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How to call a special board that was used to account in the 5th century BC:-Abacus

FTP service in Internete designed to:-receiving and transmitting files of any size

Function "OR" which means?-Alteration

Function of key Enter:-enter key

Function of keys Ctrl:-execution of commands only in conjunction with other keys

Function of keys Insert:-inserting characters

Function of key Backspace:-Deletes the character left of the cursor

Function of key Delete:-Deletes the character above the cursor

Function of keys Alt:-execution of commands only in conjunction with other keys

Function of keys Shift:-Key uppercase

Functions of file viruses?-rechargeable infect files, but can be spread through files and documents

Funds the "Edit" dialog box applications allow you to:-inserts the necessary facilities

General Purpose Applications are?-This program required for solving problems in any area of ​​PC applications

Give definition to the application software-This piece of software for applications

Give definition to the system software-This is a piece of software

Given a list of number systems: binary, decimal, octal, hexadecimal number of the character set 100:- It exists in all of these

Global network-combines PC users across the planet, in most cases as a communications channel used satellite

Graphic Editor can be used to:-drawing

Group of cells forming a rectangle on the worksheet called-The range of cells

Hard disk - is device, which-storage random access

Hardware components of the system unit:-Motherboard, adapters, controllers, hard disk, floppy drives

How to operate Driver viruses?-infect the computer or device drivers run itself by including additional configuration file line

-How activate the Start menu by pressing the key combination?-Ctrl + Esc

How can I create a new folder using the right mouse button?-Context menu Create Folder

How can I create a shortcut to the folder window?-File / Create Shortcut

How can I insert a picture, available in Word?-Insert Picture Pictures ...

How change the format of the list?-List Format

How close the Windows window by pressing combinations of keys?-Alt + F4

How do I create a shortcut using the right mouse button-Right-click on the desktop, create a shortcut

How do you get infected, "postal" virus?-When you open an infected file that was sent a letter by e-mail

How does the alignment of numeric data in a cell by default?-On the right edge of the cell

How extension characterized by self-extracting archives?-exe

How many characters can contain the name of the object on Windows:-up to 256

How many contain any data type fields in Access?-10

How many documents on the list item in the main menu of Windows Documents:-less than 15

How many sheets may be contained as much as possible in one book Excel?-255

How many windows can be divided into workspace window Word:-for as long as the document is opened

How to arrange the icons on the Windows desktop:-The context menu Arrange Icons

How to call a special board that was used to account in the 5th century BC:-Abacus

How to cancel an existing numbered list?-Select all the elements of a numbered list, and then click on the "Numbering" format bar

How to change desktop themes?-Right-click on the desktop, select "Properties" from the context menu

How to change the page settings-File / Page Setup

How to change the sheets in workbook?-Drag the sheet tabs in the new provisions

How to create a new document?-Select "Create" from the File menu

How to go to a specific cell Excel?-EDIT / GO or function key F5, or the Name field to the left of the formula bar

How to install a double line spacing when typing?-HOME, a paragraph in the "Line" set "double", OK

How to join (combine) two strings?-Place the cursor at the beginning of the second line and press the "Backspace"

How to operate network viruses?-use protocols and capabilities of computer networks

How to operate the boot viruses?-infect boot the computer program stored in the boot sector of a floppy or hard disk and run when the computer starts

How to place a large amount of text in a narrow cell, without extending it?-FORMAT / cell / Alignment / Wrap / OK

How to remove the selected cells? -EDIT / DELETE

How to see what programs are installed on your computer:-in the Control Panel, click Add or Remove Programs.

How to select multiple contiguous worksheets?-Click on the label of the first sheet with the SHIFT key pressed, click on the label of the last sheet

How to select multiple worksheets,walking randomly?-CTRL + click on the label each allocated sheets left mouse button

How to select nonadjacent files:-click the file, then hold down Ctrl, click the last to select files

How to set monetary form for the representation of labeled cells?-FORMAT / cell / day / MONEY

How to set the input numbers on the numeric keypad?-Num Lock

How to split a table cell into two (vertically)?-Select the cells to execute the command Table / Split Cells

How to start a window processor Word:-with the heading

HTML is:-hypertext markup language

Hypertext a-structured text, which can make the transition through dedicated tags

Hypertext - is:-Information in the form of documents, with links to other documents

If the chart is located on a separate sheet that this sheet is called-Chart sheet

If you delete a file from a floppy disk occurs:-physical removal

If you set the print page numbers 1-5, 8, 10-12, the number will be printed:-9

Image modes in the document MS Word:-common, electronic document, page layout, the main document

In a menu command is to change the column width of the table to MS Word:-Table

In a menu command is to change the height of table rows for MS Word:-Table

In a window, you can view the contents of a floppy disk?-Windows Explorer or My Computer

In cell C1 enter the formula = A1 + B1, how to change the formula if it is copied into cell D1:-= B1 + C1

In cell information table Excel as 01.02.2009 represented as:-date and time

In cell information table Excel as 123,00r represented as:-currency format

In cell information table Excel as 5/3 is represented as:-fractional format

In cell information table Excel as 99% is represented in the form:-percentage format

In environments Windows used archivers, such as-WinZIP, WinRAR

In Excel contains columns:-256

In Excel to refer to all types of graphic representation of numerical data used:-chart

In MS Word To select a single line should be to bring the mouse cursor to the top line and:-click the left mouse button

In MS Word, there are the following types of document viewing a) normal, b) e, c) the page layout, d) a structured, d) structural, e) a hidden document, g) the main document-a, b, c, d, f

In MS Word, to highlight the paragraph:-you need to click the left mouse button once this paragraph 2

In MS Word, to highlight the word-you need to click on a single keyword 2 times

In one KByte contains:-1024 bytes

In order to solve a problem is not designed text editor Word?-To make economic calculations

In some cases, a linear algorithm, it is-sequential order operations

In the calculation formula in the cell, an error message appears pound sign, this means:-Overflow cell

In the course of the text formatting changes:-text layout

In the Excel spreadsheet cells can not perform the following steps:-change the size of a single cell

In the name of the great mathematician named term algorithm:-Muhammad al-Khwarizmi

In the process of loading the operating system is-progressive download files from the operating system into memory

In the window of the application, you can delete the file-Explorer

In what mode the monitor:-text, graphics

In which year appeared on the market the first computer company Apple:-1977

Informatics- a science-studies the structure and general properties of information, as well as issues related to the collection, storage, retrieval, processing, transmission, transformation of information using a computer

Information is:- the totality of the facts, events, messages, subject to registration and processing

Information is:-data, which relieved uncertainty of the consumer in respect of any object

Information resources - is:-the product of intellectual activity of qualified professionals of different professional groups

Input device is-Keyboard

Insert Header in MS Word-View -> Header and Footer

Is presented in the right part of the window "Explorer"?-The contents of the current folder (directory C)

It appears the information on your computer:-Only numerically

J. Von Neumann known as:-developer of the principles of functioning of mainframe computers

Key combination to copy?-Ctrl + Insert

Key combination to cut?-Shift + Delete

Key combination to paste from the clipboard?-Shift + Insert

Key in Microsoft Access - is:-one or more fields that uniquely identify records in the table

Label - it's -Index to quickly launch programs, documents, ...

List ways to view a Word document-Page Layout view, the normal mode, tipped mode, the electronic document

Mailbox subscriber e-mail address is:-part of the memory on the hard disk of the mail server assigned to the user

Main features algorithms:-Readability, certainty, feasibility, mass

Main features of the operating system: a) management of data b) the management of processes (tasks) c) the creation of applications d) communication with a human operator e) communication with data carriers-a, b, d

Main types of models of organizing data:-network, hierarchical, relational

Manipulator "mouse" - a device:-for testing the cursor position on the screen

Manipulator "mouse" is device, which:-input information

Marker Its-Black box located in the lower right corner of the selected cells

Menu text editor - is:-part of its interface, which provides the transition to perform various operations on the text

Microprocessors main options are:a) a set of instructions executed in) the bit with) the clock frequency d) the voltage-a, b, c

Microsoft Access is-DBMS

Microsoft Access - is-relational database

Microsoft Access Request is a:-object that allows the user to select data from one or more tables

Microsoft Excel - is-Table Editor

Minimum set of devices to a PC contains:-system unit, monitor, keyboard

Mode to work with files in a text editor, the user is:-save files, download them from an external device

Mode window object Microsoft Access, which creates and changes the structure of the object:-Constructor

Modem it is-digital converting device into analog signals, and vice versa

MS Word is:-text editor

Multi-operating system - its.-Windows

Name of the folder that stores user documents, which opens by default during the execution of commands-work folder

Network Internet is:-global network

Network Protocol - is:-the rules of communication between two computers on the network

NTML is-hypertext markup language

Number 10 in binary notation-1010

Number A16 corresponds to the number in the decimal system:-10

Number B7 corresponds to the number in the decimal system:-183

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