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Legitimate your authority

Being respected by your team members is not something that goes without saying. You might be the manager but your team doesnít have to like you. Ask yourself this question, do you want them to work for you because they have to or because they want to? Legitimating your authority will enable you and your team to be more efficient and to work in a much better atmosphere. So what is the key?
First of all, show them that if you are the manager, it is because you are good at what you do and that they can learn from you. If they have to do something they have never done before, devote a bit of your time to them and teach them how to do it. They will appreciate your availability and will see by themselves that you have more skills and experience than them. If you ask someone to carry out a mission, you have to be able to successfully complete it if you had to. If they see that you canít do something you ask them to do, they will start putting into question your professionalism. Keep in mind that you have to be their role model.
Second of all, keep an eye on what they do and do not hesitate to give them a piece of advice when needed. For instance, if you see that they could perform a task more efficiently, give them a few tips to gain time and have better results. They will see that you want them to make progress and develop their career.
To finish, make a point to do your job well. You have to lead from the front. Your team will follow your every move and if you make a mistake, it wonít go unnoticed. Remember that, besides the management and the supervision of your team, you have your own tasks to carry out and you have to show an example. Adopt the attitude you are expecting from your team and perform well every day. If you do something wrong, do not try to hide it but talk about it with your team and tell them what you did to fix it. A good manager is the one who recognizes his mistakes and learns from it.

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