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Give Russian equivalents to the following words and word combinations. Find and translate sentences with them in the text.

Regular meals, daily basis, special meal, in conjunction with, occasion, common meals, high-calorie affair, outdoor meal, natural or recreation area, road-side stop, elaborate meal, to choose certain meal plan, multicourse meal, to consist of, appetizer, starter, liqueur, brandy, cognac, grappa, drinks and snacks are served both before and after the meal, regional differences, complex multicultural society, increased risk, small pieces of food, held in the hand, different rules, the same item, sausages in a bun, sausages are held between the fingers, not an issue, a short time of silence, diverse, religiously mixed company.


4. Find out all word combinations with the word "meal" in the text and translate them.

Match the synonyms in the columns. Translate the pairs and find them in the text.

common diverse correct starter drink cookies complex biscuits appetizer take place thing regular
occur multicultural item mixed beverage proper


Match the antonyms in the columns. Translate the pairs and find them in the text.

scheduled outdoor different rule meal possible the same impossible exception snack unscheduled indoor


Retell the text. Make a summary of the text.

Match the word with its definition.


Standard meals eaten on a daily basis have different names depending on the time of day or the importance of the meal:

Breakfast an evening meal.
Lunch a midday meal.
Brunch is usually eaten within an hour or two after a person wakes up in the morning.
Tea a late-morning meal, usually larger than a breakfast and usually replacing both breakfast and lunch.
Dunch a mid-afternoon meal consisting of light food with tea. In parts of the UK, Australia and New Zealand, it may refer to the evening meal (dinner).
Supper can be at any time of the afternoon or evening and denotes the main meal of the day; sometimes it is at lunchtime and sometimes at suppertime.
Dinner a mid-afternoon meal, usually replacing both lunch and dinner as the main, or even only, meal of the day.


9. Speak about ... your usual meals of the day: when, where and what you usually eat on weekdays, on weekends and while on holidays.

Speak about ... customs, traditions and etiquette of eating in Russia. Describe a typical Russian breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Make an ethnographic survey. Speak about customs, traditions and etiquette of eating in your region.

1. What peculiar customs and etiquette does eating in your region imply?

2. What is the traditional food of your region?

3. Which way did the traditional food and eating etiquette of your region influence Russian and world cultures and cuisines?


Fill in the blanks with articles where necessary. Translate the advertisement.


Situated in ... old stone house dating back to ... 1880s, this is ... good place for ... romantic dinner. Dine inside by ... fireplace or under ... stars on ... flowery patio. It features ... good old-fashioned country dishes such as ... Herb Rotisserie Duck and ... Grilled Center Cut Pork Chop with ... Bourbon Molasses. "Royal" dishes include ... Lamb Cooked in ... Royal Cashew-Onion Gravy and ... Cauliflower Florets in ... Vegetable Sauce. There is also ... full bar inside. ... Rooms are available for ... private parties and ... catering is also available. ... extensive wine list begins at USD18 ... bottle at ... low end and includes several ... Syrah, ... Cabernets, and ... rare Magnums. ... impeccable service attracts ... many types, from ... couples on ... romantic getaways to ... tourists and ... locals.

Open Hours: Lunch: 11:30 am 2:30 pm Tue-Sun; Dinner: 5:30 pm 10:30 pm daily




You do not need to be a rocket scientist to understand the importance of good service. It means more than getting your order right. Offering good service entails smiling, being friendly, courteous, perceptive, empathetic, reliable, and timely. So many trendy restaurants feel that they can get away with crappy service. Sadly, this is something that tourists are vulnerable to, but local patrons have no reason to expect anything but the best, unless of course they're sadistic and like to be subjected to pain.

Do you agree with the author? Why? Give your reasons.

What is a good service for you?

Do you always get good service at restaurants?

What can you suggest for improving the quality of service in restaurants of your city?


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