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To have good team cohesion, the manager has to implicate everyone in the life of the team. Do not take all the decisions by yourself but involve your team when possible. Ask them their opinion, be open to their suggestions and try to find the best solution together. They will appreciate that you consult them and this is a perfect team building exercise. Taking part in the evolution of the team will give them the sense of responsibility and will strengthen their sense of belonging.
Motivating your team is also very important. Do not let them get down and know how to cheer them up. Motivate them when they need to and when they deserve it. You can organise incentives from time to time to congratulate them on a job well done.



Jig saw


Tape measure

Drill or electric screwdriver

13mm metal drill bit

6.5mm metal drill bit

5mm wood drill bit

3mm wood drill bit (these tend to break easily so you may need more than 1)

Phillips head screw bit



Quantity Item Price (£)
8 foot long 2x4. Some builders’ merchants sell these in 16’ lengths 86.36
8x4 foot ¾” ply 89.32
Locks 32.00
Hinges (door hinges are best) 7.68
3lb 2 ½” screws 11.20
2lb 1 ½” screws 5.10
8x4 foot 4mm ply 75.00
8x4 foot OSB 49.00
8 foot (1¼” internal radius) coping. Scaffolding poles were used for the coping. 32.00
  Total 387.66



Figure 1starting materials


1. lay out one piece of ¾ inch ply

2. from the bottom right corner measure a line vertically on the right that is 2’3” (27”) long, and put a mark at the top

3. measure and draw a line horizontally from that point, 9.5” long(this is for the deck)

4. start at the bottom right corner again, and measure horizontally 5’, and 4’ away from the corner. mark both of these points

5. at the mark that is 4’ away, draw a faint line vertically the other end of the piece of wood

6. at the end of this line, hold down a piece of string and roll it out with your other hand until it reaches the point where you ended the line for the deck.

7. tie a pencil onto the string at this point and use the string like a compass, drawing a line from that point, to the faint line

8. at the point where you stopped drawing the transition, draw a horizontal line across 1’

9. at the point you marked earlier that is 5’ away from the bottom right corner, draw a 4” line up(this should meet with the horizontal line you just drew

10. turn the wood the other way round and repeat steps1-9

11. turn one of the tranny walls into a complete rectangle(this is for the shed door)

Figure 2cutting the tranny wall

12. draw a 8”x4’ box, and a 8”x3’ box to finish off(these are for joining bits together)

13. do this for the other four bits of ¾ ply, and then cut them out (remember to rub out the faint line, so you don’t cut this out as well)

14. you should now have 8 tranny walls, 4 half doors, and 8 ready cut bits for joining things

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