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Program, providing the computer, computer networks, and other devices are called-system programs

-program, the distribution of video resources

Program, which are used to address one or more problems in various fields of science, technology, and life, are called-applications

Program, which are used to solve problems in various fields of science, technology and life calle-applications

Programs that manage external devices called PC-drivers

Programs that manage external devices called PC-drivers

Programs with secondary importance, extend the capabilities of the operating system, called-Utilities

Protocol is:-a set of rules that a computer uses to communicate with the network

Purpose of Processor:-manage the progress of the computational process, and perform arithmetic and logical operations

Ranges of cells in Excel are identified as follows:-D3: H16

Recorded file relational database (DB) may contain:-heterogeneous information (data types)

Reference to other Microsoft Excel worksheet called-External Links

Regional Network-brings together members of the city, an area of ​​small republics, as a communications channel used telephony

Relative references - these are links that when you copy a formula from one cell to another-change, wherein a new link to the formula have the same mutual arrangement of cells involved in the formula, just as in the formula - original

Reports are used to:-forming document to print

Required field-Identifies the need for data entry in the field

Return of the induced section in the menu text editor is usually done by pressing the keys:-<Esc>

ROM or ROM - is:-special memory for permanent storage of information

Routing protocol (IP) provides:-delivery of information from the sending computer to the receiving computer

Scanner – is:-device, which reading text or graphic information

Screen Excel has two main toolbar: a) Standard b) Adjust the picture) controls d) Format e) Master tips:-a, d

Select the basic building blocks that make up the computer:-system unit, keyboard, monitor, mouse

Select the devices that are used to display information:-monitor, printer,

Select the menu command to delete all the text (cleaning) of the document?-EDIT, Select All, Edit, Delete

Service programs of computer device called:-drivers

Set of facts (numbers or words), entered into the computer during the operation input is it’s-data

Set of software and documentary resources for the establishment and operation of data processing systems, computer equipment is called-software

Set the new values ​​indent the left and right borders of the paragraph can be through the command:-FORMAT / paragraph Indents & Spacing tab

Show the line spacing in MS Word-Format -> Paragraph -> Line

Socrates System Professional-four language(English, French, German, Russian) translator of text files, you can translate text from any of the three languages ​​into Russian and back

Special devices performing conversion forms of information in a computer called-adapters

Specifies the e-mail network Internet: user_name @ mtu-net ru

Specify the address in which there is an absolute row reference and a relative column reference:-A $ 1

Specify the address of the e-government of the Republic of Kazakhstan:-www.egov.kz

Specify the alignment of the wrong type in MS Word:-at paragraph

Specify the button to close the window-

Specify the most complete and precise definition of application software-a set of programs designed to address specific problems in certain professional activities

Specify the most complete definition: Computer graphics is a-a special area of ​​computer science which studies methods and tools for creating and processing images using the hardware and software computer systems

Stages of problem solving on a computer:-formulation of the problem, algorithmization, programming, debugging, and analysis of decision

Standard programs WINDOWS OS: 1) Notes, 2) Currency 3) Word Pad, 4) Paint, 5) Matcad

Storage device intended for long-term (those not dependent on the power supply) to store large amounts of information are called-Drives

Streamer – is device, which:-To record information on the magnetic tape

Strings in Excel are identified:-Arabic numerals

Suppose that the cursor is in the position of one of the sections of the menu After pressing <Enter>:-the call will be carried out in this section menu

Switch between running applications by using the keyboard shortcuts:-Alt + Tab

System programs that control the applications and peripherals are called:-drivers

System unit PC comprises:-a microprocessor, RAM, ROM, power supply, input-output ports

TABLE command / ADD TABLE allows you to:-insert a table of a given size

Table in Microsoft Access consists of:-rows and records

Team VIEW / ZOOM allows you to:-zoom display on the screen

Teleconference is:-system of information exchange between users of computer network

The "I" that mean?-Logical multiplication

The "Search" in the main menu to find the file on the criteria:-by name, content, or modification date

The basic concept of a spreadsheet-cell

The basic element is a raster graphics:-dot

The basic element is a vector graphics-line

The basic structure of the algorithm:-linear, branched, cyclic

The best archiver Arj uses for compressed :-texts

The combination of a letter designating the column and row number is called-Address

The complex of hardware and software that allow computers to communicate is:-computer network

The complex of interconnected programs designed to facilitate the management of information processing and communication between the hardware and the user called-operating systems

The context menu can be called up:-anywhere in the Windows interface

The file name consists of the parts:-name and extension

The first computer in which were embodied the principles of von Neumann, was built in 1949:-Maurice Wilkes

The first mechanical computing devices (adding machines) have developed by:-Pascal B

The fuction of modem is-to connect computer to the next node

The functions of the operating system does not include:-transmission of information to a remote user

The intersection of columns and rows of the worksheet called-Cell

The labels are different from the icons in Windows:-presence of the marker in the form of an arrow

The local network-computer network, the nodes of which are located at a small distance from each other, without using a general-purpose communication means

The main parameter is the floppy disk:-diameter

The maximum number of characters in the file name or folder:-255

The modem provides:-converting the binary code into an analog signal and vice versa

The most important element in the system unit is:-microprocessor

The names of the data fields – is..:-column headings created table

The program which presents potential pathways programs and viruses from infecting your computer is-Detectors

The quickest method to access information in the database is-Inquiries

The set of language and software, making it easier for users of all operations related to the organization of data storage, and adjusting them access to is called:-DBMS

The system designer WINDOWS - Company:-Microsoft

The system software does not include:-database management system

The term "user interface" defines:-method of organizing a user's interaction with the operating system

The totality of pieces of information having a name and stored on the media - magnetic disk, tape or any other storage device is-file

The window is minimized:-On the taskbar,

The window is minimized-In the "Taskbar"

The Windows program refers to:-Operating Systems

There are printers:-dot matrix, laser, inkjet

To add a table in MS Word:-Table -> Insert-> Table

To arithmetic operators do not apply in the table processor MS Excel-@

To change the font to one another, you must execute the command:-HOME / FONT

To change the location of the labels in the graph paper should be run:-FORMAT / cell / Alignment / LABEL

To close the text file should be:-Choose File / Close or press CTRL + F4

To complete the formation of the input from the keyboard numbered or bulleted lists should:-double-click on the ENTER key

To connect a computer with the modems are used:-telephone lines, fiber optic, satellite TV and radio

To create a new directory has the team-md

To create a new document or workbook, you have to press a combination of keys-Ctrl + N

To delete a character on the cursor key is used-DEL

To determine the type of file you need to know:-file extension

To end the input line key is used:-ENTER

To exit with WORD need press buttons:-Choose File / Exit or press ALT + F4

To find and replace a word to another, follow these steps:-EDIT, REPLACE, enter the desired word to replace, click Change, OK

To highlight a line in MS Word-on any word line, press the left mouse button 3 times

To highlight words in MS Word-this word press the left mouse button 2 times

To move up or down a numbered list item with a corresponding change in the numbering sequence is necessary:-Select a list item, drag the mouse to the desired location

To open the document or workbook, you have to press a combination of keys:-Ctrl + O

To remove the selection should be:-press the DEL key or the BACKSPACE

To rename a folder using the right mouse button?-Context Menu Rename

To rename a worksheet?-Click on the label, right-click and select "Rename"

To return when editing a step back should be:-execute the EDIT / CANCEL

To select a single word in MS Word must be:-Double click the left mouse button on the word

To select contiguous files:-click the file, then hold down Shift, click the last to select files

To set the font size should be:-execute HOME / fonts in the window to select the size (8-72)

To set up the page it is necessary to enter the menu and select-Layout  stranitsy Fields Custom Fields

To store files to a shared network users, use:-file server

To the application include:-MS Excel, MS Power Point, MS Access

To the format of the data in Excel include:a) general b) cash in) a year d) date d) time e) a formula g) fractional h) and financial) to the text) formatted:-a, b, d, e, g, h, and

To the team directory services team include:-dir, cd, md, rd

To the term "relationship" is constructed following the model database:-Relational

To view the text before printing you need to execute the command:-File / Print

To what kind of address is the address given cell $ D $ 8: $ F $ 12-absolute

To write a document (C: \ TEXT .DOC) to a floppy disk, you must choose from the menu "File" the following paragraph:-Save as

Transfer of the decimal number 32 in binary system-100000

Transfer of the decimal number 87 in binary system-1010111

Transfer of the decimal number system to the octal number 100-144

Transfer of the decimal number system to the octal number 152-230

Transfer of the decimal number system to the octal number 41-51

Transfer of the decimal number system to the octal number 511-777

Transfer the number 115 from decimal to binary number system-1110011

Transfer to the decimal number system binary chislo1110000-112

Transfer to the decimal number system binary number 11011-27

Translate from decimal to binary number 127-1111111

Translate from decimal to binary number 25-11001

Trash on the desktop is used to:-temporary storage of deleted files

Types of memory?-RAM (internal) and external

Types of networks:a) globalnayab) regional c) local, d) extensive-a B C

Under the leadership of the scientist created the first domestic computer in the year 1951-52:-SALebedev

Using a graphical editor to graphical information:-create, edit, save,

Value the "File" dialog applications allow you to:-create, open, save, send, print files, and so forth

Value the "Format" dialog box applications allow you to:- provide a number of important functions file editing

Value the "Insert" dialog box applications allow you to:-inserts the necessary facilities

Value the "View" dialog applications allow you to:-select the view mode of the current document

Video card - it is:-the unit controls the operation of the graphic display

Virus infection can occur in the process of-working with files

Viruses launches to include additional configuration file line, called:-Driver viruses

WEB - pages have the extension:-html

Web-page it-the document in which information is stored server

Web-pages have the format (extension)-htm

Web-site - this?-a group of documents within the meaning of the United

What a folder in Windows takes a higher level:-Desktop

What a folder on Windows:-directory or directories

What a folder:-This disk space under a unique place where you store your files, folders, shortcuts

What a peripheral device uses an optical input?-Scanner

What a program is not a virus?-The program - Archiver

What a simple operation, with the data can not perform database-insert into the record a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet

What Access objects do you know? From the responses received, select the most complete version-tables, queries, forms, reports, macros, modules,

What are the key combinations required to produce a new document or workbook?-Ctrl + N (t)

What are the main options in the menu "View" MS WORD?-Ruler, Scale, Close, Macros

What button of the horizontal menu of Word contains commands, that let you open, close, and save files:-File

What combination of "hot keys" you have to press in Word, to paste the copied block of text without using the icons:-Ctrl + V

What command must be choosed to open or search for a document?-command "Open" from the File menu

What command is used to save a document under a new name to save the document in a different location?-File - Save As

What Data model do you know? Choose the right set of data models-network, hierarchical, relational

What determines the performance of your computer:-the frequency of the processor

What devices are included in the basic configuration of your PC:a) input device) with the output device) system unit d) external devices e) Internals-a, b, c

What devices may be included in the CPU:a) the arithmetic-logic device) with random access memory) controller d) an input device e) the output device-a, c

What do you call the @ symbol-dog

What DOS commands are designed to work with files?-copy con, del, ren, copy, move

What field can contain more than 255 characters in Access?-Memo Field

What field length, field must not exceed 255 characters?-Textual

What files in Windows documents called:-with the extension .txt, .doc

What files in Windows software called:-with an .exe extension

What happens when you click the Windows icon, right-click:-open the context menu

What is macro’s function?-infect documents created by means of office programs that use macro languages

What is a "pictographic menu" Editor's Word:-Toolbar

What is a computer virus:-program that multiplies itself and capable of damaging objects are in the operating system and network

What is a database?-This organizational structure is designed to store information

What is a directory?-This is a special place on the disk, which stores the file name, information about their size, attributes, date changes, and so forth

What is a modem?-Device for the exchange of information between computers via the telephone line of connection

What is different between Windows Explorer My Computer?-Explorer window is divided into two parts

What is e-mail?-a way of sharing information around the world via a computer network

What is intended for long-term storage of information?-Magnetic disks

What is option from the main menu of Windows is necessary to choose, to get a list of documents that opened recently:-Documentation

What is option from the main menu of Windows you must choose to turn off the computer:-Shut

What is the absolute addresses of cells?-Addresses that will not change automatically when moving to a new location table leaf

What is the address of the World Wide Web is written correctly:-WWW @ jobsenter com

What is the algorithm:-a clear sequence of commands artist, based on the initial data,command system

What is the archive file extension?-arj, exe, rar

What is the basis of a binary system:-P = 2

What is the BIOS?-basic input-output system

What is the bus?-This device connections that carry different signals

What is the clipboard:-a special area of ​​memory, which is used to transfer data between applications and documents

What is the computer:-area of ​​scientific knowledge related to the receipt, storage, conversion, transmission, and use of information

What is the default chart?-Histogram

What is the device to communicate with other computers via the telephone network:-modem

What is the disk rotates faster?-HDD

What is the field of the database?-data about one object

What is the file:-a named collection of data on the disk

What is the file?-A named area of ​​memory for storing documents, spreadsheets, graphics, databases and so forth

What is the Form in WORDe and how they are created?-Form- is typical documents created form fields using the Forms toolbar

What is the formula is made up correctly-= D11 + (D1 * $ D $ 7)

What is the function key is used to automatically build charts for the selected data?-F11

What is the function of AND-NOT?-Denial conjunctions

What is the function of NOR?-Denial disjunction

What is the function of taskbar?-To jump from one program to another active

What is the function of the Disk Defragmenter:-writes a file without changing its contents, placing them in the correct order clusters

What is the function performed peripherals?-input and output data

What is the hard drive:-Hard disk drive

What is the Hardware?-Hard disk inside the system unit

What is the headers and footers in the editor Word:-distance at the bottom and the top of the page

What is the horizontal bar located at the bottom of the desktop Windows:-Task bar

What is the icon in the editor Word:-small color picture as a button

What is the icon that represents the program folder or file and a pointer to them-Shortcut

What is the information can be moved, copied, placing the selection-The Clipboard

What is the input device in a computer directly from a paper document:-scanner

What is the key moves the cursor to the end of the line?-PgDown

What is the key moves the cursor to the top line?-Home

What is the key moves the cursor to the top line?-Home

What is the key used for digital on-off section of the keyboard:-Num Lock

What is the key used to execute commands and move the cursor to the beginning of a new line:-Enter

What is the key used to lock the screen scrolling:-Scroll Lock

What is the key used to move the cursor down one electronic page:-Page Down

What is the key used to move the cursor one page up email:-Page Up

What is the key used to move the cursor to the beginning of a block:-Home

What is the key used to move the cursor to the end of a block:-End

What is the logical function multiplies?-Conjunction

What is the logical function performs denial?-inversion

What is the logical function performs the operation of addition?-Disjunction

What is the main computer unit:-system unit

What is the memory capacity is measured?-Bytes

What is the MENU?-To change the settings WINDOWS, launch programs, search for files, and perform other actions

What is the most famous is a global computer network?-InterNet

What is the name in Word first letter of a paragraph in bold, size, pattern:-letter

What is the name of a set of techniques and writing numbers:-number system

What is the name of hard disk drive:-HDD

What is the name of the computer that stores the mail?-mtu-net

What is the Norton Commander?- This program is a shell running under MS DOS operating system

What is the numbering system in which the meaning of the figures depends on the position in which:-positional

What is the operating envelope?-This is a system program that provides a convenient and intuitive way to communicate with the operating system

What is the plus sign next to the folder name in the left pane of the "Explorer"?-a directory are subdirectories that are not displayed on the screen

What is the process of writing a file to the archive?-archived file

What is the process of writing a file to the archive?-File Archiving

What is the program group provides the ability to store data in a compressed format?-archive program

What is the program?-a set of instructions in machine language, which is stored as a file on a magnetic medium, and the command is loaded into the user computer to execute

What is the resolution of the monitor:-number of pixels horizontally and vertically

What is the Running title?-The unified text that is automatically printed at the top or bottom of the Page

What is the set of objects with the same set of properties?-attitude

What is the shortcut:-a small file containing a reference to the object represented by label

What is the size of the sheet, where its width is greater than the height-Landscape

What is the smallest unit of information?-bit

What is the Software?-One of the components of information technology- Software

What is the sum of the numbers 10001 and 1111 in the binary system:-100000

What is the symbol of united name and type?-Dot

What is the symbol separates the file name from the route?-\

What is the system diskette?-floppy disk, which stores the files of the operating system

What is the toolbar at the bottom of Word:-toolbar "Drawing"

What is the unit of the following is a basic element of a computer?-microprocessor

What is the utility?-This system program service appointment

What is the utterance?-The utterance - is a proposal, which we can assert that it is true or false

What is the window control buttons marked with an underscore (minus)?-Minimize windows on the taskbar

What is the Windows desktop icon is a means of access to all the resources on your computer:-My computer

What is the Windows icon appears on the desktop when the computer is on the local computer network:-network environment

What is the Windows icon on the desktop is used to store deleted files:-Shopping

What is the Windows?-Multi-operating system

What is the WORD?-Word Processor

What is the workstation Windows:-Desktop

What is the zone below the title bar of the processor Word:-horizontal menu

What kind of memory is stored information , when power is off?-RAM

What methods exist to create tables in Access?-Mode table designer, master tables, import tables, relationships between tables

What object Access database allows you to create virtual tables, consisting of calculated fields or fields taken from other tables-Inquiry

What point of the horizontal menu of Word contains commands, that allow you to copy and paste:-Correction

What point of the horizontal menu of Word contains commands, that let you display on the toolbar:-View

What point of the horizontal menu of Word contains commands, that let you insert images, objects:-Insert

What point of the horizontal menu of Word contains commands, that let you set the font and border of the paragraph:-Format

What point of the horizontal menu of Word contains commands, that let you check spelling, hyphenate:-Tools

What programs are designed to control computer resources?-Tools

What programs are MS Office:-Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook

What properties an algorithm should have:-certainty, efficiency, mass

What sequence of operations required to insert a table into the text?-The insertion cursor in the table, the Table menu, select "Add table", specify the number of

What the Internet needs the HTTP protocol?-for hypertext transfer

What types of windows available in Windows:-the application window, the document window, dialog box

What unit is not part of the system unit?-printer

What was the basic elements of computer 1st generation?-vacuum tubes

What was the basic elements of computer 2nd generation?-Transistors

What was the basic elements of computer 3rd generation?-chip

What was the basic elements of computer 4th generation?-integrated circuits

When choosing any item on the main menu appears in the Windows Help system window:-reference

When operating in a Windows context menu is invoked:-right-click

When operating in a Windows environment is often used concept of "clipboard" It’-a special area of ​​memory for storing information

When operating in a Windows environment Paste keyboard shortcuts:-Ctrl + V

When operating in a Windows environment, click Cut keyboard shortcuts:-Ctrl + X

When operating in the Windows among multiple environment activity open windows to the window?-where the header is different from the color of other windows

When performing branching algorithm?-when performing various operations according to the condition

When reading a text file from the disk, the user must specify-file name

When working in Windows Copy command keyboard shortcuts:-Ctrl + C

When writing a file or folder name cannot be used:-*

When you click BOX / SHEET a new sheet is inserted-before the selected worksheet

When you click on the button with the curved arrows on the left panel of pictographic menu in Word:-canceled the last command

When you click on the button with the picture of floppy disk on the panel pictographic menu in Word occur:-Saves the document

When you click on the button with the picture of scissor on the panel pictographic menu in Word:-Deletes the selected text

When you copy a file to the clipboard is necessary to do the following:-Home / Copy Home / Embed

When you run a round robin?-under repeated sequence of statements

When you work in the Windows environment when you select multiple files in any order, what button you must hold down the key?-Ctrl

When you work in the Windows environment, when you select multiple files in succession, what button you must hold down the key?-Shift

Where convenience of working with files and organize their files grouped?-In the catalog

Where enter the text in the Word processor made?-In the document window

Where is the "Start" button, which opens the access to the main menu of Windows:-on the Taskbar

Where is the cursor located:-It is indicated in the status bar text editor

Where is the token auto fill cells in Excel?-In the lower right corner of the cell

Where the desktop displays information about running Windows applications:-On the taskbar,

Where the desktop displays show information about running Windows applications-taskbar

Which binary number is equal to the decimal number 23-10111

Which character in the group name of the file replaces any arbitrary character?-?

Which character in the group name of the file replaces any number of any characters?-*

Which combination of "hot keys" you need to press Word, to select all the text without using the icons:-Ctrl + A

Which devices are devices to enter information into the computer:-keyboard, disk drive, mouse

Which directory is the parent directory?-root directory

Which expression in Excel begins with the equal sign?-Formula

Which extension file is created by default in WORD?-DOC

Which file loads the drivers of external devices and sets the parameters of the operating system?- config sys

Which information is displayed on the left side of the window "Explorer"?-the structure of the Windows desktop

Which is the minimal object is a text editor?-word

Which item horizontal menu folder logical drive must choose to copy the file or folder in Windows:-Correction

Which item horizontal menu folder logical drive must choose to remove the object Windows:-File

Which item horizontal menu folder you must choose a drive to find out the properties of the object Windows:-File

Which item horizontal menu of Word toolbar buttons correspond to the "Format":-Format

Which item horizontal menu toolbar buttons correspond to the "Standard" editor Word:-File

-Which key is used to select a group of files, located in a row:-Shift

Which of the database does not support transactions:-Assigning a password to each record

Which of the device used to enter information:-keyboard

Which of the devices can be connected to a computer from the outside:-keyboard

Which of the e-mail address is written correctly:-vera @ ittekz

Which of the following methods to connect to the Internet provides the greatest opportunities for access to information resources:-permanent connection via a dedicated channel remote

Which of the following operating systems is a single-tasking-MS DOS

Which of the following program is a graphics processing program?-PAINT

Which of the following records can be a file name:-lacd.doc

Which of the items the Windows Start menu contains three commands: Control Panel, Printers, Taskbar:-Customize

Which of the technologies related to information: 1) the collection of information, 2) communication, 3) information processing, 4) information storage, 5) sample data, 6) destruction of information-1), 2), 3), 4)

Which of these false assertions in order to choose: the command to launch a text editor Word, you can carry out the so -The launch takes place immediately when you turn on your computer

Which of these programs do not apply to graphic editors?-Word for WINDOWS

Which of these programs, you can create animated slide:-Power Point

Which one of these programs is a systematic program?-Archiver

Which one of these programs is an utility?-Scandisk

Which program is MS Excel:-Spreadsheets

Which program is used for packaging (sealing) files?-archive program

Which top-level domain on the Internet has Russia:-ru

Which types of file gets executed directly from the operating system?-com, exe, bat

Who in 1823 invented the first automatic calculating machine with programmed control - "Analytical Engine":-Charles Babbage

Who's the basis of electromechanical relays built a machine "Mark-1":-Howard H. Aiken

Why is the lower triangle to the left on the horizontal ruler editor Word:-to set the left margin

Why is the lower triangle to the right on the horizontal line of the editor Word:-to set the right indent

Why is the microprocessor:-to perform all computing operations and processing

Why is the text in Word to be dialed by paragraphs?- Because, depending on the size of the font in a row may

Why is the upper triangle to the left on the horizontal ruler editor Word:-for indenting the "red" line

Winchester is:-hard disk drive

Window menu commands allow you to control:-windows open documents

Windows. "Hot" keys to switch between windows of the programs:-Alt + Tab

Windows. Shortcuts close the window:-Alt + F4

Windows. To access the main menu, you have to press:-[CTRL + ECS]

Windows. Whether stored in the Recycle Bin Files deleted from the A drive-not stored

WINDOWS. Which of the following actions will turn a window into an icon:-click on the minimize button

With a starting mark error values ​​in Excel?-#

With the touch of which button on the Windows desktop, open access to all applications installed on your computer?-Start

Working window - is:-the current document window through which you can view, create and edit documents

Working with the Function Wizard consists of a maximum of:-2 steps

World Wide Web-The World Wide Web, which provides "e-journey around the world in search of information"

Would be the result if a decimal 12 being translated into a binary number system:-1100

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