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Match the synonyms in the columns. Translate the pairs and find them in the text.

entertainment initially rate leisure seaside town variety continental customer previously football by train fast staff before rapidly diversity client speed amusement soccer time off inland personnel coastal city by rail originally


Match the antonyms in the columns. Translate the pairs and find them in the text.

village similar rural increase domestic inland cheap recent winter appear indoors mechanical minority paid city unpaid old international expensive different disappear manual urban majority summer outdoors coast decrease


8. Give plural forms to these words:

Phenomenon, criterion, datum, million.


Retell the text.


Match the name of the form of tourism with its definition. Translate them.


Heritage tourism travelling alone or with groups to participate in hobby interests, to meet others with similar interests, or to experience something pertinent to the hobby, e.g. garden tours or square dance cruises.
Health tourism spending your time participating in some sport activities such as skiing, golf and scuba diving or travelling to watch a sport competition or vacationing at the winter home of one's favorite baseball team, and seeing them play everyday.
Hobby tourism wealthy individuals always on vacation, some of them, for tax purposes, to avoid being resident in any country.
Inclusive tourism travelling only to few countries in the region, using one of the countries as the transit point. The country of transit point is usually a country with good transport infrastructure, e.g. Singapore is the base for tourism for South East Asia due to its strategic location and good transport infrastructure.
Medical tourism usually to escape from cities or relieve stress, perhaps for some 'fun in the sun', etc., often to "health spas".
Perpetual tourism tourism marketed to those with functional limits or disabilities. Referred to as "Tourism for All" in some regions. Destinations often employ Universal Design and Universal Destination Development principles.
Regional tourism visiting historical or industrial sites, such as old canals, railways, battlegrounds, etc.
Sport tourism travelling to get medical treatment either that is illegal in one's own country, e.g. abortion, euthanasia, or for advanced care that is not available in one's own country or in the case that there are long waiting lists in one's own country or for use of free or cheap health care organizations.


Choose the right word from the list below. Mind the forms of the words. Translate the article.


In the great __________ tradition of the flâneur, or thoughtful boulevard-stroller, Paris is a wonderful __________ for aimless wandering. Relaxed quarters such as the vibrant Marais, elegant St-Germain and romantic Montmartre are __________ for street-browsing, shopping and cafe-sitting, and the city's lack of open __________ is redeemed by beautiful formal gardens, by the __________ and pavements that run beside the River Seine, and by endless __________ or unexpected havens. And everywhere you go, historic landmark buildings and contemporary __________ wonders remind you of the city's pride and grandeur. There are over 150 art __________ and museums in the city and an uncounted number of __________ , brasseries and restaurants lining every street and boulevard. The variety of style and decor is hard to beat, __________ from ultra-modern fashion temples to traditional, mirrored palaces, and from __________ bistros where the emphasis is all on the cooking to bustling Vietnamese diners. After dark, the city's theatres and concert halls __________ inventive and world-leading productions of theatre and dance, while many classical concerts __________ in fine architectural settings, particularly chapels and churches. Above all, Paris is a real __________ capital, and the city's vibrant cultural mix puts it at the forefront of the world __________ scene.

To range, architectural, cinema, pathway, local, cafe, city, tiny, music, to take place, gallery, hidden, ideal, space, to host.


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