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Describe a happy event of your life

You should say:

When it happened

Where it happened

What it was

and explain why this event is a happy event in your life.

Follow-up Questions:
What do you think is important in achieving happiness?
How do you celebrate some happy events?
What do the camera and video play in celebrating?

Possible Answer:
I can remember many happy events of my life and among them I would like to talk about the event that I can still remember vividly. The moment I heard that I have got scholarship on the board exam was a very happy moment for me. I spent almost a month with great anxiety regarding my result publication. I started speculating so many things and many of them were negative. I could hardly keep away the tensions about my upcoming result. The result was so important that my college admission would have depended on it. I could not sleep well in the night before the result publishing.

The result was published at around 11.00 am and I found that I did exceptionally well. I was so relieved and happy that I literally shouted. Then I hurriedly came back to our home and gave the news to my parents. They were happy too. My father bought sweets and my mother gave it to our neighbours. I felt excited, happy and relieved. At that time I was about 15 years old. It happened at our hometown called (... say the name of your home-town...)
Tips for answering this cue card:

"Describe a happy event of your life" is an example of cue card topic that gives a candidate a wide range of options to pick from. You are virtually free to talk about any event that you think you would be flexible to talk about. On the contrary the topic like "Describe a famous writer in your country" narrows your option. You can't just pick any writer and start talking about him. For the later topic you need to think about such a writer and give some factual information about him.

The cue cards that give you wide options are usually easier to talk about since you won't have to wonder a lot to pick what you would talk about. For this cue card i.e. "Describe a happy event of your life" think about an event of your life that made you happy. If you take it from your life rather than making it up, you would be able to give more details and extend the topic.

Following are some of the ideas you can take as examples of happy events of your life but always try to speak about a real event of your life.

1. Your father got promoted and your family celebrated it.
2. You got admitted to a school/ college/ university where you dreamed to study.
3. The birth of your younger sister/ brother/ nephew/ niece or even your own kid if you are a father/ mother.
4. One of your family members was severely ill but got healed miraculously.
5. You won a competition.
6. You did something for others and people acclaimed that.
7. You got scholarship.
8. You overcame one of your obstacles.
9. You went to visit a foreign country
10. You achieved something noteworthy.
11. You saved someone from a big problem.

If you can talk about this cue card, you should be able to answer the following cue cards as well:

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