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Now let’s talk about weather and climate. What is happening to weather and climate nowadays?

Are you weather dependent?

What questions would you ask a meteorologist?

What can you advise a person who wants to become a meteorologist?

They say there’s no bad weather, there are bad clothes, What do you think about it?

II 1.Now let’s talk about weather and climate. What is happening to weather and climate nowadays?

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Variant I

Our weather is always changing and now scientists are discovering that our climate does not stay the same either. Climate, the average weather over a period of many years, differs in regions of the world that receive different amounts of sunlight and have different geographic factors, such as proximity to oceans and altitude. Some scientists think that nowadays the world is becoming hotter. The term “global warming” has been introduced to describe the changes in the world’s climate. Man’s activities result in producing a lot of carbon dioxide and this, in its turn, leads to the greenhouse effect. Cars and plants produce too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It lets heat get in, but it doesn't let much heat get out. So the atmosphere becomes warmer. People and animals breathe in oxygen, and breathe out carbon dioxide. We produce carbon dioxide when we burn things. Trees produce oxygen, but because of deforestation, there are fewer trees, and, more carbon dioxide! So carbon dioxide destroys the ozone layer. Because of this destruction holes appear in the ozone layer through which the sun warms the Earth even more strongly. Because of it the glaciers begin to melt and fill the coastal territory. So in few years all the glaciers may fully melt and flood the whole Earth with water. Because of the fact that the climate is changing day by day, a lot of natural disasters(avalanches ,blizzards, drought, earthquakes, eruptions, floods, hurricanes, storms, tornados, tsunamies, wildfires) happen. The atmosphere becomes warmer and we no longer have severe winters, we have rain and mud instead of snow. Such changes can be dangerous for our planet, because a certain level of our life depends on the climatic conditions we live in. Scientists from different countries are working to understand the processes in the atmosphere and reduce the harm being done to our nature.

Variant II

I am not very good at science to deliver you a lecture on this topic, but if you allow me to put it into simple words, I’ll have to say that our ecological situation is getting worse and worse. Every year temperature rises, the change is little but the tendency is that we have a steady increase in it all over the world. Winters without snow are common, summers are incredibly hot. Nobody will ever claim global warming to be someone’s fantasy. It’s an unpleasant fact. Thanks to other changes in weather which we fail to explain we have many more hurricanes than our grandparents had. The best scientists are expected to rack their brains and find the way out of this unpleasant situation.


II 2.Are you weather dependent?

Variant I

If you are talking about my mood I will say “Yes”, if you are talking about my physical state – the answer will be “No”. In sunny weather I can do everything pretty good and fast, but when the weather is cloudy or rainy, I’m upset. I only want to sleep and can do nothing very well.

Variant II

Unfortunately, I am prone to being unwell when weather is on the verge of changing. My blood pressure is low and it becomes even lower when temperature falls. As a result, my state of health is worsening and it takes me a few days to get over.

Variant III

I presume I’m too young to be weather dependent. But my Granny is weather dependent and she usually suffers from splitting headaches when there are so-called magnetic storms.


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