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Potions are drinkable items that imbue the user with certain spell effects. Standard potion effects are very similar to the purchased version of the spell of the same name. Since most spell effects are based on level, you'll get greater benefit from potions at higher levels. You can find potions as treasure, occasionally you can buy them in the higher quality stores or you can make them yourself if you have access to a potion maker.

Potion makers are available to all temple members (except Julianos and Kynareth) and members of the Dark Brotherhood once a certain rank in the guild is achieved. For the Dark Brotherhood it's rank 3. For the temples, it varies between ranks 4 and 6.

To create a potion, the player must access the potion-maker. Once you get access, just click on "Create Potions" to open the screen. All items in inventory under “Ingredients” will be displayed on the left hand side of the screen. Please note that items on your wagon will not appear. Select the ingredients you want to mix by clicking on them and then click the “Mix” button. If you can't remember what ingredients go into a potion, clicking on "Recipes" will bring up a list of all recipes you have found. Clicking the recipe will move the ingredients into the mixer or tell you that you don't have all of the ingredients you need.

What follows is a list of known potions and their recipes. There are effects that are not listed here. Since there are many ingredients that can be combined in several different ways, the player can experiment with different ingredients and see what comes out (save the game before making the potion to conserve ingredients and before drinking the potion to conserve your character).

Recipes in BLACK are recipes that I have verified by finding and trying the recipe in the game. Recipes marked in ITALICS with a question mark (?) are alternative recipes given by other players, but which I have not tested. The change in ingredients may result in a stronger or weaker potion with the same effects as the original. Both "Restore Power" recipes are correct, but your game version determines which one is the right one for you.

In my (not-so) humble opinion, Bethesda goofed (big time) with the potion maker. Because you can mix ingredients in any combination you want, you can come up with some very non-standard potions with some very standard effects. However, you cannot NAME a potion. All non-standard potions are named "Potion of Unknown Powers" or somesuch. This is one of the things that makes the potion maker a major headache (and a major reason why I don't like it). Unless you want to remember each potion's position within your inventory (and it reverses each time you reload a game), you must either stick with one potion or take your chances on grabbing the right potion.


The following is based on the official hint book. It lists the various ingredients and their individual effects.


Orc Blood Fortify Strength
Wereboar Tusk Fortify Strength
Lich Dust Fortify Intelligence
White Rose Fortify Intelligence
Daedra Heart Fortify Willpower
Mercury Fortify Speed
Yellow Berries Fortify Personality
Nymph Hair Fortify Personality
Clover Fortify Luck
Small Tooth Resist Poison
Medium Tooth Resist Poison
Large Tooth Resist Poison
Snake Venom Resist Poison
Pearl Water Breathing
Jade Water Breathing
Ghoul's Tongue Resist Fire
Sulphur Resist Fire
Fig Resist Fire
Red Berries Resist Fire
Pine Branch Resist Fire
Amber Resist Fire
Diamond Resist Fire
Ivory Resist Frost
Turquoise Resist Frost
Cactus Resist Magica
Silver Cure Paralyzation
Basilisk's Eye Cure Paralyzation
Saint's Hair Cure Disease
Ginko Leaves Cure Disease
Werewolf's Blood Cure Poison
Platinum Invisibility
Ectoplasm Invisibility
Yellow Flowers Chameleon
Emerald Chameleon
Brass Jumping
Lodestone Jumping
Green Leaves Jumping
Lead Slowfall
Iron Slowfall
Twigs Slowfall
Gryphon's Feather Slowfall
Palm Levitate
Aloe Heal Health
Bamboo Heal Fatigue
Troll's Blood Regenerate
Root Bulb Regenerate
Golden Poppy Charm
Gold Charm
Holy Relic Dispel Magic
Copper Detect Magic
Red Rose Detect Magic
Mummy Wrappings Detect Treasure
Unicorn Horn Detect Enemy
Ruby Absorption
Dragon Scales Absorption
Faity Dragon Scales Reflection
Small Scorpion Stinger Damage Health
Large Scorpion Stinger Damage Health
Green Berries Damage Health
Wraith Essence Drain Willpower
Red Poppy Drain Strength
Black Poppy Damage Spellpoints
White Poppy Drain Intelligence
Red Flowers Damage Fatigue
Black Rose Silence
Malachite Silence
Spider Venom Paralyzation
Yellow Rose Polymorph
Root Tendrils Diminution
Giant's Blood Diminution

Potion Recipes


Potion Recipes
Chameleon Form Rain Water, Nectar, Green Leaves, Yellow Flowers, Green Berries (Rain Water, Nectar, Green Leaves, Yellow Flowers, Red Berries)? (Rain Water, Nectar, Green Leaves, Yellow Flowers, Red Berries, Elixir Vitae)?
Cure Disease Elixir Vitae, Fig, Big Tooth (Elixir Vitae, Fig, Nymph's Hair)?
Cure Poison Ichor, Large Scorpion Stinger, Small Tooth, Pearl
Free Action Ichor, Spider's Venom, Twigs, Bamboo
Healing Elixir Vitae, Red Berries, Mercury, Troll's Blood
Heal True Elixir Vitae, Yellow Berries, Green Berries, Unicorn Horn (Pine Branch, Red Berries, Unicorn Horn, Pure Water)?
Invisibility Rain Water, Nectar, Ectoplasm, Diamond (Ectoplasm, Diamond, Elixir Vitae, Fig, Nymph's Hair, Mummy Wrappings)?
Levitation Pure Water, Nectar, Ectoplasm (Orc's Blood, Pure Water, Nectar, Ectoplasm)?
Orc Strength Orc's Blood, Iron, Rain Water (Nectar, Iron, Rain Water, Elixir Vitae)?
Purification (duplicates Cure Disease and Heal True) Elixir Vitae, Nectar, Rain Water, Fig, Big Tooth, Ectoplasm, Diamond, Mummy wrapping
Resist Fire Ichor, Amber, Red Flowers, Fairy Dragon Scales, Cactus (v.213) Ichor, Amber, Red Flowers, Dragon Scales, Cactus (original) (Ichor, Red Flowers, Fairy Dragon Scales, Cactus)?
Resist Frost Ichor, Turquoise, Pine Branch, White Rose
Resist Shock Ichor, Lodestone, Red Berries (Ichor, Lodestone, Yellow Berries)? (Ichor, Spider's Venom, Twigs, Bamboo)?
Resist Poison Ichor, Snake Venom, Golden Poppy (Nectar, Snake Venom, Golden Poppy)?
Restore Power (no equivalent spell) Nectar, Silver, Werewolf's Blood, Lodestone (unpatched) Nectar, Silver, Werewolf's Blood, Saint's Hair (v.212 and v.213 patches)
Shadow Form Rain Water, Nectar, Malachite, Black Rose (Pure Water, Nectar, Malachite, Black Rose)?
Slow Falling Pure Water, White Poppy, Black Poppy
Stamina Pure Water, Aloe, Ginkgo Leaves (Ichor, Amber, Aloe, Ginkgo Leaves)?
Water Breathing Rain Water, Elixir Vitae, Ivory
Water Walking Pure Water, Yelow Rose, Palm, Sulpher



Magic and Spells are the heart and soul of "Daggerfall". I doubt that there is anyone who hasn't fantasized about being able to obliterate a boss/teacher/local bully/lawyer with a blast of supernatural energy or transform themselves into a superhero. The magic system of "Daggerfall" brings those fantasies to (virtual) reality and the spell is the focus through which those energies take form.

All "canned" classes in "Daggerfall" have at least limited magical ability. The standard ability is 0.5 times the character's Intelligence. Class benefits can (and do) increase this ability up to 3 times the character's Intelligence (or more with the addition of enchanted items). There are no spell components in "Daggerfall". All spell effects are generated from the character's innate magica.

Spells have six parts:

Effect: What the spell does and who it does it to;

Duration: How long the effect lasts;

Chance: The odds of a successful effect (usually a percentage);

Magnitude: How well the effect works;

Casting Cost: How much magica is required to generate the effect;

School: Which of the six magical skills are used to generate the effect.

For most characters, the casting cost will be the limiting factor. It is very difficult to cast a powerful spell with only a limited supply of magica. The way around this problem is to develop the skill/school required by the spell. As your skills in these schools increase, the casting cost decreases. Once your skill reaches 105% (achievable only through the use of enchanted items), the casting cost for all spells requiring that skill/school drops to 5 points.

What follows is a description of the spells that you can buy from the Mages Guild. These are the spells that are pre-made, not spells created in a spell-maker. The effects of these spells should be the same as spells which you can embed in an item by using the item-maker and/or make in a potion-maker. The icon for the spell will be different for items and potions, but the effects and duration should be the same. I have taken the liberty of highlighting those spells that I have found most useful in blue and those spells that I consider to be a must-have in red.

Spells and Effects (Table)

As used in the table, "School" is the school(s) of magic the spell uses as per the manual (D=Destruction, M=Mysticism, I=Illusion, R=Restoration, A=Alteration, T=Thaumaturgy), "Range" is the area of effect of the spell (T=Touch; C=Caster; AC=Area Around Caster; TR=Single Target at Range; AR=Area at Range), "Duration" is how long the effect will last (in rounds), "Magnitude" is how well it does what it's supposed to do, and "Chance" is the chance of successfully creating the effect. "Effect" is what the spell does and is more or less equivalent to what you'll select if you use the spell-maker to duplicate the effect of the spell.

Please note that Duration, Magnitude and Chance are functions of the level of the caster. Each spell has a base number plus an additional number per level of the caster. For example, Fenrick's Door Jam has a base duration of 1 round plus 1 round for each 25 levels of the caster and a base chance of success of 6% plus 1% per 10 levels of the caster. These are abbreviated as 1 + 1/25 and 6 + 1/10, respectively. Thus, a 25th level caster would have a duration of 2 rounds and a 8.5% chance of success in casting the spell.

Some spells, especially Destruction spells, give duration for the spell. This duration is probably not accurate unless “Continuous Damage” is one of the effects. Most of these spells are one-shot damage spells and do not inflict continuous damage. For continuous damage, the effect (at least in the spell-maker) is listed as "Continuous Damage", not "Damage" and the effect doesn't seem to work very well, anyway.


Fenrick's Door Jam M T 1 + 1/25 one object 6 + 1/10 Lock - locks doors and chests
Tame T T 5 + 5/1 one creature 10 + 10/1 Pacify Animal
Quiet Undead T T 5 + 5/1 one creature 10 + 10/1 Pacify Undead
Balyna's Balm R C instant 1 + (2-10)/2 n/a Heal Health
Recall M C instant n/a n/a Teleport
Calm Humanoid T T 5 + 5/1 one creature 10 + 10/1 Pacify Humanoid
Charm Mortal T T 5 + 5/1 one creature 10 + 10/1 Charm (increases your reaction roll for the target only)
Orc Strength R C 5 + 1/1 n/a (1-10) + 2/1 Fortify Attribute: Strength (adds about 15 points)
Wisdom R C 5 + 1/1 n/a (1-10) + 3/1 Fortify Attribute: Intelligence (adds about 15 points)
Iron Will R C 5 + 1/1 n/a (1-10) + 3/1 Fortify Attribute: Willpower (adds about 15 points)
Nimbleness R C 5 + 1/1 n/a (1-10) + 3/1 Fortify Attribute: Agility (adds about 15 points)
Feet of Notorgo R C 5 + 1/1 n/a (1-10) + 3/1 Fortify Attribute: Speed (adds about 15 points)
Fortitude R C 5 + 1/1 n/a (1-10) + 3/1 Fortify Attribute: Endurance (adds about 15 points)
Charisma R C 5 + 1/1 n/a (1-10) + (3-4)/1 Fortify Attribute: Personality (adds about 15 points)
Jack-of-Trades R C 5 + 1/1 n/a (1-10) + 3/1 Fortify Attribute: Luck (adds about 15 points)
Energy Leech D/R T 1 + 1/1 one creature (1-10) + 5/1 Transfer Fatigue
Buoyancy A/T C 1 + 1/1 n/a n/a Water Walking (cheap practice spell)
Frostbite D T 1 + 1/1 one creature (1-9) + (1-3)/2 Damage Health
Levitate T C 2 + 1/1 n/a n/a Levitate
Light I C 1 + 4/1 area in front of caster n/a Light
Invisibility I C 3 + 2/1 n/a n/a Invisibility (Normal) - dispelled when you attack something
Shock D T 1 + 1/1 one creature (1-20) + (1-4)/1 Damage Health - cheap Destruction spell for practicing
Wizard's Fire D TR 1 + 1/1 one creature (1-15) + (1-4)/1 Damage Health (continuous damage does not work)
Strength Leech R/D T 5 + 1/1 one creature (1-9) + 1/1 Drain Strength
Free Action A/R C (2 + 1/1)?? 20 + 5/1 n/a Cure Paralyzation (spell lists no duration, but it has one - effect is also "Immunity to Paralyzation")
Resist Cold A C 2 + 1/1 30 + 5/1 n/a Elemental Resistance Frost (half damage if unsuccessful)
Resist Fire A C 2 + 1/1 30 + 5/1 n/a Elemental Resistance Fire (half damage if unsuccessful)
Resist Shock A C 2 + 1/1 30 + 5/1 n/a Elemental Resistance Electricity (half damage if unsuccessful)
Fireball D AR 1 + 1/1 multiple creatures 1 + (1-7)/1 Damage Health (continuous damage does not work)
Cure Poison R C instant 60 + 2/1 n/a Cure Poison
Ice Bolt D TR 1 + 1/1 one creature (1-35) + (1-5)/1 Damage Health (continuous damage does not work)
Open M C 1 + 1/1 20 + 2/1 n/a Opens locked doors and chests
Wizard Lock M C 1 + 1/1 20 + 4/1 n/a Locks doors and chests
Ice Storm D AR 1 + 1/1 multiple creatures (1-30) + (1-5)/1 Damage Health (continuous damage does not work)
Shield A C 5 + 2/1 n/a (1-12) + 1/1 Shield (absorbs melee damage up to the limit of the spell)
Spell Shield R/A/T C 1 + 1/1 50 + 2/1 n/a Spell Resistance
Spider Touch A T 1 + 1/1 5 + 15/1   Paralyze
Heal R C instant n/a (1-10) + 5/1 Heal Health
Soul Trap M T 10 + 2/1 10 + 5/1 n/a Soul Trap (if you don't have an empty soul gem, the critter won't die until the spell wears off - makes for long fights at high levels)
Cure Disease R C instant 15 + 5/1 n/a Cure Disease - there isn't always a temple handy
Balyna's Antidote R C instant 15 + 5/1 n/a Cure Poison
Null Magica M T instant 10 + 2/1 n/a Dispel Magic
Holy Touch M T instant 10 + 2/1 n/a Dispel Undead
Holy Word M AC instant 10 + 2/1 n/a Dispel Undead
Banish Daedra M T instant 10 + 5/1 n/a Dispel Daedra
Hand of Decay D T instant 10 + 3/1 n/a Disintegrate
Sphere of Negation D TR instant 10 + 2/1 n/a Disintegrate
Magica Leech D/R T 5 + 2/1 one creature (1-15) + (1-5)/1 Continuous Damage: Spell Points
Vampiric Touch R/D T 5 + 2/1 one creature (1-15) + (1-5)/1 Transfer Health
Sleep D/A TR 5 + 2/1 one creature (1-15) + (1-5)/1 Continuous Damage: Fatigue
Paralysis A T 3 + 1/1 25 + 2/1 n/a Paralyze
Tongues M C 1 + 1/1 20 + 2/1 n/a Comprehend Languages (I have found absolutely no use for this spell)
Spell Absorption R C 1 + 1/1 10 + 5/1 n/a Spell Absorption
Spell Reflection T/M C 1 + 1/1 10 + 5/1 n/a Spell Reflection
Shadow Form I C 1 + 1/1 n/a n/a Shadow Normal (dispelled when you attack something)
Silence M T 1 + 1/1 35 + 2/1 n/a Silence (only effective against spell-casters)
Troll's Blood R C 5 + 5/1 n/a 1 + 1/1 Regenerates Health
Fire Storm D AC 1 + 1/1 n/a (1-20) + (1-5)/1 Damage Health (continuous damage does not work)
Resist Poison A C 1 + 1/1 50 + 5/1 n/a Elemental Resistance: Poison (half damage if unsuccessful)
Spell Drain A/D TR 1 + 1/1 n/a (1-50) + (1-5)/1 Damage Spell Points
Far Silence M TR 1 + 1/1 35 + 2/1 n/a Silence (only works against spell casters)
Toxic Cloud D AC 1 + 1/1 n/a (1-25) + (1-5)/1 Damage Health
Shalidor's Mirror T C 1 + 1/1 35 + 1/1 n/a Spell Reflection
Lightning D TR 1 + 1/1 n/a (1-25) + (1-5)/1 Damage Health
Gods' Fire D TR 1 + 1/1 n/a (1-50) + 10/1 Damage Health
Wildfire D TR 1 + 3/1 n/a (1-15) + (1-5)/1 Continuous Damage Health
Wizard Rend A/M T 1 + 1/1 10 + 5/1 (1-14) + 1/1 Damage Spell Points and Paralyze
Medusa's Gaze A TR 1 + 1/1 1 + 8/1 n/a Paralyze
Force Bolt D/A TR 1 + 1/1 10 + 5/1 (1-30) + (1-10)/1 Damage Health and Paralyze
Slowfalling A C 3 + 1/1 n/a n/a Slowfall
Spell Resistance R/A/T C 1 + 1/1 25 + 2/1 n/a Spell Resistance
Stamina R C instant n/a (1-8) + 2/1 Heal Fatigue
Water Walking A/T C 5 + 2/1 n/a n/a Water Walking
Water Breathing A C 5 + 2/1 n/a n/a Water Breathing
Chameleon I C 3 + 1/1 n/a n/a Chameleon Normal (dispelled if you attack something)
Jumping A/R C 3 + 1/1 n/a n/a Manual says it boosts your jumping skill, spell description in game says "Diminution" - you become half-size (doesn't do anything in either case, don't waste your money)

"Flare" is a spell listed in the manual, but I've never found it and am told it doesn't work anyway.

The following spells are listed in the manual, but I haven't come across them yet (doesn't mean they're not out there, just means I haven't come across them, but then again I haven't looked real hard). They can be duplicated in a spell-maker:

Acidic Field (Destruction), set area of effect to Area Around Caster, select Poison as the elemental field, and make it medium damage to health.

Ghost Form (Illusion/Thaumaturgy), set area of effect to Caster; choose effects of Invisibility and Levitation

Hand of Sleep (Destruction/Alteration), set area of effect to Touch and duplicate the Sleep spell

Harbour Air (Destruction), set area of effect to Area Around Caster, select damage health as the effect, select Frost as the elemental field, and make the amount of damage equivalent to Fire Storm or Toxic Cloud

Remedy (Restoration), duplicate the Cure Disease spell, but make the chance of success a little lower

Sanctuary (Illusion), duplicate the Invisibility spell, but select Invisibility True as the effect

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