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Pronounce correctly and transcribe. Consult the dictionary if 1 necessary.

Foreign, guide, award, roughly, entire, thorough, ensure, health, success, liability, accident.


Answer the questions.

1. What is the standard way of restaurant operation?

2. What is a tip?

3. What does the tip depend on?

4. What can be restaurant specializations?

5. How do you distinguish by name the restaurants than serve "local" food and restaurants that serve food of foreign origin?

6. Why do restaurants serve or not serve alcoholic beverages?

7. What is a restaurant guide?

8. What is one of the most popular restaurant guides in Western countries?

9. What are the classifications of restaurants in Europe and America?

10. What are the differences and similarities in these ratings?

11. Why do American newspapers employ restaurant critics?

12. What is the job of a restaurant critic?

13. Why is a newspaper restaurant guide often more reliable than any other restaurant guide?

14. Why is competition in the restaurant business so high?

15. What are restaurant's biggest concerns in Western countries?

16. What obstacles does a typical restaurant owner face?

17. Why do restaurants seem to come and go all the time?


Give Russian equivalents to the following words and word combinations. Find and translate sentences with them in the text.

The standard way, to take the order, to pay the bill afterwards, to add, it goes to the staff, certain types of food, seafood restaurant, vegetarian restaurant, ethnic restaurant, generally speaking, food of foreign origin, to be licensed to serve alcohol, restaurant guide, high culinary merit, the more stars awarded, the higher the prices, roughly equivalent, star ratings, casual places, to visit dining establishments anonymously, the most thorough coverage, supply chain, foodservice industry, barriers to entry are relatively low, heavily regulated, food poisoning, bring your own booze.


Make word combinations, translate them and find them in the text.

local   merit  
seafood alcoholic culinary roughly critical thorough various entire foodservice heavily initial skilled consistent food restaurant industry coverage quality menu capital beverages assessment poisoning custom labour regulated equivalent options


Match the synonyms in the columns. Translate the pairs and find them in the text (both parts).

wear work booze allow feel check seldom client whole flee labour variety profit alcohol customer sample operate rarely entire clothing revenue bill diversity in general permit run away
try generally speaking staff perceive


Match the antonyms in the columns. Translate the parts and find them in the text (both parts).

permit modern simple traveller in the former case cheap exactly competition shared formal casual expensive prohibit roughly individual refined local monopoly in the latter case ancient


Make a summary of the text.

Match the word with its definition.

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Make a summary of the text. | Give Russian equivalents to the following words and word combinations. Find and translate sentences with them in the text.
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