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What does it mean "world government" and what are its side effects? Diversity and standardization of Intelligence.

What does it mean "world government" and what are its side effects? One of the issues here is that all the countries in the world have different traditions, culture, historical background, national tendencies, the unique wisdom of their heritage and so on. That, by itself, provides the necessary diversity in the process of development or evolution of Intelligence.

Without that diversity, things may and probably will be "standardized" eventually, and that inherent diversity is likely to be either limited or suppressed or called "outdated" in the scheme of "new realities", and that is bound to limit all the possible or probable alternatives for growth of Intelligence.

And precisely the diversity is the very essence of Creativity and Life as such. Without diversity, how can there be Life, and what doest in mean - Life? How can you possibly limit the probable choices of the process of Creativity? Which things or ideas are "allowed" to be created or investigated further and who has such a right to limit them, and on what basis one may decide that some choice or idea is not beneficial to "evolution" and in what sense, and from the standpoint of which aspects?

Imagine, for a moment, that there is only a limited number of species, trees, flowers and so on. Imagine what would happen to different cultures if they all had to sing the same kind of songs belonging and created by some "global super-culture". If we look at any other aspects, we can enlarge this list quite a bit.

What it all means is that the number of alternatives in the process of development of Intelligence becomes limited and that implies that some of them can not be experienced and implemented.

Eventually, and pretty much inevitably, what you get is this "Star Trek" tunnel vision, the end result of which simply becomes a world of robots or some kind of AI (artificial intelligence). Ask yourself a simple question: would I like to live in such a world and, most importantly, FOR WHAT? What would be my "end goal" in this machine-like existence of limited choices, colors and alternatives?

What kind of "values" could I possibly crave for in such a machine-like world? What would I crave to create and explore if my menu list is limited, just like in some restaurant? Could I possibly do anything outside of this "box" and what would be the consequences of it for me and all others and Life as such?

Why do we have such an immense diversity in Nature and such a humongous variety of spices and forms of Life? What is the "point" of it? What is the "point" of Life itself in that case? - Just to merely "survive" or "achieve" some limited something, which is already known, or just to "prove" something? - To WHOM? To Intelligence itself or to nothing less than Truth?

What am I here for on this planet? How many have actually asked this simple question that has immense consequences?

Is it what Intelligence is all about? If we just look at a single area of Creativity, such as visual art, in this model of "unified world model", then what we might find is that most of art and its art forms would simply disappear, and all you would be left with is some pretty sick, degenerate art left, just like most of the so-called "modern art" is. Instead of beauty and harmony, what you see in it is conflicts of all kinds, disharmony, psychotic, to the point of being nauseating, violence, destruction and all sorts of ugliness.

For example, what happened to the "popular" music? Well, during the last generation, nearly all different music styles and directions have been replaced by the same boom, boom, boom. Any channel you listen, you are likely to hear the same quite violent boom, boom, boom, like banging nails into your head, or hitting it with a sledge hammer, non-stop, converting you into a machine, a robot-like creature. And that is not accidental, by ANY means. All of it is happening precisely as planned, by design.

There are entire institutes developing the tools and methods of mass programming and zombification, such as The Tavistock Institute For Human Relations, Rand corporation, the SRI and quite a few others throughout the world. It is not just some form of "free expression", by far.

NWO - The Tavistock Institute For Human Relations

NWO - The Committee of 300 - Rulers of This World

Why? What did it achieve? What did it expand in my vision or understanding of that which lays beyond the visible horizon? What NEW directions did it open? And, just a generation ago, we had dozens of quite different music and art styles and none of them would simply dominate all others.

And now, if we look at the sales of various music or art styles, we would pretty much inevitably find just a couple of styles taking the lion's share of the "market", and most of them are what is known as the "degenerate art". Yes, you can still find and listen to anything you want from the past, at least on the net. But what are your minds programmed with when you turn on some kind of music channel?

We can go on like this about the very idea of the "village elders" or "world government" for quite a while. But, the "bottom line" is that there seems to be no way of implementing it by any means other than force and violence of all kinds, and, most likely, it will be done by the same powers of evil that have nearly suffocated this planet and sucked the very Life out of much of it.

Because when "evil rules", what do you expect to get at the end, but yet another version of that, which is known as "hell"?

To create the "new world", you need to create the "new consciousness" or awareness first, or a "new man", just as Osho, for example, tried to do in his experiment with the commune in Oregon, which, actually, "succeeded" to a large degree. Moreover, there are hundreds of his books that go into the most minute details of any conceivable aspect of Life itself, from personal to the universal.

Whether it was "right" idea or "wrong", "virtuous" or "evil" is for you to decide for yourselves. Yes, there were some problems with it and they are the same kinds of problems we are dealing with here, the issues of governing and control.

For furhter details see:

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