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Describe a subject taught in your school

You Should Say:
1) What was it and who taught it?
2) How was it taught?
3) What did you learn from the class?

and explain how it helped you.

Follow-up Questions:
Is there any difference between the traditional and modern educational systems?
What are the pros and cons of the current educational system in your country?
Do you think it is necessary to give comment or criticism to teachers?

Possible Answer:

The subject that I'd like to describe is Physics that was taught in our school. We had this subject in each year of our high school and each year a new teacher used to taught us the subject. Even we had to read physics in college as Science was my major. I remember Mr. Alex, Burter, John, David and Mrs. Jeniffer took Physics in different years. We were lucky to have good Physics teachers who could make the subject interesting and enjoyable. Our teachers used to tell us stories first and then would explain the theory, experiment or math of the text books. They would then relate the story with the study. Later they would explain us the real examples and facts. Sometimes they used to take us to the Physics labs and explain how something works. I have learned numerous things of physics from simple definition of mass to the complex explanation of Einstein's Theory of Relativity. My foundation of physics grew up and expanded with the help of those teachers.

The subject itself is utterly interesting if one can have passion for it. It is one such subject that one would start loving it if s/he starts understanding the underlying concepts of it. Physics is all around us and the lesson I learned from my School had helped me greatly throughout my higher academic years.

Tips for answering this cue card topic:

You should pick a real academic subject like Math, English, Physics, Chemistry, Literature, and Biology to answer this cue card. Then quickly take some notes including the following:

1. In which class was it taught?
2. Do not pick a subject taught in your college or university level as the cue card is asking you to talk about a subject taught in your school.
3. Try to remember a teacher's name. You can mention multiple teachers' name as the same subject in school is taught by different teachers in different classes.
4. Give a short detail what the subject. For example: The Geography would discuss about the Earth, the other planet in the solar system, atmosphere, and climate changes etc. and you should mention those.
5. Next describe how the teacher taught the subject and what things you learned from the class.
6. Mention some interesting things you learned from the class and how the teacher made things easier to understand for you.
7. Describe how interested you were about the subject and the class.
8. Relate how this subject has later helped you/ influenced you in your education and learning process.
9. Finally give a conclusion by mentioning how beneficial the subject for students.

If you pick Math try to focus on the following issues:

1. The teacher was very good explaining the intricacies of the subject.
2. You learned many theories and formulas of math.
3. This teacher explained how math would be helpful for the rest of the life and academic years.
4. You learned the importance of Math for higher study.
5. The teacher not only explained the math from the academic book but also has taken interesting and thought provoking math from other sources.

If you prefer to talk about Literature say:

1. The teacher helped you enjoy the literature.
2. S/he told stories of classic literature that you still remember.
3. S/he was a gifted story teller and she had been successful creating your interest on literature.
4. You became a good reader because of the classes and the teacher.

Similarly you can talk about any subject that you were interested in your school level. In your whole conversation you should talk about the subject itself for about 2 minutes , 1 minutes about the teacher and his/her way of teaching and for the remaining time say how benefitted you had been from those classes.

If you can talk about this cue card you would also be able to answer the following cue cards with little changes:

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