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Invitation for an interview

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City Road Telephone: (071) 625 4443 (10 lines)

London EC34HU Fax: (071)625 3012/3108

Telex: 295386


Your ref: Date: 29th June 20

Our ref: KH 305/59


Ms Carol Brice

25 Westbound Road





Dear Ms Brice,

Thank you for your application of June 18 for the post of Personal Assistant to Ms Frances Newman, our Sales Director.

Ms Newman has asked me to write to you inviting you for an interview at 15,00, on Thursday 12 July 20.

Please come to the reception on the ground floor at the above address and ask for me, and I will meet you.

Please bring with you any certificates, diplomas, or references that you have. Meanwhile, would you phone me on Ext. 217 to confirm that you will be able to attend the interview.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Anne Levin (Mrs)

pp Frances Newman

Sales Director



Making a decision


Turning down an applicant

There are various reasons why a company may not offer a candidate a job, and these include lack of qualifications, competence, i.e. they do not think the applicant has the ability or experience to handle the post, or there are too many applicants of similar qualifications and ability, so the company makes a choice based on nothing more than the personality of the interviewee at the time of selection. Therefore, how you present yourself at an interview is as important as how you present yourself in your application. It is worth noting that it is rare for a candidate to be told why he or she has been refused.

Thank you for attending our selection board on (date), but we regret to tell you that you were not successful in your application. We hope you will be able to secure a position in the near future.

We regret to tell you that we are not able to offer you the post of (title) which you applied for on (date). We hope you will soon find the position you are looking for.

We are sorry to say that we are unable to offer you the position of (title) for which you were interviewed on (date), and hope you will be more successful in the future.

We have decided not to accept any applicants who were interviewed for the post of (title), and are readvertising the vacancy.



Offering a position

Letters to successful applicants can vary in length and detail depending on the type of post, whether the company has a standard printed contract, or if the position is so specialized that they need to give details of the terms of employment, see example at 16.4.4.




We are pleased to inform you that you were successful in your interview for (title) which you attended on (date).

Thank you for seeing us on (date). We are prepared to offer you the position of (title) which you applied for.

I am pleased to tell you that we are offering you the post of (title) which we discussed at your interview on (date).

The selection board have approved of your appointment as (title).

The bank has agreed to accept you for the post of trainee subject to the usual references.




As we discussed in your interview, your duties will include... Working hours are from 09.00 to 17.00, Monday to Friday, and overtime will be paid at time-and-a-half rates. You are entitled to all Bank Holidays, plus three weeks' vacation after one year's service. There is a Staff Contributory Pension Scheme, which you will be eligible to join after your first year of employment.

Two weeks' notice of termination of employment is required by both you and the company.

Enclosed with this letter you will find full details of your conditions and terms of employment. Please read these carefully and if you have any questions, contact me as soon as possible.

Would you please check the following which was agreed at your interview:

Title: Maintenance Engineer.

Commence: 8.30, Monday 9th March


Duties: Servicing all company products.

Hours: 8.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Days: Monday to Friday.

Holidays: Three weeks annual leave,

time at discretion Supervisor,

plus all Public Holidays.

Sick leave: Ten days per annum.

Annual Pay: £12,000.

Overtime: Time-and-a-half. Double time for Public Holidays.

Pension: Non-Contributory Pension Scheme at 7% of annual pay.

Benefits: Subsidized staff canteen. Social Club. Full use of company vehicle.

Notice: One month's notice either side.


Your traineeship will commence on Monday, 14 November and terminate on Friday, 11 October 19. Although this is a temporary position, you will be subject to all the terms and conditions of a full-time bank employee in the Securities Department, for details of this, see Mitchell Hill Employee's Guide, where pages 15 to 18 mostly concern you.




Generally, a company will welcome the new employee, possibly inviting questions about the terms and conditions of employment (if anything is not clear), and ask for written confirmation of acceptance. In the UK, the law demands that firms offer contracts of employment, and these are often sent with letters offering a job, asking the applicant to sign one copy and return it with their confirmation.

I look forward to seeing you in my office at 09.00 a.m. on Monday 10 January 19. If there are any questions concerning the enclosed conditions, please contact me immediately. Otherwise, return the enclosed Contract of Employment, signed, with your letter of acceptance.

Your Contract of Employment is attached to this letter. Please will you sign one copy and return it to the Personnel Officer, Mr T. Wright, with a note confirming you have accepted the position. I will see you at 08.00 on Monday 9th March, when I can welcome you to the organization and give you details of your duties.

Please meet me at my office in the bank at 08.30 on Monday 14 November, so I can introduce you to the other members of staff, and Mr Jenson, who you will be working with. If there is anything in the handbook you do not understand about your conditions of employment, please let me know as soon as possible.



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