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Who and how is going to select the "global village elders"?

Let us look at this idea of "global village elders". Yes, it is understood that it is not to be taken in a literal sense of the word, but something "like" it. What are the issues with this idea?

First of all, WHO is going to select those "best and wisest" representatives of the entire mankind, especially considering the variety of cultures, traditions, "values" and so on? At the moment, about the only commonly recognized international body that could theoretically make such a decision is the UN.

But, first of all, the UN was created by the Illuminati and Harold Wallace Rosenthal, a top Administrative Aide to one of the US ranking senators, Jacob Javits R-NY, simply calls it a "trap-door" to the global concentration camp.

"The United Nations is nothing but a trap-door to the Red World's immense concentration camp. We pretty much control the U.N."

The United Nations is nothing but a trap-door to the Red World's immense concentration camp
(The Hidden Tyranny - Harold Wallace Rosenthal interview)

In other words, the UN was created by the same powers of evil we are trying to disable and eliminate.

Secondly, the decisions of the UN are not legally binding upon any state. They are mostly declarative in nature. Just a talk, pretty much, that has no binding consequences. The only branch of the UN, whose decisions have any legally binding consequences and impact, is the UN Security Council, which consists of only few representatives of the most powerful and influential states.

Moreover, recent inclusion in the UN Security Council of one of the most backward states in the world, Ukraine, after it has been taken over by the ZioNazi satanists in a bloody coup, and converted into a ultra-fascist state, totally discredits not only the very notion of the Security Council, but the UN itself.

By now, the UN has no real authority and no credits of any kind. It is nothing more but yet another bunch of carefully selected NWO puppets to read the same scripts, slipped to them by their puppet masters.

And we could include quite a bit of all sorts of other information about the UN, which would make it abundantly clear that the UN just "isn't it" to make such profound and global decisions as the "world government", even though it was created precisely for that very reason and was meant to eventually BECOME the "world government". There is quite a bit of info on the net on this UN scheme of utterly fake "world government" to be ruled by the same ZioNazi satanists that stand on the way of this Planet right now.

So, who else do we have in the world to select those "village elders"? Yes, we do have the Bilderbergers in form of "hidden world government". We also have the Trilateral Commission, the NWO "Round Table" scheme, and quite a few other organizations, clubs, "societies", "brotherhoods" and so on. But every single one of them was created by the same powers of evil most profound. Let us consider some other aspects of the "village elders" idea.

Interestingly enough, the Bilderbergers, slowly but surely, keep loosing their weight and influence on the affairs of the world, and are being replaced by GOOGLE, believe it or not. For one thing, they have discredited themselves so badly that many people already know and realize that they are nothing more than a bunch of mad satanists, bent on taking over the world, even though they do have all the power, money and influence one can imagine.

But they are no longer "current". Things moved on quite a bit with all these "technological revolutions" and the explosion of the information superstructure of the world. Nowadays, not only you have all the information power, but you have to also work more subtly, affecting the very human minds and their belief systems, which is what Google specifically specializes in, especially if we consider their tremendous investments in the AI (artificial intelligence) technologies, wired into their search engine.

And that is precisely why they are undisputed "leaders" in probably the most important technology of the day, the information recovery via search engines. Because we live in the information age.

Nowadays, Google conducts the so-called "Zeitgeist" ("The spirit of time") meetings in their "grove", just a few days prior to the yearly Bilderbergers' meetings, and the REAL world affairs are decided precisely on those meetings, and only after that, the results of those meetings are passed to the Bilderbergers to be implemented and enforced globally via their tremendous network of power, might and money. And those "Zeitgeist" meetings are conducted in a "relaxed" and "open" fashion, where everyone seemingly has his say in the matters, and not like the totalitarian gathering of the occultists or satanists of the Bilderbergers, throwing around all sorts of dictates and proclamations, just like Benya does.

As funny as it might look, Benya himself looks like a dictator in his heart, who "gets off" on declarations, dictates, threats and ultimatums of all kinds, even to the satanists of the Rothschild's level.

Another question we have is HOW and based on what criteria those "elders" are selected, even if we find some structure we can all trust to do such a selection. So, what are our choices and the criteria?

Is it some kind of an IQ scheme? Well, the very idea of the IQ is quite a debated issue. The IQ does not necessarily reflect the universal measure of Intelligence. It does address some abilities, but not all, by far, and it is highly slanted towards the purely materialistic view of reality, and, eventually, it is nothing but a fiction. We are not going to overload the readers with all the arguments about it. So, let us move on.

What other criteria do we have for selection? - Age? - Well, but it does not mean much. - Some mythical "merits"? - But what do those mean? You can have two meter nails and that is considered to be some kind of a "merit". Basically, there is no universal measure of the notion of "merit". About the only most appropriate way is to see if a particular set of achievements, knowledge or abilities does corresponds to a particular kind of activity. This might work for specific jobs and different departments of the governments. So, if we are talking about selecting the head of the agriculture department, then it is quite naturally to select a candidate from the field of agriculture, who has sufficient education in the field of agriculture, and so with any other specific kinds of activities.

But what kind of "merits" would qualify someone to become a member of nothing less than the "world government"? Because to govern is to be able to find the solutions to the most diverse set of issues and problems of all kinds. Probably the most appropriate and universal criteria would be to select those, who can SEE, just as described, for example, in the New Testament, and not only there. But to "see" what? Well, to see the very NATURE of Life as such. And that is commonly known as "enlightenment".

The "enlightened" one simply has the abilities to see the very essence and comprehend the issues of the very roots of existence. But this subject is so huge that there is no book thick enough to cover it. For example, how do you even verify that someone is "enlightened"? Who can possibly see it but some other "enlightened" person? Can the "blind" person recognize that someone is indeed "enlightened"? Then why did they kill Jesus, for example? Otherwise, how do you know that some person is indeed "enlightened" and not merely a "religious" fanatic and yet another parasite, collecting money for feeding people all sorts of myths and tales and manipulating their minds for his own personal "gain"?

There is enough information about plenty of "enlightened" ones of the world fame that happen to have huge bank accounts and palaces worth millions. Just Dalai Lama alone is quite a character in this respect, who, allegedly, has stolen tons of the Tibettan gold and is engaged in illegal arms and drug trade among other things. So, you need to somehow identify at least one "enlightened" person and then he can further point to and/or identify all other candidates.

So far, we have at least two of the most significant problems with the process of selection of the "village elders". We can go on like this and consider all sorts of other criteria, such a physical health and strength, knowledge and competence in some specific scientific disciplines, the idea of "ancient bloodlines" and their "authority" and education in the diverse disciplines, necessary for governing, and all sorts of other things.

But, nearly every possible way you look at it, might not yield the individuals, who are at least honest and sincere enough and are not merely the prostitutes and puppets of all kinds, who "could care less" about "us", as a whole, but are concerned exclusively with their own "interests", "gain" and their abilities to stay in the "system" to keep parasiting on "the rest of us".

Well, sure, you can also mention all sorts of "benevolent brotherhoods", "secret societies" and "ancient bloodlines of Light". Good luck with whose, if you ever manage to see into it and find out what is it all about, and what are their real "goals". We can not comment on any of that beyond saying: "first we need to see it, in order to believe it". And to SEE is easier said than done. How can you possibly prove or verify any of all sorts of fantastic claims you can see all over the net nowadays?

So, the problems we are dealing with are immense in their complexity.

Let us look at the very idea of the "world government". Is there a need for it? How could it be implemented, in case it turns out to be something desirable and beneficial to ALL, and not just "some"? There are some other issues with it, but let us just look at it.

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