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The Spell-Maker is one of Daggerfall's strongest points and it is available to all members of the Mages Guild and members of Temple Kynareth who are rank 6 and above. Using it, you can create your own custom spells. The advantage of doing this is that you can tailor the effects to your needs rather than making do with the standard effects.

For example, there isn't much call for long periods of levitation (except parts of the Mantellan Crux). The standard "Levitate" spell duration is 2 rounds, plus 1 round per level. This means that a 15th level character will be levitating for over half an hour of game time when all he needs to do is get across a large gap. With the spell maker, you can drop that duration to 1 round plus 1 round per 20 levels which easily gets you across the gap, but lets you get down the stairs on the other side because the spell will have worn off by then.

The Spell-Maker's controls are fairly intuitive. You will get help messages in the upper left corner of the screen as you pass the cursor over the various controls. In the lower right portion of the screen is some fairly important information:

Max S.P.: This is the maximum amount of magica that you have available, not including any unequipped items which might give extra spell points.

Money: This is how much money you have available to you at the time (including letters of credit).

Spell Cost: How much the spell costs, in gold pieces, with the effects you have chosen. Note that "Teleport" always costs "0" gold pieces when it is the only effect (may be different with game versions prior to v.212).

Casting Cost: This is the amount of magica it will require to cast the spell as it is currently set up (duration, chance and/or magnitude) and at your CURRENT skill level (including any magical enhancements) in the school(s) of magic required by the spell. If your skill levels go up or down, this figure will change and you can see the new one when you access your spell book.

Name: All spells must have a name. It really doesn't matter what name as long as you know what the spell will do for you. I typically use the name of the effect and the duration or chance of success for the spell, but have also used descriptive names like "Armageddon" and "Get Outta Dodge". It's really whatever floats your boat. Prior to the v.191 patch you could reduce or eliminate the spell cost by starting the spell name with a ! or a ?, but that has since been removed.

In the lower right-center of the spell-maker screen are the controls for the spell-maker itself:

Add Effect: Lets you select the effect(s) that you want. You can have no more than three effects in any given spell.

New: Clears the screen so you can start a new spell

Buy: Purchases the current spell and adds it to your spell book

Exit: Closes the Spell Maker and returns you to the game.

In the lower right are the controls for the individual spells. For most non-destruction spells, the area of effect is going to be the caster (I'm told you can make a ranged invisibility spell) and the sphere is going to be magica. Remember that certain critters are immune to certain spheres of magic, so here's where you tailor-make a spell to deal with that pesky Frost Daedra or whatever.

Icon: Lets you select the icon that shows while the spell is active (for those spells that have a duration). The default is a yellow square. You do not have to change the icon, but it's there if you want. If you later decide that you want a different icon, you can change it by opening your spell book, selecting the spell and adjusting the icon from there. On my system the up-arrow for changing the icon does not work, but the down-arrow does. To scroll through the options in a different direction, click on the icon itself.

Caster: Sets the area of effect to work on only you

Touch: Sets the area of effect to the first creature in melee range that you hit

Single Target: Lets your spell affect only one target that is beyond melee range

Area Around Caster: Sets the area of effect to all creatures in melee range

Area At Range: Sets the area of effect to more than one creature beyond melee range

Fire: Spell's effect is from fire (so you get a blazing graphic when the spell goes off). Has no effect on creatures immune to fire.

Frost: Spell's effect is from frost (so you get a flying ice-ball when the spell goes off). Has no effect on creatures immune to frost.

Poison: Spell's effect is from poison (so you get a fuzzy green ball when it goes off). Has no effect on creatures immune to poison.

Shock: Spell's effect is from electricity (so you get a blue, sparking ball when it goes off). Has no effect on creatures immune to electricity.

Magic: Spell's effect is magica-based (so you get a fuzzy ball when it goes off). Has no effect on creatures immune to Magic.

To get the most efficient use out of your magica, you will need to periodically go back to the spell-maker and make new versions of the spells. Although there is not any hard and fast rule about this, you will find that at lower levels you get the most bang for your buck by adjusting the initial chance or magnitude upward and leaving the "per level" part set at 1 or 2. Somewhere around 5th to 8th level, you will get the most bang for your buck by leaving the initial magnitude or chance set at 1 or 2 and adjusting the "per level" increases.

The following table contains the spell effects available in the spell maker. D = "Duration", C = "Chance of Success, M = "Magnitude".


Chameleon Normal D Allows you to blend in with your background. The effect lasts until the spell expires or until you attack something. The "True" effect lasts until the spell expires.
Charm n/a D/C Makes a creature easier to deal with (I haven't found it terribly effective)
Climbing n/a D Lets you climb at twice your normal rate
Comprehend Languages n/a D/C Lets you comprehend any written or spoken language. Considering that there aren't any written or spoken foreign languages in Daggerfall, it's a pretty useless effect.
Continuous Damage Fatigue D/M Lowers Fatigue points until the spell expires or the target drops from exhaustion
Health Lowers Health points until the spell expires or the target dies
Spell Points Lowers Magica points until the spell expires or the target doesn't have any left
Create Item n/a D Creates a random non-magical item in your inventory (you can sell it before the spell expires)
Cure Disease C A percentage chance of curing all diseases affecting your character
Paralyzation A percentage chance of curing paralyzation
Poison A percentage chance of curing poison (may turn it into a disease)
Damage Fatigue M Lowers target's Fatigue (target gets a saving throw)
Health Lowers target's Health (target gets a saving throw)
Spell Points Lowers target's Spell Points (target gets a saving throw)
Detect Enemy D Shows direction of nearest enemy (not always nearest)
Magic Shows direction of nearest magic item
Treasure Shows direction of nearest treasure pile
Disintegrate n/a C Kills the target instantly
Dispel Daedra C Makes Daedra go away (like Disintegrate, but no body)
Magic Gets rid of spell effects
Undead Makes Undead go away
Drain attribute C/M Lowers specified attribute in target creature
Elemental Resistance element D/C Makes caster immune to effects from that particular element for duration of spell
Fortify Attribute attribute D/M Increases attribute by amount specified in magnitude
Free Action n/a D Makes caster immune to paralyzation effects for the duration of the spell
Heal attribute M Repairs attributes damaged by magic or diseases
Health Restores lost health points
Fatigue Restores lost fatigue points
Identify n/a C Percentage chance of identifying magical powers of items
Invisibility Normal D Caster is invisible for the duration of the spell or until he/she attacks something
True Caster is invisible for the duration of the spell
Levitate n/a D Caster is able to fly for the duration of the spell
Light n/a D Creates a lighted area in front of caster (light goes behind anything it gets too close to)
Lock n/a D/C Magically locks items and doors for the duration of the spell (duration does not show in the spell-maker, but can be adjusted)
Open n/a C Magically unlocks items and doors (percentage chance of success)
Pacify Animal D/C Causes target to leave the caster alone (duration does not show, but can be adjusted)
Paralyze n/a D/C Target is unable to move for the duration of the spell
Regenerate n/a D/M Caster regenerates health points at the rate specified for the duration of the spell
Shadow n/a D Caster blends into shadows for the duration of the spell or until he/she attacks something
Shield n/a D/M Physical damage is absorbed by spell up to the amount specified or until the spell expires
Silence n/a D/C Target is silenced and unable to cast spells for the duration of the spell
Slowfall n/a D Caster falls at half-speed in a straight line for the duration of the spell (no damage at landing). Spell is inoperative while standing on something solid.
Soul Trap n/a D/C Target's soul is trapped in a soul gem at death for later use in an item maker (if no empty soul gem is available, target will not die until the spell expires)
Spell Absorption n/a D/C Caster is able to absorb hostile spells (percentage chance) for the duration of the spell
Spell Reflection n/a D/C Hostile spells are reflected back at the caster (percentage chance) for the duration of the spell
Spell Resistance n/a D/C Caster is better able to resist hostile magic for the duration of the spell
Teleport n/a n/a Caster is instantly moved to an anchor location determined by the first casting of the spell (note: cost is always "0" with the v.212 and v.213 patches)
Transfer attribute M Points are drained from target and transferred to caster
Water Walking n/a D Caster is able to move at normal overland movement rate for duration of the spell
Water Breathing n/a D Caster is able to breathe underwater for the duration of the spell


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