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Agree or disagree with the following statements. Give your reasons.

For agreement use: I quite agree. I agree with you. I fully agree. I think you are right. For disagreement use: Actually, I don 'agree. I don't think that's right. I don't think that's true (correct). Well, I am not sure if that's true (right, correct).

1. Whenever Jerry Westrom interviews a potential management candidate, he talks about all the negatives first.

2. Restaurant managers need to be skeptical.

3. Being a restaurant manager is a lifestyle, not a job.

4. Restaurant management is not a high stress levels job.

5. Restaurant management is a fun career with very good pay.

6. A fine dining establishment or sports bar might draw more experienced, mature employees, while a fast food restaurant might interest younger ones.

7. The positions of a floor manager, a back-of-the-house manager or a general manager require different skills.

8. After three to five years, you can look at a privately held restaurant where you can go in as a general manager and demand a pay of $60.000-plus for your expertise or partnership.

9. Restaurant management is great if you like doing the same all the time.

10. Restaurant management is great if you don't like work really hard.

11. Restaurant management is great if you enjoy working with people.

12. You don't need investing in an education if you want a career in restaurant management.

13. Restaurant management gives the opportunity to advance quickly.

14. Working in a restaurant can be like working with a big family.


13. Discuss:

1. Would you like to work as a restaurant manager? Why?

2. Restaurant management is a career for hardworking and people-oriented people.

3. Restaurant management offers the quickest career advancement.

4. You need a career in restaurant management if you want to move to many different industries and careers.

5. Restaurant management is a very interesting and challenging career with very good pay.

6. Restaurant management work has many advantages comparing with other positions in travel and hospitality industries.


Speak about ... management positions available at travel industry and hospitality industry.


15. Explain why manager's job is not a 9-to 5 job.


Divide into two groups. One group describes the negatives of restaurant management. The other group describes the positives. Discuss pros and cons of restaurant management.


Test Yourself.

If your client asks you about Mayan temples, do you know what country he is talking about? How good is your knowledge of tourism? Are you the manager who wants to build up a professional career or are you ready to loose potential clients to those who are better at tourism than you?

Answer the questions of the given test and find out what type of manager you are:

1. Formenter Island is one of ... :

a) Canary Islands.

b) Balearic Islands.

c) Shetland Islands.

2. What is "rekan"?

a) thermal spa resort.

b) traditional Japanese-style hotel.

c) New Year according to the Moon calendar.

3. Which country doesn't border Jordan?

a) Syria.

b) Iraq.

c) Iran.

d) Saudi Arabia.

e) Israel.

4. What is the full for APEX?

5. What country has Accor hotel chain?

6. St. Jacob's path leads to ... :

a) Petra.

b) Santiago de Compostella.

c) Massai Maar.

d) Lucsor.

7. Musalen Mountain is the highest mountain of ... :

a) Pyrenean Peninsula.

b) Apennine Peninsula.

c) Sinai Peninsula.

d) Labrador Peninsula.

8. What is the monetary unit of Brazil?

a) Peso.

b) Real.

c) Bolivar.

9. What is the most popular travel destination for Russian tourists according to statistics?

a) Italy.

b) Spain.

c) Egypt.

d) Finnland.

10. What is the full for PATA?

11. What city is the European "Capital of Culture" in 2005?

12. Do travel agencies in Russia need to obtain a license?

13. Which Airlines do not fly to Russian regions?

a) Lufthansa.

b) Finnair.

c) Air France.

d) Austrian Airlines.

14. What country is nicknamed "Choson"?

15. What country is nicknamed "Hanguk"?

16. What do "Pobab", "Polip", "Rabal" and "Ranuv" codes mean when making a hotel reservation?

Give yourself one point for every correct answer.

1. Balearic Islands.

2. Traditional Japanese-style hotel.

3. Iran.

4. Advance Purchase Excursion Fare.

5. France.

6. Santiago de Compostella.

7. Pyrenean Peninsula.

8. Real.

9. Egypt.

10. Pacific Asia Travel Association.

11. Cork, Ireland.

12. No.

13. Air France.

14. Choson is China.

15. Hanguk is Korea.

16. Check-in at a hotel on Sunday morning, afternoon, evening and night respectively.

Count your points.

0-4 points: "Ignorance "

If you don't start building your geography and tourism knowledge, you will loose your sales to more knowledgeable colleagues. To be successful in this industry you need to widen your horizon.

5-8 points: "Weak spot"

You are not ignorant, but you are not a professional yet. It will be more and more difficult for you to work in this industry and even more difficult to make a career in travel business with your level of knowledge. You need to acquire more knowledge to be successful.

9-12 points: "Good news for you"

You are a good specialist, for sure, and if you put a little more effort to enlarge your knowledge, you will be very successful. Your hard work will be both morally and monetary well-compensated.

13-16 points: "The winner takes it all"

Congratulations! Your travel agency is very lucky to have you. When they speak of excellent professionals, they mean you. If you plan to make a career in travel and tourism industry, you have chosen the right way to go.

Adapted from Travel Weekly


18. Write an essay on the topic "Me, Myself and I in 15 Years".


Think of your own business, the business you want to run, or the business you want to work for. Choose the company's activities (travel agency, hotel chain, car rental agency, etc.) and company's size. Create the name, the slogan and the program for you company. Describe basic work principles and your company's philosophy. Think of the advertising and marketing strategies of your company. Work out the business plan for the first year of operation. Choose your position in the company and describe your duties. Make a presentation of your company for your colleagues.

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