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Describe a newspaper or a magazine

IELTS Cue Card Sample 11 - A newspaper or a magazine

You should say:

What is it and why you read it
What are the benefits of reading a newspaper or a magazine
How often you read it and what are the contents of it

and explain why do you like to read this newspaper or magazine

Follow-up Questions:
ē What do you think the important qualities for a news reporter?
ē What's the main difference between newspaper and magazine?
ē Whatís the function of a report to the society?
ē What kinds of books/newspapers/magazines do adolescents read in your country?
ē With the popularity of Internet, do you think newspapers and magazines will disappear?

Possible Answer:

I read newspaper almost every day and sometimes I purchase or borrow magazines to read as well. I'd like to describe a magazine that I usually buy each month and enjoy reading a lot. The name of this magazine is PC World which is a global computer magazine published monthly by IDG in USA. It offers advice on various aspects of PCs and related items, the Internet, and other personal-technology products and services. In each publication, PC World reviews and tests hardware and software products from a variety of manufacturers, as well as other technology related devices such as still and video cameras, audio devices and televisions.

I have been reading this magazine for the last 6-7 years or so. It is specifically useful for people who love computers, other technology devices; software and IT related news and updates. I am doing my graduation in Computer Science and Engineering and love to learn about new hardware and software. This is a magazine that offers great hardware & software reviews, tips on advanced computing and many other useful articles.

Reading a newspaper or a magazine is always helpful for learning new information. Newspapers provide contemporary local news, international news, editorials, entertainment, news, sports news and so on. Without reading newspapers or magazines one can't keep himself / herself updated with the latest news and views of the world. I purchase the PC World magazine every month and read it for about 7 days. Sometimes I read older versions as well to find out any particular reviews or articles. This magazine is helpful for basic, moderate and advanced computer users and techno lovers. Someone who has a computer should read it to increase his/ her knowledge on hardware and software. Even itís helpful for those who are going to buy computers, printers, cameras, scanners, software or other hardware devices. I enjoy reading it a lot.

Sample Answer 2:
Today Iím going to talk about one of my favourite magazines. Itís quite fun to think about it, first Iíll tell you what it is and why I read it. Then Iíll try and persuade you of the benefits of doing so, and a bit about how often I read it and what the contents are. Finally, Iíll explain why I like to read it so much.

The magazine is called ĎWomenís Runningí. Itís a monthly publication, dedicated to helping female runners, at every level to improve their running and learn more about the sport.

For me the benefits of reading this periodical are huge. It has great information about running techniques and nutrition; advertising features on new running related products; helpful articles on topics like Ďhow to choose new trainersí and advice on running events and how to prepare for them. That is great in itself, but even more importantly for me, it contains lots of human interest stories. Real women talking about their experiences of running, why they do it and how they stay motivated, keep positive and enjoy the sport.

Even though I do like the magazine, it is really expensive, itís £4 a time, so Iím embarrassed to admit I donít buy my own copy. Instead, I have a friend who subscribes to it regularly. Every few months she has a big clear out, and she drops off a great big bag of magazines for me to read. I then have a binge of reading about running Ė which is a bit ironic really, I should be out doing it rather than reading about it! So I donít read it each month, but every few months Iíll have a whole weekend curled up on the sofa avidly soaking up every article. I read each copy from cover to cover. I like the personal accounts best. Women talking about perhaps over-coming injuries and illness to keep on running; forming friendships and achieving goals they never thought possible. It can be really inspirational! It makes me believe that I too can do more than I think. Once Iíve read all the magazines I keep them for a while to refer back to, but eventually I too need to de-clutter, so Iíll pass them on to another running friend, and so the cycle continues!

Through reading the magazine Iíve started to think of myself more as part of the Ďrunning communityí whatever that means! Iíve started to realise that not everyone who takes part in running is choosing to do ultra-marathons, we can all run at our own level and still get the fitness and social benefits at whatever level you are at. The main competition is not with other people but with yourself, other runners can support and help you whether thatís with advice on how to up your speed or distances to get a new Personal Best or agreeing to go out with you on a wet and windy night when really the sofa looks a great deal more appealing than a rain soaked pavement in winter!

[ Written by - Lucy Marris | Careers Adviser (UK), TEFL teacher ]

Tips for answering this Cue Card Topic:

To answer this cue card, first decide if you are going to talk about a newspaper or a magazine. If you want to talk about a newspaper, decide which one you would like to talk. For the magazine you should finalize the magazine name also. Deciding a particular newspaper or magazine would help you focus on the features and characteristics of it. There are some differences between a daily newspaper and a magazine.

If you decide to talk about the magazine focus on following points:

a) What type of magazine it is: weekly, monthly etc.
b)what's it about: Lifestyle, technology, fun, business travel, fashion etc.
c) For magazine describe the topics and issues it covers. Like a computer magazine covers the software and hardware reviews, tips on computing, tutorials, and price list etc. whereas a fashion magazine highlights the current trends in fashion, new arrivals and focus on brands.
d) Why do I read it? Entertainment, tutorials, academic or professional benefits, new recipes etc.
e) Why this magazine is better than similar other magazines? Article presentation, economic, has subscription facility, exclusive etc.

If you talk about a newspaper focus on their news presentation, editorial and overall contribution to help people get unbiased and quality news and articles.
Since, almost all the daily newspapers cover same type of news i.e. political, sports, editorial, international, business etc. you should focus less on the type of news they present. Rather emphasize what makes it a worth reading newspaper.

Use the same techniques to answer the following cue cards also:

1. Describe a magazine that you read often.
2. Describe the newspaper that you read daily.
3. Describe you favourite magazine.

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