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Accepting a position

Letters confirming that you accept a position can be brief, as long as they mention the relevant points.

Thank you for your letter of 23 December 20, offering me the position of (title). I look forward to seeing you at 09.00, on Monday 10 January, and enclose one signed copy of the Contract of Employment.

I am returning a signed copy of my Contract of Employment which you sent me with your letter of 15 February. I confirm that I will be able to commence with you on Monday 9 March at 08.00, and look forward to seeing you then.

Thank you for offering me the temporary position of trainee in your bank, starting on Monday 14 November. I have read the handbook and relevant details concerning the position, and accept the conditions. I look forward to meeting you and Mr Jenson at 08.30, when I begin with you.

International Computing Services pic

Telephone: (071 (6254443

City Road Fax: (071 (6253012/3108

London ECS 4HJ Telex: 295386



Your ref: Our ref: KH 305/9 Date: 25 July 20


Ms Carol Bnce

25 Westbound Road





Dear Ms Brice,

I am writing on behalf of Ms Frances Newman to tell you that you were successful in your interview on 12 July for the post of Personal Assistant

Your duties will commence at 09.00 on 10 October 20 , but we would appreciate it if you could arrive at 08.30, so that we can introduce you to the staff, and aquaint you with office procedures.

Full details of your terms of employment are on pp 9-14 of our employees' handbook, ICS 661, but, as we discussed at the interview, your hours will be subject to requirement, and no overtime will be paid. This is compensated for by an annual bonus paid to administrative staff, based on annual profits,

Your starting salary will be £16,000, with annual increments of 9 per cent in the first three years, and subject to negotiation thereafter. During this period you will be allowed three weeks' vacation a year, and four weeks after three years, rising to a maximum of six weeks. In addition to the listed fringe benefits, which include a Non-Contributory Pension Scheme at 8% of your gross salary; free medical insurance; staff discounts on our products, etc.,

Please look at the relevant sections of the handbook carefully, and if you have any queries, contact me.

I look forward to welcoming you to the company, meanwhile, would you sign one of the two copies of the Contract of Employment enclosed and return it to Mrs J. Hastings, Personnel Officer, at the above address, with your confirmation accepting the post.

Yours sincerely,

Anne Levin (Mrs)

pp Frances Newman

Sales Director



Specimen letters 16.6.1

Letter offering position


1. Which job has Ms Brice been selected for?

2. Why does she need to come to the office early?

3. Where will she find information about her conditions of employment?

4. When does this firm offer pay rises?

5. What must she do when she confirms she will take the job?

6. Does the firm offer anything else besides a salary?

7. Which words in the letter correspond to the following: become familiar; to work when needed; increases; benefits besides salary; money taken off purchases by employees; questions?


Letters confirming acceptance


Your Ref:KH 305/9 25 Westbound Road





27 July 20

Mrs J. Hastings

Personnel Officer

International Computing Service PLC

City Road

London EC3 4HJ


Dear Mrs Hastings

Please thank Mrs Levin for her letter of 25 July in which she offered me the post of PA to Frances Newman, your Sales Director.

Please inform her that I am very pleased to have been offered the position, and confirm that I will begin at 08.30 on Monday 10 October 20,

I accept all the terms in Mrs Levin's letter and conditions in the employees' handbook, ICS 661, and I am enclosing a signed copy of my Contract of Employment.

I look forward to starting on the above-mentioned date.

Yours sincerely,

Carol Brice

Enc. Contract of Employment



Points to remember

1. The word job should not be used either in advertisements or applications. The terms vacancy, post, position, or opening are more appropriate.

2. If requesting an application form, keep the letter brief, but provide essential details about yourself.

3. When returning the form, you should include a covering letter, expanding on details that might not be clear, or pointing out areas of your responsibility or your achievements. But keep this as brief as possible, as most application forms or your own c.v. should have a section where this information can appear.

4. When writing to a prospective employer, remember to explain why you left your previous post, but do not complain about the salary or conditions. Concentrate rather on the positive aspects of the post you are applying for, such as the greater potential for promotion, or your particular suitability for the type of work offered. Explain what you can offer your new employer in terms of experience or expertise, and why you particularly want the post.



Words to remember

advertisement (ad) small ad

personnel staff

employer employee






temporary/permanent post






office technology/information



annual/per annum/yearly

fringe benefits

Non-Contributory Pension Scheme



Bank Holiday/Public Holiday(s)

sick leave

(weeks') notice/termination of employment

junior secretary/trainee director

personnel officer

personal assistant (PA)

application form

unsolicited letter

confirming letter (for job)

contract of employment

curriculum vitae (c.v.)

16 Personnel appointments

Applications; curriculum vitaes; unsolicited applications and replies; covering letter for c. v; invitation for interview; offering a position; conditions of employment; confirming acceptance




Advertisements (ads) for employment appear in all the media including radio and television. However, newspapers and magazines are usually the main source for vacancies. Most 'ads' use abbreviated forms to announce conditions of employment, especially in the 'small ad' section for appointments, e.g. Wntd sec. full-time frsmll mnfg . Gd slry. 5-day week, hrs 9-5 usl bnfts. (Wanted, secretary for full-time employment for small manufacturing company. Good salary, five days a week, hours of work 09.00 to 17.00, and the usual benefits in terms of conditions and holidays.)

Other abbreviations that might appear include elk (clerk), accnts (accounts), mngr (manager) assf (assistant), vacs (vacations). Terms like m. (male), f. (female), are no longer permitted by law.



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