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People relationships, psychological climate, health services, cultural values, standard of life.


43. Ecological crisis includes all EXCEPT:

44. Type of biotic relationship when bacteria live and carry out fermentation in the stomach and the intestine of cattle is.



45. Symbiosis is the close association between different species in the system

Example of this tree-mushroom.


46. A rodent that eats most of the seeds of a dessert shrub would be best described as

Primary consumer or heterotroph.


47. The base of the food chain in marine system is composed of

Nitrates, zooplankton and benthos.


48. Most of the energy that enters a trophic level: Spended to breath(Neizvestno. GGG)


49. Detritus is

Mass of dead organic matter.


50. Sunlight falling on the green plant primarily


51. Lions and tigers are on the same trophic level because they

Carnivores or competitors.


52. Consumers, such as vulture, that feed on organisms that have recently died are



53. The main characteristic of energy pyramids of any ecosystem is that energy pyramids

are never inverted.


54. If you measure the biomass of an ecosystem, you are measuring

dry weight of the organisms.


55. By eating higher up on the trophic level in an ecological pyramid, humans



56. The combustion of fossil fuel has increased atmospheric levels of



57. The obvious effect caused by the global warming is

Increasing of level of the water.


58. The ways of greenhouse effect reduction are

Alternative energy use.


59. All of these are fossil fuels EXCEPT:

Oil, coal, etc


60. Energy sources, such as solar energy and geothermal energy may help to reduce consumption of fossil fuel.

61. The following compounds generally destroy ozone layer

Release of CFC and jet travel in the stratosphere.

62. The main reason of ozone destruction is



63. Acid rain is

Rain or any other form of precipitation that is unusually acidic.


64. To solve the problem of acid rain it should be done

improving industrial processes., assessing their transport policy and, wherever possible, not using motor vehicles.


65. Industries can contribute to pollution from waste if:


66. Hazardous waste DOES NOT include:

Hazardous waste acidic resins, arsenic, heavy metals, organic solvents, pesticides and radioactive materials.


67. Organic material that cannot be decomposed by bacteria is called:

Nonbiodegradable pollutants


68. Teratogens are factors that can cause

Abnormalities during embryonic growth and development.


69. Chemical substances that specifically control the population growth of undesirable plants are called


70. Mutagens are factors that can cause

altering genetic material (DNA) in cells.


71. Factors that cause uncontrolled cell division resulting tumor are


72. Carcinogens are factors that can cause



73. Carbon monoxide restricts the oxygen supply of the body by:



74. Wetlands are

Ecosystem in which the soil is saturated with water part of the year, such as marsh or bog.


75. Habitats of waterfowl

are marsh or bog.

76. The cause of habitat damage and destruction

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