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Give Russian equivalents to the following words and word combinations. Find and translate sentences with them in the text.

Leisure travel, it was not until, for the rest of their lives, health-giving mineral waters, in order to relieve a whole variety of diseases, liver disorders and bronchitis, the first European country to industrialize, the first society to offer time for leisure, did not apply to the working masses, owners of the machinery of production, economic oligarchy, long esplanade along the seafront, Swiss village, the best thing to do, to stay indoors, the first packaged winter sports holidays, vocabulary of sport bears, formalized and codified by the British, a natural answer, mass travel, to enjoy the benefits of leisure time, a major development, within easy distance, the first package tour in history, by chartering a train, a group of temperance campaigners, tourist industry, time off, a statutory right for workers, work on public holidays, travel facilities, as close as possible, the growing industrial conurbations, holiday resorts, in travelling to the coast, widely acknowledged, domestic tourism, with the rise of package tours, market was revived, upmarket inland resorts, manual workers, cheap air travel, in combination with the package tour.


Make word combinations, translate them and find them in the text.

health English warm cold visit mineral variety liver british sociological European industrial growing working economic factory middle number season society lands masses class country factors places oligarchy travellers invention waters owners tourism disorders of diseases
british well established long esplanade continental palace reflecting English winter leisured swiss tourists Europe items clocks along the seafront origin indoors hotels winter sport other countries appeared
snowy stay cuckoo mechanical reached codified by the dominance village customers classes the British holiday resorts
national natural looking coldest begin improvements large short leisure enjoy the seaside major leisure within urban package chartering benefits championship towns interest answer space development tour a train numbers for amusement time easy distance in technology season centers to develop
temperance potential tour tourist developed right houses holidays of travel facilities
middle luxury boarding statutory take travel holiday industrial a whole other following widely classes resorts rapidly conurbations acknowledged collection industry campaigners places in the steps for business operator
the seaside regular poor domestic foreign culturally minority emerged holiday package increasing accustomed inland manual increasing air workers resorts holiday speed at home visits comforts health tours tourism villages travel travel curious inland of resorts


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