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Pronounce correctly and transcribe. Consult the dictionary if necessary.

Heart, to own, to succeed, to suggest, to draw, experienced, mature, to require, pursuing, franchise, expertise, fairly, however, challenge, chance, to acquire, exciting, coworkers, pressure, vision, to reach, goal, accounting, publishing, marketing.


Answer the questions.

1. What does Jerry Wilson do when he interviews a potential candidate?

2. Why is he doing that?

3. What are the negatives of a restaurant manager's job?

4. What kind of job is the job of a restaurant manager?

5. What questions should potential candidates consider before working as a restaurant manager? Why?

6. What are career prospects for a restaurant manager?

7. What are the positives of restaurant manager's job?

8. What do restaurant managers need to like and enjoy?

9. What are the upsides of the restaurant management?

10. What do you need to do to decide if the restaurant management is for you?

11. What is the last but not least thing to remember about a career in restaurant management?


Give Russian equivalents to the following words and word combinations. Find and translate sentences with them in the text.

Restaurant management, interviews, potential management candidate, detail about the positives, heart is in it, truly committed, they will make it, high stress levels, with very good pay, type of restaurant business, fine dining, fast food, restaurant atmosphere, fine dining establishment, mature employees, floor manager, how long they have been in business, back-of-the-house manager, each of these positions, when pursuing jobs, what opportunities exist for advancement, try getting, privately held restaurant, expertise or partnership, restaurant management is great, a lot of variety in what you do, start at the very bottom, the opportunity to advance quickly, an array of management skills, it was exciting to teach them, value of work, a strong ethic, coworkers, customers, will I mind working all hours, staffing the restaurant, what do I picture for the future, manager's hours fit into this vision, highly motivated, office management, bank accounting.


Make word combinations, translate them and find them in the text.

restaurant potential greater truly seem high fun big family sports different fine mature floor requires pursuing opportunities committed skills skeptical jobs manager stress levels employees detail career dining management candidate difference employees bar management exist style
manager-training wants stable demand years enjoy easy programs ethic the pressures of work a career adults skills
move up chance management value strong grow into big different motivate enjoy income to acquire family faster a pay types people field of experience working
making staffing daily spend highly work yearly last thing bank the restaurant goals hard a budget motivated operations to remember accounting our time


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