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Match the synonyms in the columns. Translate the pairs and find them in the text.

training reach goal job type demand income suggest aim think offer kind work education pay possibility
consider opportunity achieve require


Match the antonyms in the columns. Translate the pairs and find them in the text.

positive employer last different plus young top upside time off employee bottom working time mature negative first downside the same minus


7. Form antonyms using negative prefixes un-, in-, il-, im-, ir-, dis-, mis-, non-. Consult the dictionary if necessary.

Experienced, difference, stable, true, fair.


Make a summary of the text.

Choose the right word from the list below. Mind the forms of the words. Translate the story.


The tourism industry is not grouped into a __________ heading within the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC). Its defining feature is not the __________ , but the purchaser, the 'tourist'. Tourism generally involves a wide __________ of activities (transportation, accommodation, cultural and leisure activities) and is evaluated as a __________ rather than an industry. Europe is one of the most popular __________ destinations in the world. Due to its composite __________ and variety of activities involved directly or indirectly, tourism industry is of great value to the European __________ . With the rapid advancement in __________ tourism industry is undergoing a profound transformation. This report focuses on the European tourism __________ and the impact of technological advancements on it. The changes are discussed with regards to both and modern perspectives.

Range, nature, technology, product, tourist, economy, industry, market, traditional, single.


Give missing derivatives (nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives) from these words and translate them.

Verb Noun Abjective Abverb
to interest    


Fill in the blanks with prepositions from the last below where necessary. Translate the article.


The hotel industry is particularly geared ... economic growth. According ... Price Waterhouse Coopers, the trend ... the number ... hotel overnights sold ... the USA ... the period 1991-2000 was 93 percent correlated ... growth ... the GDP. Only exceptional events such as September 11 can derail this relationship. Indeed ... 2002, the correlation coefficient dipped ... only 29 percent, as travellers shunned air travel, but bounced back solidly ... 83 percent ... 2003, thus illustrating the long-run durability ... the rapport ... economic growth and the hotel business. ... the next decade demand ... hotel services should grow ... an above-average pace ... Eastern Europe, Asia (excluding Japan), as well as Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America. Notably, the two current heavyweights, the EU and North America, are likely to lag ... terms ... growth rate due ... the size and maturity ... their travel and tourism markets. Although international travel expenditure will grow more than 50% faster than the overall average, it will still constitute only a little ... 20% ... total spending ... travel and tourism ... the end ... the decade.

In, at, on, by, to, of, for, over, between.

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