recommend him to consult ecologists about the types of local problems. Then it would be easy to plan some activities. He should study the most dangerous problems in details. He can gather information using photos, diagrams and interview people. I advise him to outline a plan of action, analyze pros and cons of his programme and point out his personal contribution to the solution of the problem.

I think, for instance, that this program should include removing some factories and plants from the city, improving purifying systems, using environmentally friendly sources of energy such as wind or solar energy,carrying out a research on the use of private cars and their bad influence on the atmosphere and then, with the results, drawing peopleís attention to the problem.

Sometimes financial support is necessary. Thatís why looking for some sponsors may also be necessary. But the most important thing is great wish of people who take part in such programmes.

I 5. Green School of the Year contest is held in the country and you want your school to enter it. Give ideas for some ígreen eventsí.

There are a lot of things we can do to help make our school a little greener.

If you want to change someoneís behavior, you should bring them up in a certain way. To attract publicity, we should engage children in an ecological webquest.

One of the items of the contest can be helping to find a shelter for stray animals. I think shooting a 2-minute video about animals in danger and peopleís help to them would be a good idea.

Another item can be connected with recycling. We can even encourage our cafeteria to stop using plastic cups.

Some green events can be connected with planting trees and some other practical things. As they say: Donít fight for cleanliness, just take a broom and sweep the streets.

So we can try having a tree planting day for one day a month or so and have a clean-up day once a month of the street.

Reducing is also very important: we can encourage the pupils and the teachers to make printing on both sides of the page to save the trees. And, of course, planting more trees and flowers.

We should also use eco-friendly things and reuse our leftovers.



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I 2. What do you think people should do to protect the environment? | Now letís talk about weather and climate. What is happening to weather and climate nowadays?
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