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Read and translate the menu.

Peter is meeting his friends, Bennie and Hanna, for dinner at a restaurant. Look at the menu. How many dishes are there? Is there anything for vegetarians? What would you like to order from this menu?

MENU Starters Smoked salmon with mustard sauce Tomato and orange soup Chefs green salad Oysters on ice Main courses Pepper steak Philadelphia cheese steak Roast chicken with lemon Mushroom and spinach lasagna Ravioli Cold buffet (with seafood, fish and cold meat) Desserts Lemon cheesecake Fresh fruit salad and cream Chocolate cake / Apple pie


Read, memorize and dramatize the dialogue.

Peter: Good evening. Do you speak English?
Waiter: Yes, sir. How many people?
Peter: A table for three, please.
Waiter: Come this way.
Peter: Have you got a menu in English?
Waiter: Here you are, sir.
Peter: This looks good. What are you going have?
Waiter: Are you ready to order?
Peter: What do you recommend?
Waiter: The pepper steak's very good.
Peter: Hmm! What are you having, Bennie?
Bennie: I'll have the pepper steak, and the soup to start.
Waiter: How would you like your steak, sir? Rare, medium, or well-done?
Bennie: Well-done.
Peter: What about you, Hanna?
Hanna: The roast chicken for me, please. And to start, Id like the salad.
Waiter: And you, sir?
Peter: I'd like the salmon and the roast chicken.
Waiter: So that's two salmons and one salad, is that right?
Bennie: No, one salmon, one soup, and one salad.
Waiter: And two roast chickens and a steak.
Bennie: That's it. Thanks.
Waiter: What would you like to drink?
Peter: A bottle of red wine, semi-dry, please.
Hanna: I'd like some mineral water too, please.
Waiter: Here are your starters. Enjoy your meal!




Read, memorize and dramatize the dialogue.

Bennie: Excuse me, please. This soup's cold.
Waiter: I'm very sorry. I'll get you another one.
Bennie: Excuse me, please! This steak is rare. I asked for well-done.
Waiter: I'm sorry, sir. I thought you said rare.
Hanna: Waiter. Sorry, but this glass is dirty.
Waiter: I'm awfully sorry, madam. I'll bring you another one.
Hanna: Excuse me, I haven't got a fork.
Waiter: Really. Oh dear. Here you are, madam.
Hanna: I'm afraid I didn't order this. I asked for roast chicken.
Waiter: I'm sorry, madam. I'll change it for you at once.



Read, memorize and dramatize the dialogues.

Waiter: Would you like anything for dessert?
Peter: Just a black coffee for me, please. What about you two?
Hanna: I'll have a white coffee, please, and a piece of cheesecake.
Bennie: Nothing for me, thanks.
Peter: And could I have the bill, please.
Waiter: Certainly, sir. Just a moment. Here you are.
Bennie: Let me have it. I'll pay.
Peter: Oh, no, no, Bennie, it's my treat. Oh, there is a mistake here. Excuse me, the bill is wrong. We didn't order two bottles of wine. We only had one.
Waiter: Yes, you are right. I'm sorry, sir. I'll change the total.
Peter: Do you accept credit cards? Visa?
Waiter: Definitely, sir. Thank you very much.


Role play.

Student A Student B
You come to a restaurant. Choose the place, food from the menu, ask the waiter / waitress to describe the food you don't know by names. Make your order. Complain. Ask for the check. Pay the check and leave the tip. You are a waiter / waitress. Welcome the customer. Help to choose, explain the names of different food, take the order, and apologize for the things the customer is complaining about. Bring the check. Be polite and friendly.


Swap roles.

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