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Delta Computers Ltd.

Bradfield Estate, Bradfield Road, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire NN8 4HB


Telephone: 0933 16431/2/3/4 Reg. England 1831713

Telex: 485881 VAT 241962114

Fax: 0933 20016

Your Ref:

Our Ref:


Mr J. D. Simpson 11 May 20

Kent, Clarke & Co. Ltd,

South Bank House

Borough Road

London SE1 OAA


Dear Mr Simpson,

Could you please pick up a consignment of 20 C2000 computers and make the necessary arrangements for them to be shipped to Mr M. Tanner, N.Z. Business Machines Pty., 100 South Street, Wellington, New Zealand?

Would you please handle all the shipping formalities and insurance, and send us seven copies of the bill of lading, five copies of the commercial invoice, and the insurance certificate? We will advise our customers of shipment ourselves, and would appreciate it if you could treat the matter as urgent. Your charges may be sent to us in the usual way.

Yours sincerely,

N. Smith

Senior Shipping Clerk



Instruction to a forwarding agent

This letter is from Delta Computers to their forwarding agents, Kent, Clarke & Co. Ltd., instructing them to pick up twenty machines which is a consignment to be sent to their customers NZ Business Machines Pty., Wellington. (Refer back to 9.8.1-9.8.8 for previous correspondence.)



1. What types of documents are involved in this shipment?

2. Who will pay the charges?

3. What does the consignment consist of?

4. Who will advise the customer of shipment?

5. Which words in the letter correspond to the following: collect; deal with; inform; handle; transported?



Forwarding agent's enquiry for freight rates

Kent, Clarke & Co. write to an international shipping line.


Kent, Clarke & Co. Ltd.

Chairman: Lord Matherson Directors: B. Kent , C.D. Clarke HND, R.P. Diller

South Bank House, Borough Road, London SE1 OAA


Reg No: London 3395162 Telephone: 071 928 7716

VAT No: 41 618231 59 Telex: 988153

Fax: 071 928 7111

International Shippers Ltd. 12 May 20

City House

City Road

London EC21 PC


Dear Sirs,

We have packed and ready for shipment 20 C2000 computers which our clients, Delta Computers, Wellmgborough, want us to forward to Wellington, New Zealand.

The consignment consists of 4 wooden crates, each containing 5 machines and their cases. The weight of each crate is 210 kilos and measures 94 x 136 x 82cm.

Would you let us know by return of post the earliest vessel leaving London for New Zealand, and let us have your charges and the relevant documents?

Yours faithfully,

J.D. Simpson



International Shippers Ltd.

Chairman: Sir Donald Low Directors: P.R. Castle, D.S.M. Bracking, R.T. Kitson

City House, City Road, London EC2 1 PC


Reg No: England 4513869 Telephone: 071 3125038

VAT No: 1263154123 Telex: 951363 INTHIPG

Fax: 071 3126117


Mr J. D. Simpson 1 4 May 20

Kent, Clarke & Co. Ltd.

South Bank House

Borough Road

London SE10AA


Dear Mr Simpson,

In reply to your letter of May 12, the earliest vessel due out of London for New Zealand is the SS Northern Cross which is at present loading at No. 3 Dock, Tilbury, and will accept cargo until May 18 when she sails. She is due in Wellington on June 25, and the freight rate for cased cargo is £ 1 1 2 . 00 per ton or 10 cubic metres.

I have enclosed our shipping form and bill of lading for you to complete and return to us.

Yours sincerely,

Y. Pollard (Miss)

Enc. (2)



Shipping company's reply



1. Is the SS Northern Cross the only vessel leaving for Wellington?

2. Which two documents will Mr Simpson receive, and what should he do with them?

3. What is the closing date for cargo?

4. What should Mr Simpson do with the enclosures?

5. What are the shipping charges?

6. What other words could be used instead of due out and due in?



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