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Read, translate, memorize and dramatize the dialogue.

Paul Blake and his friends are travelling around Europe. They are in London now and they want to rent a flat for a week.

Rod: 367594. Rod Nelson speaking.
Paul: Oh, hello. My name's Paul Blake. I'm ringing about the flat.
Rod: You're the first.
Paul: Could you tell me something about the flat?
Rod: Well, there is quite a big sitting room and a kitchen.
Paul: What about bedrooms?
Rod: There are two bedrooms – one big and one small, but it's quite nice.
Paul: What about the rent? How much is it?
Rod: 30 pounds a week. Are you a tourist?
Paul: Yes, I am from Canada. My friends and I are travelling around Europe. There are there of us. And we plan to stay here in London for a week.
Rod: Is it you first visit to Britain?
Paul: Yes, it is. I've been dreaming of going to the country of my ancestors for a long time. My Granny came from Manchester.
Rod: Really? That's interesting. By the way, what do you do?
Paul: I'm studying at the Polytechnic Naval academy. My majors are Engineering and Math. And my friends are majoring in Chemistry. What about you? What do you do?
Rod: I work at Western Aeronautics. I'm an electrical engineer. Why don't you come round and see the flat?
Paul: May we come and see it this afternoon? At about four?
Rod: Yes, do. Four would be fine for me.
Paul: What's the address?
Rod: 57 Bath Road.
Paul: Oh, I know Bath Road. There's a Tube station over there.
Rod: Right. Then, see you later this afternoon! Bye!
Paul: Cheers!





Read, memorize and dramatize the conversation.

Jim Cook, a tourist from Belgium, wants to rent an apartment in New York. He reads ads in the newspaper and calls for the information about the apartments available. Now he is calling the building's superintendent.

Superintendent: Hello!
Jim Cook: Hi. I'm calling about the apartment. I read the advertisement in the "Daily News".
Superintendent: Yes. We have an apartment for rent.
Jim Cook: Is that a one-bedroom apartment?
Superintendent: That's right. There is one bedroom, a kitchen and a living room.
Jim Cook: Aha. What's the rent for that?
Superintendent: It's 425 dollars a month. And the tenants have to pay their own utilities: heat and electricity. It's about 35-40 dollars a month.
Jim Cook: Do you have any washers and dryers in the building?
Superintendent: Well, yes. There is a laundry room. It has three washers and dryers.
Jim Cook: Good. Where I used to live it was quite noisy. Is this one a quiet building?
Superintendent: Oh, yes. It is a small street, and all tenants are decent people.
Jim Cook: Oh, that's good. What floor is the apartment on?
Superintendent: It is on the second floor, but there is no elevator. Look! Why don't you just come down and see it for yourself?
Jim Cook: What's the address?
Superintendent: 44 Turner Road. North side of Highland Boulevard.
Jim Cook: Can I see you around 5:30 then?
Superintendent: Sure. What's your name?
Jim Cook: Jim Cook. What's yours?
Superintendent: Mary Benevento.
Jim Cook: All right, Ms. Benevento. I see you later. Bye!
Superintendent: Bye!


Role play.

Student A Student B
1. You are in London and you want to rent accommodation for a week. Call the number you have found in the local newspaper. Ask for all necessary information about renting this particular accommodation. 1. You are a flat-owner in London and you want to rent your flat. Receive the call from a person who has found your ad in the local newspaper. Describe your flat for rent. Answer all the person's questions.
2. You have come to live New York and you want to rent accommodation for at least six months. Call the number you have found in the local newspaper. Ask for all necessary information about renting this particular accommodation. 2. You are a superintendent of a building. There are several apartments for rent in this building. Describe the apartments to the people who call you.


Swap roles.


18. Write an essay on the topic “Mass Travel in Russia”.


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