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Speak about ... your last visit to a restaurant.

15. Write an essay on the topic “Eating Culture in My Region”.

Look at these advertisements again.

1. Do they all contain the same information?

2. Which advertisement is the most attractive and why?

3. Which of these restaurants would you like to go to? Why?


Make your own advertisement for a restaurant.


18. Write an essay on the topic “Eating Out in…” (choose any city or country).


Dialogue 1. Read and dramatize the dialogue

Read and dramatize the dialogue.

Somsak: – Miss Stewart. Welcome. How are you?
Susan: – Fine, thank you. And you?
Somsak: – Would you like something to drink?
Susan: – Yes, I'd like a glass of ginger ale with ice. Harry what would you like?
Harry: – Do you have a dry white wine?
Somsak: – How about California Chablis?
Harry: – Chablis is fine.
Somsak: – What would you like to eat?
Susan: – I'd like the mee krob. Harry, would you like to see a menu?
Harry: – No, it's O.K. I'll have a mee krob also. What is it?
Susan: – Crispy fried noodles. I love them.
Somsak: – May I bring you a salad?
Susan: – Oh, yes. What do you recommend today?
Somsak: – I recommend rose-petal salad. Special for my friends.
Harry: – Why not?
Somsak: – I'll take care of everything.


19. Discuss:

1. What is "mee krob"?

2. Would you like to try it?

3. Have you ever been to a Tai restaurant?

4. What other types of restaurants have you been to? Describe the food there.





Read and dramatize the dialogue.

What can you say about Mike and the restaurant where he invited his girlfriend to?

Mike: A table for two, please.
Receptionist: Er, I'm afraid that's not possible, sir.
Mike: Why not? There are a lot of empty tables.
Receptionist: I'm sorry, sir, but you aren't wearing a tie.
Mike: What do you mean?
Receptionist: I'm afraid all men have to wear a tie. And you can't wear jeans. You have to wear trousers.
Mike: Come on Maggie, let's go somewhere else. What a ridiculous rule!





Read and dramatize the dialogue.

Waiter: A table for three?
Mike: Yes, that's right.
Waiter: Fine. Here we are.
Flora: Oh, I'm cold. There's a draught here. Couldn't we sit somewhere else?
Mike: Excuse me! Excuse me!
Waiter: Yes, would you like to order?
Flora: No. We'd like to sit somewhere else, please.
Waiter: Is something the matter with this table?
Mike: Yes, there's a draught.
Waiter: Oh, I'm sorry. Would you sit over here, please? I hope this table will be better.
Flora: Thank you very much.
John: Thank you.
Mike: Thank you. That's very kind of you.
John: Right. What are we going to have?
Flora: Oh. I'm hungry. Let me see. I'll have smoked salmon to start. Do you want to start with smoked salmon?
Mike: No, I'll have shrimp cocktail.
John: And I'll have shrimp cocktail too.
Mike: What are you going to have for your main course?
Flora: Let me see. I'll have roast beef with French fries and a salad. What about you?
Mike: I'll have the same. Salad, roast beef and potatoes.
John: And I'll have steak with salad and chips, I think.
Mike: Are we ready to order then?
John and Flora: Yes, we can order now.


Make up your own dialogues at different types of restaurants.





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